How Seniors Can Actually Benefit from Personal Companions

As people age, it becomes difficult to keep in touch with friends and family members. The situation is even more aggravated for those with medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. If you have a senior at home and you have a busy life, it might be the time to consider using companion care. Personal companions can offer assistance in light housing duties and home healthcare.

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The Tough Challenges We Face as Our Parents Grow Older

It’s easy to think that our parents are going to be around forever, isn’t it? it’s easy to think they’ll always be the same and never grow older, and subsequently always be fit and healthy enough to look after us. Unfortunately, however, Father Time always has his way, and these hopes and dreams are squashed. Unfortunately, our parents grow old and it’s not them that has to look after us anymore, it’s us that looks after them. Whether you want to or not, you will more than likely have to face this. And for when you do have to face it, make sure to remember the advice on doing so that is given below. Continue reading

5 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Today’s guest post from Caryl Anne Crowne of Senior Helpers is sure to help many seniors stay safer this coming winter!

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Few people enjoy the unrelenting subzero cold and wind during the winter months. But preparation is doubly important when you have senior family members under your roof. As the temperatures drop, make sure you take all of these precautions before ice and Continue reading