Showing Children How Moral Values Matter Through Action

One of the most difficult parts of parenting is when the time comes to teach them about morals. It’s a strange mental place to be when you’re trying to raise your own flesh and blood to be someone who is a new and improved version of yourself. Yet you’re still learning how to be a good and better person every day. So, instead, it’s likely better to instil within them values rather than trying to get them to understand why morals are important. Essentially, morals are there so that society does not reach a place of mayhem where law and order take a backseat to atrocities. Getting children involved in activities in which they can see the good that can come out of having upstanding values is by far the best way for them to understand morals.

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A Mom’s Guide To Getting Out Of Your Postpartum Slump

Motherhood comes with so many pros, but there are a few cons too. Mainly, giving birth takes its toll on your body and mind. It’s rare that you come out the other side feeling exactly as you’d done before being pregnant. Normally, it takes awhile for your body and mind to adjust to your new way of life, and the prospect of being a mum can feel very daunting.

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A Woman’s Journey to ‘Having It All’ (Guest Post)

Today’s guest post comes from Brittany at The Moving Mrs. Her blog has taught me a thing or two (or three) about moving, as well as offering organizational tips and style ideas for home. She kindly agreed to guest post for me and below is Brittany’s post. I find that her words in particular about her search for balance spoke to me. What part do you identify with?

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