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Happy New Year! Our 7 Most Read Blog Posts of 2018

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It’s almost 2019, and we hope you have plans to put your feet up and take time to yourself! But before you do so, grab a cup of tea, glass of wine, or another beverage of your choosing and join in on this look back at 2018 blog posts reads. After all, if you want to improve yourself in the New Year, whatever the goal, you’ll have to look at what needs improving and continue on successful paths. Here’s a rundown of the 7 When Women Inspire’s blog posts that got the most views this past year.

7. Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Women

It’s a coincidence that the 7th most read When Women Inspire’s blog posts of 2018 featured 7 ways to help women achieve a healthier lifestyle. And 7 is my lucky number!

Among the tips featured here were going for walks, organizing yourself, and digital detox. Many readers responded positively in the comments section below the post to the post’s advice to go offline more. Perhaps something that many of us will enjoy in 2019 is having a better balance between social media and putting down the mobile devices to enjoy time with family and friends. I know that’s something that’s high on my list.

6.  Dating for Older Couples: Can Long Distance Relationships Last?

Sometimes you can’t choose where you will meet your romantic interest. If it’s online, for example, then you could be in a different city or even another country. And meeting online is something that more and more people are doing these days, including people over 40. And if you’re living in different parts of the world, the question is, can long distance dating lead to a stable relationship?

Getting answers to that question was the focus of this post, which began by looking at the research on long-distance relationships. Also in the post are ways for older couples (40+) to make long distance relationships last, including making use of communication technologies and maintaining trust.

5. Surprising Facts about Singer Gwen Stefani

This celebrity post written in 2014 is consistently one of my most-read blog posts, year after year. Gwen Stefani has an impressive musical career, from being the lead singer of No Doubt to co-judge on TV’s The Voice. And the popularity of this post is proof that people want to know even more about her.

Among the surprising facts about Gwen Stefani is how she is related to Madonna, as well as the records set by the song ‘Hollaback Girl.’ Did you know that her wedding dress is on display too? Wondering where? If so, you might be shocked by the answer.

4. What is the Link between Physical Fitness and Brain Health?

The 4th most popular of When Women Inspire’s blog posts of 2018 from When Women Inspire is a guest post from Anabel Cooper. It published about 6 months ago and since then has amassed over 1,800 views and 96 comments!

Anabel breaks down the connection between brain health and body fitness well by starting with the research in this area. Surprisingly, data is, for the most part, inconclusive when it comes to the link between them. After that, Anabel takes a great look at how exercise is difficult for growing urban populations, including the elderly. It’s a thorough read, and your comments add even more value to the topic.

3. Digital Marketing for Beginners: Tips and Tricks to Get You Started!

Another of the blog posts of 2018 that still gets regular reads is written by Parker Townsend, who offers up several ways to improve your presence online as a business or entrepreneur with a shoestring budget. Examples are SEO optimizing your blog or website and learning about effective blogger outreach strategies.

Given the popularity of this post, I hope to offer more posts about how to elevate your blog ranking in popular search engines, such as Google. The digital world is the present and future for businesses so be all you can be! If When Women Inspire can offer even some of the tips to help you succeed that would make me very happy.

2. 1940s Film Noir Femme Fatale: Why Was It Popular?

The 2nd most popular post of the year dates back to 2015. It’s a film history post, and when I wrote it, I honestly had no idea it would stand the test of time for reads. Sometimes I think I have a great post idea and after a week it gets almost no views, while others get views month after month like this 1940s film noir post spotlighting femme fatales.

It was an interesting research topic, and I’d love to write more on women in film in the future. A look back at how women were depicted in movies during the ‘40s, as well as how those roles changed, was a reflection of society. It’s interesting to look back at how females were characterized in 1940s film noir compared to today’s Hollywood films.

1. The Most Popular of the Blog Posts of 2018!

The most popular of When Women Inspire’s blog posts of 2018 is on feminism! Difference feminism, to be exact. This post looks at Carol Gilligan’s theory that men and women have intrinsic differences and, thus, it does not make sense to treat the genders equally. This perspective differs from equality feminism, which proposes that men and women receive equal treatment in the home, work, and social environments.

From the history of difference feminism to the criticisms of this feminist perspective, this blog post has been highly ranked in Google for years now. It first published in 2015. I like that this post holds the top spot on the blog posts of 2018 for reads this past year as it tells me that people are looking to learn more online about female perspectives. And as I’m passionate about female empowerment, I’ll keep writing about feminism!

Are you looking for more When Women Inspire’s blog posts related to a certain topic? Do you want posts to be shorter or longer? 

Wishing you good health and many joyful moments in 2019. Happy New Year!

Christy xo

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  1. Unfortunately I never had a popular blog, but I’m going to continue to persevere . Happy New Year to you! Congrats to your successful blog . It certainly is a wonderful place to bring women together.

  2. It is interesting to look back and see which blog posts were most effective with respect to views and comments. Your results are an interesting mix of topics. Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and peaceful year ahead. I look forward to reading many more of your articles.

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