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Mental Health

Your mental health matters, so let’s talk about it! Find confidence-boosting tips here, as well as ways to relax, recharge, and feel at your best.

Mental health refers to mental well-being and improving that can go a long way toward enhancing your personal life satisfaction. Rather than keeping quiet about “invisible” mental illness, let’s have valuable discussions about conditions that are more common than you might realize, including anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

What does the research say about massage for anxiety and other treatments? What are the signs of depression to look for in a loved one? Find answers here to help others and get insights about yourself.

Also, find mental health awareness campaigns and read about ways authors and others have advanced discussions of mental health awareness. Let’s start talking – and listening.

How to deal with health anxiety

3 proven ways to deal with health anxiety

Constantly worrying about your health and what might go wrong next can leave you constantly on edge and nervous about the future. So, how do you deal with health anxiety? Here are three suggestions.

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