Activities For The Whole Family On Christmas Day

Christmas Day always starts with so much promise and excitement, however, after all of the presents have been ripped open, the turkey has been carved, and your entire family have fallen into a food-induced coma-like state, it seems like it’s all over much too quickly. With months of build-up to this one day, it’s nice to make it as long and as full of joy as possible. Here are some activities for you and your family to keep the Christmas spirit going even after all the crackers have been pulled. Continue reading


Bless This Mess: Eating With Your Toddler

When to get your baby started on solids is a pretty individual decision. However, by the time they’re toddling about, they’re usually eating solid foods of some kind. By that age, they often start to talk too, which isn’t always great when it’s time to sit down for dinner as they’re quite distracted. Figuring out how to do dinner with your toddler is yet another parenting obstacle to overcome, but most parents work it out eventually. There are a few different things you might want to think about to make it a pleasant time for you and your toddler. Here’s how to have a relaxed dinner with someone who still eats with their hands 90% of the time. Continue reading

Can You Be A Mom And Still Be You?

Me time as a mother

Maintaining one’s sense of self after becoming a mom IS possible. Photo via Pexels (CC0).

No matter what age you are when you become a mom, your life will change. You could be barely an adult or about to enter middle age; whichever one applies, you’re still going to go through a lot of the same experiences. Regardless of your background or other personal details, you will notice that you completely change. You no longer put yourself first because now you have this incredible little life (or more of them) to care for. At first, it can be overwhelming. But, before long, it just becomes natural. You’re a mom, and you’re enjoying most of the journey (everyone has their moments). But you may find that you don’t always feel like yourself anymore – and that doesn’t have to be the case. Because you can be a mom and still be you. Continue reading