The First Date: Do’s and Don’ts for Women

The first date can feel like a job interview, from the sweaty palms to dry mouth. But you can get past the awkwardness at the start that is so normal and really knock the outing out of park if you follow these do’s and don’ts, ladies.

Ladies dating advice

First date success? Do’s and don’ts for women. Pexels photo (CC0).

DO Be Yourself

Absolutely. If you pretend to be someone else, then you’re going to attract somebody that won’t be a good fit for the true you. And why would you want to be someone other than the adorable woman you are? Not everyone will click with one another so be authentic right from the start on a Kent dating site or elsewhere and if it’s a match that’s great – If not, there’s going to be another first date soon, and it could be a better connection.

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Letting Your Hair Down

Take time to enjoy yourself

Christmas is a stressful time. Let’s take time to unwind and relax. Pexels photo (CC0 License).

Another year has almost passed us by, and it can feel overwhelming to think that we have another fresh year just around the corner. The last month of the year usually involves getting all of your work affairs in order, balancing the books, pushing sales, and, of course, getting ready forĀ Christmas. This month can be incredibly stressful as it can feel like we’re getting nowhere with all the work piling up on us. This can affect our mental health in a huge way and cause issues like anxiety or depression.

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Blog Roundup Time! Weekly Inspiration (Vol. 23)

Welcome to the Friday inspirational roundup! While I occasionally publish it on Saturdays, I much prefer it going live on Friday as it’s the end of many peoples’ work weeks and always nice to get a bit of inspiration as we head into the weekend. That being said, do you have a preference for when it publishes?

Here are the latest inspiration blog posts from… you!

Inspiration in the blogging community

Let’s continue to inspire one another! Pexels photo (CC0).

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