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What exactly is feminism and what does it mean today? How has it changed over time? What are the types of feminism? Get these answers and more in the posts below.

Find out how you can support women’s rights, starting with understanding the issues that still exist. The gender pay gap is a big problem in the US and elsewhere in the world.

Add in other problems, including how women in the UK workforce are still underrepresented in leadership roles, and now you see why there needs to be change, sooner rather than later. Talking about sexism and harassment – specifically, why and how they still exist – is essential. Let’s get into the issues, with the goal to reach a better tomorrow.

Confident woman tips

How to be a more confident woman

What makes some women appear more confident, and how can you channel that same steadfast self-belief? Tips to be a more confident woman.

What is transfeminism

What is transfeminism?

What exactly is the movement called transfeminism and why is it important? Feminism includes trans people, and this writeup talks about that.

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