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Meaningful tips to build your blog and biz to be as fierce as you are. As more women become entrepreneurs and climb the career ladder, there is a lot to get inspired about.

Find profiles on female-led startups in San Fran, as well as quotes from powerful businesswomen. Get insights into ways to gain funding for your business, how to market your blog, or ideas to make extra money.

If you want to change careers, you will also find tips here. From reading about successful women entrepreneurs to guides on ways build your blog and biz, there is a lot to learn from the posts here. Inspiration awaits you in the reads below.

What is change management

What is change management?

Businesses that grow do not stand still for long. Careful thought and planning form what is change management process and its principles.

Woman, what can derail your career

6 things that can derail your career

You can proactively preventthings that can derail your career from happening in the first place. Here are common factors that cause problems.

better listen to customers

Ways to better listen to customers

Customer experience matters. Here’s why it’s important to learn ways to better listen to customers, including a helpful infographic.