Sally’s Author Update – It’s a Pleasure to be Here!

A big thank you to Sally Cronin for including me in her author showcase. She highlights a recent review of my book Versions of the Self as part of her series on Indie authors. Also in this post are authors Annika Perry and Jacquie Biggar. I encourage you to follow her blog if you are not already doing so.

You can find the full post at Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Christy Birmingham, Annika Perry and Jacquie Biggar

Wishing you all a nice weekend 💟



Freya Pickard on Fantasy Character Development

Today’s guest post is from author Freya Pickard, who recently released Silver Fire (The Kaerling Book 1). This fantasy book features siblings who are on a unique quest and find out as much about themselves as one another along the way. I have my copy! Here is Freya Pickard on the character development process for her latest fantasy novel.

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Why Do I Blog? Guest Post from Robbie Cheadle

Join me today in welcoming author and blogger Robbie Cheadle to the guest post stage. In this write-up, Robbie explains how her blog Robbie’s Inspiration came to be, as well as chatting about her new website Bake and Write. You may recall her guest post last year about the dangers of over-exercising. Welcome back, Robbie! Let’s give her our attention now:

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