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Striving for equality between the sexes

All Feminists are Not Haters

Feminism gets a bad rap sometimes. We feminists aren't all man-haters. It's time to set the record straight.
Women's event that inspires

Creating the Future of Powerful Women

The future generation of women can be fierce. Let's make sure the girls of today are ready to roar.
Is #MeToo blurring lines in dating and relationships?

You Said and I Listened: Feedback on the #MeToo Movement

You spoke and I listened about where you think the #MeToo movement is heading, what it means, and how it impacts the dating scene. Here are a few of your comments. Thank you for advancing the issues!

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Young woman looks with a critical facial expression into mirror at her own reflection

How to Improve Your Facial Skin

Want beautiful skin? Get that clear face once and for all.
Broken eggshell with a bright yellow yolk, and a beater from a mixer lays behind it

Looking for a natural beauty routine? Here you go

A natural beauty routine can involve grapes, eggs, milk, honey and many more natural ingredients.
Woman walks on an outdoor path to get exercise

Making Wellness Happen: Simple Strategies For Success

Achieve a better quality of life by focusing on wellness.

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