Respecting Your Elderly Relative In The Latter Stages Of Life

Caring for older family members

Age brings dignity and the elderly deserve the utmost of respect from us. Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

Many people feel that the elderly are somewhat inconvenient. These people do not, or have not, experienced the wealth of getting to know an elderly relative or friend. Remember, the elderly do not exist in a static state. They weren’t ‘born old.’ They have lived a life of full experiences, lived through social situations and adventures you can only imagine, no matter how modest and humble they might seem at this stage in their life. Age brings with its dignity, and dignity brings with it independence. The elderly deserve respect, the utmost respect we can give.

What follows is a list of ways we can respect our elderly friends or family, to make them feel what they are, truly and completely vital to the fabric of a great society. Continue reading

The Trials And Tribulations Of Parenting A Teenager

Teenage angst is something we remember all too well. The first heartbreak, the peer pressure, the quest to look good and the need to fit in are pressures that we look back upon and smile at knowing that we are now too old and too wise to ever be overly concerned by these issues again. In fact, we are astounded that we were ever so bothered about such trivial things in the first place. However, as a teenager, these issues are your entire life and the ability to find your place amongst your social hierarchy can seem like the most important thing in your world.

As a parent to a teenager, you want to ensure that you provide an environment that sees your son or daughter develop into a well rounded, mature and decent adult. But what about when things go wrong? We may look back on our teenage years through comical rose tinted glasses but what about when angst does take hold, and your teenage son or daughter find themselves in dangerous situations. Take a look to see what you can do to support your child through their teenage years. Continue reading

The Main Considerations That Keep The Elderly Healthy

Looking after the elderly

Tips for being there for a grandparent. What is correct care? Pixabay, Creative Commons (CC0).

The elderly are more hardy than you might realize. When someone passes a certain age, it’s easy for the younger generation to look on them with more of a bubble-wrap mentality, wanting to shield them from anything that could cause them distress. To a degree, this is well intended and can actually help, but you forget that these people have lived full lives, have seen many things that you can only dream of at this point in time, and have made it through alive. Maybe their physical presence is slowly becoming less easy to handle, but you can trust their mental fortitude is like nothing you’ve ever seen, and it is nourished my family support and love.

To keep healthy as an elderly person, your relative must have a rich inner life. It’s true that there are some 80-year-olds who are mentally 25, and some 25-year-olds who are mentally 80. Age is but a number, what matters is your attitude to life. Help your relative stay on top of their inner peak with the following useful tips. Continue reading