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I am pleased to have my submission featured on Resa’s fantastic blog Graffiti Lux and Murals today! Check out the mural from Victoria, BC that I love to walk by regularly. I am happy to share the artwork with you all. Thank you again Resa for featuring the work of artist Frank Lewis so well in the post.


Graffiti Lux and Murals

Christy of Poetic Parfait fame has sent us a lovely piece, indeed!

Photo © Christy Burmingham Artist: Frank Lewis – Photo © Christy Birmingham

It is titled “Bridging”..

Photo © Christy Burmingham Artist: Frank Lewis – Photo © Christy Birmingham

.. and the art is under this picturesque bridge.

christy-4 Artist Frank Lewis – Photo © Christy Birmingham

Photos taken by Chisty Birmingham – August 15, 2016

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The Artist:

christy-3 Artist: Frank Lewis – Photo © Christy Birmingham

Also visit Chisty’s other blog When Women Inspire

christy-6 Artist: Frank Lewis – Photo © Christy Birmingham

Hmm, looks like there’s a bit of a tag here! LOL!

christy-5 Artist: Frank Lewis – Photo © Christy Birmingham

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Women of the American West: Pursuing Excellence

Too great not to share! This is Dalo’s amazing tribute to the Cowgirl Spirit. As Dalo explains (with fabulous photos to accompany the words), cowgirl spirit refers to “a woman who utilizes her strengths with the confidence to pursue life, and the admiration of men who are secure enough to understand embracing the power of such women will move them up to a higher level.”

~Cheers to that!


Global Sojourns Photography

Women of the West - Pursuing Excellence-1

The glint in her eyes mixed with the afternoon sun lulls us in before a quick shift in the saddle flaunts her message: a woman with a Cowgirl Spirit can stretch, bend, and break the rules society lays at her feet.

The whisper of the wind matches the cadence of her gallop.  Her light laughter trails off, leaving us cowboys choking in a cloud of dust. Nothing can get our hearts beating faster.

Women of the West - Pursuing Excellence-2

The power of the Women of the American West is no myth, it is a beautiful reality and I pity any man who believes otherwise.

There is an old cowboy saying, “polishing your pants on saddle leather don’t make you a rider…” with its roots in the notion expertise comes from putting in quality time to master an art.  Pursuing excellence to shine above the rest describes the Cowgirl Spirit of these women; the confidence and humility…

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Author Joseph De Cross on Feminism and a Female U.S. President

Please join me in welcoming Joseph De Cross, the author of the political thriller Code 13: Life of a Madam President. Joseph kindly accepted my invitation to visit and discuss his views on the election of a female U.S. President, which is what he proposes will happen in his newest novel. He also chats about feminism and family.

Let’s give Joseph the stage:

Joseph De Cross Profile Photo

Author Joseph De Cross discusses a future with a female President.

Joseph De Cross, “here, here!” Talking about women issues and getting inspired on a daily basis! I was raised by a single mom through the 60’s and 70’s. She was the typical housewife that took over a business, left by an ex-hubby that didn’t want to deal with child support.

This, I think, connected me with femininity and its core issues. I have been told by social media friends (yes, ladies!) that I’m a good listener and a sensitive person. I started writing poetry and eventually prose. This paved the way for screenwriting and publishing.

Going back to the heart of the matter: females and their rights on this 21st Century. The Continue reading