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Seiko Noda promotes campaign against gender inequality in Japan

Japan and Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is happening around the world, and Japan is no exception. Seiko Noda is one of the women in Japan who choose to speak out against gender bias, and she’s a great one to do so as she holds an influential role as the General Council’s chairperson.

Womenomics and Seiko Noda

It is in Japan that Seiko Noda appears to be nodding along with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s new campaign to increase the number of women in Japan’s workforce. Abe’s administration and the Liberal Democratic Party have received mixed reviews in Japan for encouraging “womenomics.”

What is womenomics? It refers to fluctuations of power between men and women in pay rates and more. His political platform has acquired the nickname “Abenomics.”

Shinzo Abe has openly discussed the power that women can provide in Japan’s workforce. While that’s not a major concern here in Canada, or in the US, openly talking about women workers is not often done in politics in Japan. The Prime Minister has demonstrated that promoting more women will help Japan to grow economically.

Noda talks about gender inequality

Seiko Noda, head of the General Council, said recently that a great way to discourage gender inequality, as Abe’s political platform sets out to do, is for women to be more visible in her country. She said that there are more female role models needed there and indicated the positive effects of women seeing her own position as a top lawmaker in Japan, a position traditionally held by men.

Unfortunately, the overriding view there is to keep Japanese women in the home. While that’s gender bias, it’s also harming Japan’s economy. If the population in that country moves as predicted, Japan’s workers will shrink almost in half (for a total of about 44 million people) by the year 2060.

How will the economy survive? By increasing the number of women workers, as Abe’s political campaign aims to do, there is hope for a stable economy with more than enough workers.

Some questions

But, will traditional Japanese men support the initiative of Shinzo Abe the way that Seiko Noda is doing? And, are there enough women such as Nada who are willing to speak out against gender inequality in Japan and women’s issues in general? As demonstrated, they risk being rejected by family and friends for doing so.

Do you think that the new political campaign is successful? Why or why not?

6 thoughts on “Seiko Noda promotes campaign against gender inequality in Japan”

  1. Christy loved reading this post, and I hope her campaign is successful.. The feminine energies are on the return, so I think women ‘Power’ and equality will be emerging more and more as woman fight against gender inequality..
    Great lady and great post Christy xox Thank you for sharing.. Hugs Sue

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Sue, yes I really do hope Japan sees changes soon so that the workforce will be more equipped for the future AND so that women can truly feel like equals — thanks for the encouragement here!! Hugs xo

  2. What an interesting post…
    And yet, I find odd that still nowadays countries have to promote these kind of Campaigns, when in fact women are supposed to be in the same conditions than men with regard to certain kind of jobs…
    Sad but true that we still need them though…

    Thanks for sharing, Christy.
    Best wishes, Aquileana :P

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Aqui, yes it IS sad that even in 2014 we’re still dealing with these issues… there’s still so much progress to make to achieve gender equality.

      Thanks for taking time to read and comment – that means a lot to me! xo

    1. Christy Birmingham

      It really is a slow progression to get gender equality but with time… there is always hope!

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