It’s Never Too Late: Guest Post from Author Dorothy Place

Please join me in welcoming author Dorothy Place to the blog! Her encouraging story is a reminder that today is a new day for making changes in your life. If you think you’re past the age of writing a book, think again. Thanks for being here today, Dorothy, and the floor is yours.

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It’s Never Too Late.

As an undergraduate, my English professor at Syracuse University suggested that I major in that subject. He liked my writing and said he would like to see me continue to write. “What????” I said. “English major?” That was some fifty years ago and, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t think of one job, except teaching, that an English major could perform. And I certainly knew that I was far too stupid to be a teacher. So, I did the next most sensible thing. I gave up my scholarship and got married.

It's Never Too Late to Publish a Book

Meet Author Dorothy M. Place.

Divorced, I went back to school to earn an undergraduate degree. Despite the warning question posed by one of my male professors (what will you do when you are a candidate and are menopausal?) I drew a blank. I was 35 and hadn’t even thought about it. So, I went on to earn a doctorate.  For the next twenty-five years, I worked as a research director, making sense of numbers and writing report after report that can be characterized as long, boring, and completely sanitized.

Then, Voila! I retired. And, like many women with grown children, decided to write about my early childhood. Having plenty of experience with long and boring reports, I quickly realized that my stories were not only long and boring, but that it would take more strength than I had to strap my grown children into a chair and force feed them my work. I kept writing because I loved the exercise and discipline, and turned out quite a few stories that seemed to go nowhere.

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Can You Smile Too Much?

Do you ever smile too much? I know, right? You don’t think it’s possible. But, believe it or not (okay if you know me, you believe it!), I smile a lot. I have been told that I smile too much.

Is is Possible to Smile Too Much?

Sometimes you just have to smile to get through the day

Bring on the smiles. ©2016 Christy Birmingham

Nah, I say, not possible. Another thing that I’ve been told is, “You’re too happy.” Again, what the?! I mean; c’mon people, too happy?! Not possible.

Well, let me clarify. Perhaps if it were a funeral or other place where smiling is inappropriate, then, yes, the phrase would be fine.

Otherwise, nope. I will smile when I want, whenever I want to. Do you see those lines around my eyes? I’ve earned them, from the many great experiences I have had in my life.

Has there been drama too? Heck yes. And then some.

But, and I mean this, I do not choose to live in the dark moments of the past, although I do look back to learn from my mistakes. I focus on the now, the present day, and the smiles that I own. So, I smile.

Smiling to Get Through It

And, you know, sometimes a smile forms on my face because it motivates me too. As Teagan recently wrote, she creates inspiring messages to help motivate her as much as for the readers.

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Review: Versions of The Self

Today I received a wonderful review of Versions of the Self from Freya Pickard. My day is all the brighter for it! Thank you Freya and all who support my books, blogs, and dreams. ♥ Christy

Dragonscale Clippings

I bought this collection because I’ve been following Christy’s blogs for a while and I enjoy her writing. I chose Versions of the Self because it is her most recent publication and I loved the splashes of colour on the front cover!
What struck me about these poems was the personal nature and themes they explore. This is a poet being honest and unpretentious. The poems are collected into themes which explore the different aspects of Christy. This is not a collection to breeze through. This collection is one to re-read again and again. On each re-read I am finding new things, discovering different viewpoints.
My three favourite poems are:
Never Now: A positive look back at a failure in life; You are caged into / A piece of the last chapter / And my words fill / The present page.
See My Sense of Self: An intriguing exploration…

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