How to Stay Healthy While Pregnant

Pregnancy and health

A pregnant woman relaxes in bed. Photo via Pexels, CC0 License.

Giving birth is nothing if not inspirational. The capacity for life that is unique to women is obviously the means by which the human race continues to survive. It is also an exceptionally stressful process, both physically and psychologically. This is especially true if a woman is pregnant for the first time. It is not surprising since everything is all so new. However much a woman talks to other mothers, whether they are friends or medical professionals, the fact remains that every pregnancy is different and going through it is not in the least bit easy.

So many things change through those nine months that your life will never be the same. Not only will you have a beautiful baby, you will have a different perspective on life. It is a time when a lot of people (including men) start to reevaluate what they think is important and how they are going to live their lives in the future.

One example of this, which usually makes itself felt in the 38th or 39th week (which is, of course, towards the end of the third trimester) is the nesting instinct. The desire to prepare the environment into which you bring your child is a completely normal reaction, and it goes back thousands of years in human evolution. There are lots of other things that you may feel when about to give birth of which you need to be aware. Here are a few ways of staying as healthy and happy as possible:

The reality, which can be rather frightening, is that pregnancy is dangerous. Since your body will change a lot, you need to know what it all means and how to deal with it. Thankfully, lots of things, while they may be surprising, are nothing to worry about because everyone goes through them. Continue reading

Jeri Walker Talks Breast Cancer in The Abandoned Boob Chronicles

Inspirational Jeri Walker

Meet writer and editor Jeri Walker. She is an inspiration for anyone battling breast cancer.

Ah yes, the “C” word. C is for Cancer. It also stands for, well, Crappy. Crummy. BUT, when it comes to Jeri Walker, it’s also about being Courageous.

This is Jeri Walker

You may know Jeri from Word Bank Writing & Editing, where she offers writing tips, editing advice, author interviews and more. It’s a literary heaven, really. It was through this website that I first came to know Jeri, and we quickly became friends. Her intellect was Captivating (another “C”!).

Then, recently, Jeri reached out with words of her breast cancer diagnosis, and it shook the worlds of so many of us. But Jeri, resilient woman that we know her to be, stands strong and uses The Abandoned Boob Chronicles to bring us her deepest thoughts, struggles, and triumphs.

What is The Abandoned Boob Chronicles?

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A Popular New Year’s Resolution From a New Perspective

As we head into 2017, I think it’s important to discuss New Year’s resolutions, as many people make them. They are typically areas where people think they can make improvements in their lives. One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight. Rather than focusing on this goal, though, let’s be thankful for, well, being able to have ample food to eat. Here’s what I mean.

Popularity of the Resolution to Lose Weight

Making Improvements: Is Shedding Weight the Goal?

Weight Loss is a Popular New Year’s Resolution.

The end of the year is not just a time for going to parties and enjoying time with family and friends. It is also when many folks reflect on what they have done during the year and what to modify in the New Year.

According to the data collected by the University of Scranton and Journal of Clinical Psychology, which was shared on Statistic Brain,  the top resolution for 2016 was to shed excess pounds. I am almost certain that the same resolution will be near the top of the list of changes to make for 2017 for a lot of people.

Rather than resolve to do so, though, I encourage you to look instead at this popular New Year’s 2017 resolution in a new way.

Turning the Weight Loss Resolution on its Head

Instead of focusing on taking off weight, why not instead be thankful for to have enough food to eat each day? Think of the people who are starving, not just in third-world countries but also in the same city or town where you live right now.

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