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5 Blogging Goals for 2019

Goals for 2019

The 2018 year is coming to a close – it’s hard to believe the New Year is almost here! I hope you had a terrific Christmas. Ours was really nice, including a terrific turkey dinner that was truly a collaborative effort. A special shout out to my mom for her amazing baking, including yummy shortbread cookies! The days are flying by and now that Xmas has passed, it’s time is to look at what the New Year holds business-wise for When Women Inspire. With that in mind, here are the 2019 blogging goals.

Why Set 2019 Blogging Goals?

Blogging, as with any other career, can benefit from setting goals. In the blog world, the pages and posts are what you as the writer make them. And if it’s your full-time gig, like it is for me, then you’ll have to make it a big part of your life. Hopefully, you have fun doing it too! I consider this career to be a very rewarding one.

OK, now onto the blogging goals for this year. I brainstormed, asked designer Tufail for his input, and here is the list of what we want to accomplish in the New Year. Our goal in unveiling it here is to give you a first look at what’s to come, including new features. Ahem, here goes:

2019 Blogging Goal #1: Content Creation

I would love to share more posts on women who are doing amazing things globally. These spotlights will be single posts that are a sort of biography on a specific woman, much like I did for Grace Hopper earlier in 2018. Expect more of these kinds of posts ahead at When Women Inspire! I aim to write two or more biographical posts per month, beginning in January.

Plus, there will continue to be content creation in areas that are receiving a lot of great comments from all of you, including wellness, lifestyle, and education. As always, these posts will focus on empowering the self and others to make the most of each day and life in general.

#2. Grow the When Women Inspire Facebook Page

Did you know that there are unique photos and posts over at the blog’s Facebook page? Yes, over there you can find great videos, give your feedback on what you’re reading at the blog, interact with me, and more. I plan to spend more time there in 2019 and hope you’ll like the Facebook page to receive updates if you’re not already connecting with us on social media there.

In the New Year, the goal there will be to grow the Facebook page from 383 fans to 600 fans. At first, I had written a lower number of 500. Then I hit the Backspace button. A bigger challenge will light a fire under me. Let’s do this… together! I’ll take more time over on Facebook in 2019 than I did in 2018 and hope to see you there.

#3. Increase the Instagram Audience

In addition to Facebook, Instagram is an awesome social media network for bloggers. You can grow your audience with real followers easier with an alternative to Ampfluence that generates engagement.

Another of the 2019 blogging goals at When Women Inspire is, therefore, to grow the audience there. With 808 followers as of today, I’m really happy with the connections gained and strengthened with other IG users over 2018. The aim is to gain 200 new Instagram followers in the New Year, which will take us over the 1,000 followers mark – that would be amazing!

If When Women Inspires reaches this 2019 blogging goal, you can expect a contest or giveaway. Details of that event will unveil closer to reaching that goal. Not already connected on IG? Then please click the follow button on my Instagram page today. I’ll follow back!

#4. NEW! Create YouTube Videos

Do I mean having a YouTube channel? Yes!

There will be different videos, and the types are bound to increase or change in the future as Tufail and I take stock of what’s working and what’s not so popular with viewers. What’s in the works at the moment are YouTube videos to complement blog posts and to share favorite products and services.

I will let you know when the YouTube channel is in full steam ahead mode – expect a post about this 2019 blogging goal soon!

#5. NEW! Create a When Women Inspire Store

That’s right; you’ll soon see a virtual When Women Inspire store. It will integrate into the blog, so you can find it with a single click from the homepage or via the upper menu that shows on any post or page within the blog.

Shop for products that are original to When Women Inspire. They’ll include positive designs that reflect the spirit of empowerment that you’ll find in the blog posts read here. Expect clothing, such as t-shirts, and more. It’s really exciting, and we hope you’ll like what you see there. A lot is going on with this particular 2019 blogging goal behind the scenes already.

As with the YouTube channel, we’ll unveil the storefront in a future post. Expect this one to launch early in the New Year!

Over to You, the Readers

I’d love to know if there is anything else here at When Women Inspire that you want to see in 2019.

For example, are there blog post topics you’re looking for but not seeing anywhere here? Or other improvements to make? Let us know in the comments section below your thoughts on When Women Inspire’s 2019 blogging goals.

Love Christy

69 thoughts on “5 Blogging Goals for 2019”

  1. Great post! These all sound like great goals but so much to keep up with! I am trying to figure out if I can just do away with FB all together but I know it is such a draw for community. Have you thought of Pinterest? I have heard that is where most bloggers find the best traffic, community, and inspiration! Enjoy your journey to crushing your goals!

  2. I definatly think you should start a YouTube channel! It will be the best thing you ever did online. I love being a youtuber and wouldn’t trade it for any other platform.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Erika! Great to hear you’re enjoying YouTube success :) What’s one thing you’d recommend a newbie over there?

  3. Wow, you will be busy in 2019 as you have set yourself so many goals. BUT …being the person you are, we know you will not only achieve but far exceed your expectations. Look forward to watching all the new growth enfold and what your ideas will send our way.

  4. I’m new to your blog and really enjoying it 😊 I’d like to see unsung women, women who inspire but on a small scale whether it be inspiring their children, colleagues, blog audience, friends. I’ve found that celebrating small achievements can be most inspiring as they feel relatable but most importantly achievable to the reader. Good luck with your goals I’d love to see the YouTube channel happen!

    1. Yes, every woman deserves celebration for making it through difficult steps in life – and celebrating the good times too! Thanks for being here and I hope you continue to enjoy v visiting :) Aw, I’m excited about YouTube too.

  5. Wow, Christy! Those are some very ambitious goals you’ve set, but I’m positive that you will be able to achieve them. I will look forward to seeing you on more media this year, and checking out your store. The best of luck to you.

  6. Nice Post! Women pulling together on common ground is always a plus in my book. Keep doing your thing! I’ll be here to support you .

  7. Wow, some great ideas Christy. Looks like your plate is full for 2019. The store idea sounds like fun! Wishing you a beautiful and Happy New Year my friend. :) <3

  8. Hi Christy!! You can do it!

    Love all of you ideas. Did you mean you will only sharing posts from ‘single women’? Some of us married ones have great content too. ;-)

    I can give you pointers for FaceBook and Instagram growth if you’d like!!

    Xx, Loretta

    1. Haha I meant individual women. Single as in individual… one woman per post rather than several women in one post. Sorry for not being clear – and thanks for calling me on it, Loretta!

      Ohhh I would love tips for Facebook and Instagram growth, thanks! What’s the best way to reach you in the New Year?

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