Sense & Self: Dealing With Issues As We Age

Older woman's hand

Coping mechanisms as we age. Pexels, CC0 License.

We all have to contend with issues as we age, we all have our own individual rates of decline, and as we lose the inevitable fight whether it is due to life-threatening illness or due to natural causes, there are ways we can make life a bit more comfortable for us. And as life doesn’t have to be a difficult, slippery slope after the age of 65, there are little things we can do not only to make life a bit easier in terms of our coping methods but also to get a bit more enjoyment out of the little things… Continue reading

How To Act When Your Health Takes A Turn For The Worse

Teddy bear associates with healing

How to react when your health takes a step for the worse? Cuddle this teddy bear and then try these tips. Pixabay, Creative Commons.

Although we’d all like to hope that our health would stand the test of time and be at its best for as long as possible, that doesn’t always happen. Even when you lead a healthy lifestyle and look after yourself, some things are out of our hands. So when you get sick, and your health takes a turn for the worse, what are you to do? Whether you’re the one that is getting ill, or you want to be able to support your partner when they have an illness, panic often sets in, and you can be unsure of how to act. So, let’s take a look at how you can handle this life-altering scenario. Continue reading

Busting the Diabetes Myth: You Can Live a Normal Life!

Research shows that more than twenty-nine million American citizens have diabetes at any one time. That is a shocking figure, at it means there’s a good chance some readers of this blog might contract the condition at some point. There is a misconception that many people hold about the illness and how it will affect their lives. Contrary to popular belief, it’s still possible to live a long and healthy existence after getting a diagnosis. The advice below is designed to help people with diabetes to gain some normality and manage their condition. Thankfully, medicine has advanced to a stage where diabetes no longer has an adverse effect on lifespans. Continue reading