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5 Gwen Stefani facts that will surprise you

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American singer Gwen Stefani is a woman of many talents, including songwriter and fashion designer. She’s also mom to 3 boys. While many of her achievements are well-known, including her Grammy nod in 2006 for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, these other Gwen Stefani facts may surprise you. For example, did you know that Gwen Stefani and Madonna are related?

1. Gwen Stefani has ska music roots

Did you know that her on-again, off-again music group No Doubt has ska roots? Yes, when the group first formed in 1986, they primarily did ska type music.

Over time, as the group released albums, they picked up punk, pop and rock sounds that made for original hit songs such as “Hey Baby” and “Spiderwebs.” Here’s another of the unexpected Gwen Stefani facts:

2. Gwen Stefani and Madonna are related

It’s a bit of a stretch, but Gwen Stefani and Madonna are distant relatives. Their family connection is through the mother-in-law of a great aunt. So, they are distant cousins with great vocals – now that’s a surprising fact (the cousin part, not the talent).

3. Her workout routine features traditionally male moves

While it’s no secret that the singer has amazing abs, as she often shows through her short shirts during her concert performances. This next one on the Gwen Stefani facts list may surprise you.

Did you know that her workout routine is very male-oriented rather than being one targeted to a female body? She prefers traditional male activities such as boxing and lifting free weights.

Given her toned stomach muscles, arms and legs, I’d say the method is working well for her! Way to kick aside male stereotypes too. If you’re looking to get back on track with your workouts for the New Year or any other time, this fitness guide can help you.

Gwen Stefani sings to the crowd
Gwen Stefani facts time! Pictured here in concert at Forum, Copenhagen. Photo source: Laust Ladefoged, CC By 4.0, via Flickr

4. ‘Hollaback Girl’ set records

Her hit single “Hollaback Girl” is a favorite with fans at concerts like the one above. But Gwen Stefani facts lesser known include that it was the first song to sell one million digital downloads legally. That’s pretty amazing considering it was part of her first solo album! It also got several Grammy nods at the 48th ceremony of the awards show.

5. Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress is in a museum

Remember the unique white-and-pink wedding dress that the singer wore for her 2002 wedding to former “Bush” lead singer Gavin Rossdale? The lovely dress is now on display with the lace veil at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Also in the collection is Kate Moss’ dress that she wore in 2011 when she wed musician Jamie Hince.

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    1. Great you learned new tidbits about her here! This season she’s a judge on the TV show The Voice :)

    1. Lol tried leaving a comment last night on your latest blog but wordpress were just not for taking it. I think there were problems. Nice post. Love Robert Frost’s poetry.

    2. Thanks, Shey! I hope the problem resolved itself on WP now.. It’s very nice that you took time to visit! Hope your weekend has been wonderful xx

  1. You know Christy Gwen is not the only one of many talents. I am thinking the dudes need to get their paw in gear and sort out a new award. Telling you now you’d be there as a nominee. x

  2. Again this lady is new to me here in the UK,, but I am well behind the pop scene and fashion lol so not so surprising.. However I loved reading and maybe I should take up boxing lol to get rid of my emerging flabby arms LOL ;-) xxx Thank you for sharing these facts.. Hugs Sue xoxox

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Awe, Sue! Your beauty radiates from within, of that I am sure — we all see it and love it so much xoxo Thanks for joining us here and for saying hi to boxer Stefani too hehe :)

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Thanks, DG! Yes, she’s so confident that I wanted to feature her here :)

  3. Another interesting fact as to her:

    >Following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Stefani donated $1 million to Save the Children’s Japan Earthquake–Tsunami Children in Emergency Fun..

    I think her male routine of exercises is really worthwhile… She looks “femininely compact”…

    “Don’t speak” by her group “No doubt” is also an amazing song, which I still love…

    Thanks for sharing this spotlight, Christy.

    Best wishes, Aquileana :D

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Thanks Aqui for the lovely comment and for adding more details to the post! That’s great to add about her monetary donation – what an awful time that all was with the earthquake…

      Also, “Don’t Speak” is an amazing song, you are right there. Do you know the song “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt as well? It’s got such a unique beat to it.

      Thank-you for your thoughtful comment here! :)

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