A Popular New Year’s Resolution From a New Perspective

As we head into 2017, I think it’s important to discuss New Year’s resolutions, as many people make them. They are typically areas where people think they can make improvements in their lives. One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight. Rather than focusing on this goal, though, let’s be thankful for, well, being able to have ample food to eat. Here’s what I mean.

Popularity of the Resolution to Lose Weight

Making Improvements: Is Shedding Weight the Goal?

Weight Loss is a Popular New Year’s Resolution.

The end of the year is not just a time for going to parties and enjoying time with family and friends. It is also when many folks reflect on what they have done during the year and what to modify in the New Year.

According to the data collected by the University of Scranton and Journal of Clinical Psychology, which was shared on Statistic Brain,  the top resolution for 2016 was to shed excess pounds. I am almost certain that the same resolution will be near the top of the list of changes to make for 2017 for a lot of people.

Rather than resolve to do so, though, I encourage you to look instead at this popular New Year’s 2017 resolution in a new way.

Turning the Weight Loss Resolution on its Head

Instead of focusing on taking off weight, why not instead be thankful for to have enough food to eat each day? Think of the people who are starving, not just in third-world countries but also in the same city or town where you live right now.

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Can You Smile Too Much?

Do you ever smile too much? I know, right? You don’t think it’s possible. But, believe it or not (okay if you know me, you believe it!), I smile a lot. I have been told that I smile too much.

Is is Possible to Smile Too Much?

Sometimes you just have to smile to get through the day

Bring on the smiles. ©2016 Christy Birmingham

Nah, I say, not possible. Another thing that I’ve been told is, “You’re too happy.” Again, what the?! I mean; c’mon people, too happy?! Not possible.

Well, let me clarify. Perhaps if it were a funeral or other place where smiling is inappropriate, then, yes, the phrase would be fine.

Otherwise, nope. I will smile when I want, whenever I want to. Do you see those lines around my eyes? I’ve earned them, from the many great experiences I have had in my life.

Has there been drama too? Heck yes. And then some.

But, and I mean this, I do not choose to live in the dark moments of the past, although I do look back to learn from my mistakes. I focus on the now, the present day, and the smiles that I own. So, I smile.

Smiling to Get Through It

And, you know, sometimes a smile forms on my face because it motivates me too. As Teagan recently wrote, she creates inspiring messages to help motivate her as much as for the readers.

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Benefits of Stretching for the Female Body and the Mind

Stretching for the Female Body and MindStretching has several excellent physical and mental health benefits for the body, regardless of your gender. But this is a blog about women, so I’m targeting the post for the female body. There are great reasons to take the time to stretch on a regular basis, even on the busy days!

Stretching Increases Flexibility

One of the many benefits of stretching is the increase in body flexibility that is achievable with the movements. Flexibility refers to the range of motion for a particular joint or another body movement. When done on a regular basis, stretching increases flexibility.

As being flexible is an important part of many sports, you likely will also start to notice developments in your athletic abilities. Yoga, for example, requires a high level of motion of the joints. When you stretch on a regular basis, you increase flexibility and likely will achieve a higher performance level in yoga.

How Stretching Prevents Injuries

Another benefit of stretching is the reduced potential for bodily injuries. You can stretch in conjunction with exercise warm-ups. By stretching before vigorous physical exercise, such as running, you warm up your joints and muscles to prepare them for the activity. Stretching increases the range of motion of muscles and joints so that they are less likely to tear during exercise.

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