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Who are leading women in politics today? Get that answer and more in the posts below.

An upcoming book from former federal minister Kate Ellis delves into the shocking experiences of female politicians in Australia.
Kamala Harris is a California member of the Democratic Party and the only Black woman in the Senate. She recently spoke up about her experiences.
Many prominent voices are encouraging Joe Biden to appoint not only a female VP, but that it be a woman of color too. A Black female running mate is welcomed, for several reasons.
Acceptance towards the LGBT+ community is growing in the US, as per a recent survey. Find out what the numbers indicate about LGBT+ support.
March 16th is World Speech Day 2020. What exactly is it and how can you participate? Details here, including what's new for 2020.
One of the most influential female figures of the 20th century is Margaret Thatcher "Iron Lady," who rose from chemistry student to UK prime minister.
Here are 5 actions to take after an Uber accident, whether you are a passenger in the Uber vehicle or have been in a collision with one.
3 examples of illegal sexual advances at work. Use these examples to determine if you or someone you know is the victim of sexual harassment.

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