Author James J. Cudney IV on Writing an Inspiring Female Character

Today we have author James J. Cudney IV in the house! In this guest post, he shares with us about the inspiring female character of Olivia in his debut book Watching Glass Shatter. I have a copy of the book and look forward to the read. Cheers to wonderful visions of women like the one James tells us about below.


When Christy and I chatted about writing a guest post for her blog, I was honored and scared – who wouldn’t be? ‘When Women Inspire’ spotlights inspirational women and ways to make positive impacts. I was scared because I’m not a woman, but honored because she knows I solidly support equality and love across all aspects of life. As an author, I have a few stories or characters that might fit the message, but the first who came to mind was Olivia, from Watching Glass Shatter. Continue reading


Creative Book Reviews, Courtesy of Robin

Wow. I mean, really. Imagine opening up two blog posts on your smartphone – not one but TWO – and finding out they feature your latest book. Yes, wow.

Book review for Versions of the Self

Robin of witlessdatingafterfifty shows us her copy of the book. Photo © Robin 2017.

Thank you to Robin of the witlessdatingafterfifty blog for highlighting Versions of the Self so creatively in her posts this week. The reviews mean a lot to me, along with the 4/4 star rating, and the original photography. Robin is so creative in how she organizes her book reviews, and I recommend following her blog!

Thank you as well to everyone who has commented on Robin’s posts about my book! The outpouring of positive responses floors me. If you missed the posts, they are:

Fall Book Review: A poem from, “Versions of the Self”

Fall Book Review: “Versions of the Self,” by Christy Birmingham

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Escape from the Labyrinth of My Mind (Guest Post)

When I recently finished the book Carrying All The Wounds In My Smile by Monica Pana, I knew I wanted to have her over to visit to chat about it more. This book deals with the subject of adolescence – as told by teenage Monica.

You can read my Goodreads review for my thoughts about it. Thankfully, Monica accepted the invite to guest post here and below are her intriguing thoughts in response to a question she is often asked:Why did she write Carrying All the Wounds In My Smile?

Continue reading