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Who are leading women in politics today? Get that answer and more in the posts below.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is both honest and authentic, all the while not forgetting her difficult background, which is why so many people look up to her.
Your 10-step guide to ensure that you receive your desired compensation for a vehicle accident on time.
I feel like a fraud. Sound familiar? If so, you may have imposter syndrome. So, what is imposter syndrome and how can you finally overcome it?
Work can be challenging sometimes. Rather than dreading going to your job, put these 7 stress management tips into place. Reduce stress and enjoy your day more.
While we are still bumping our heads on the glass ceiling, these women in politics have taken it a bit further than it once was.
Here are the issues facing many women business leaders today. Which ones affect your business?
An in-depth look at Nellie McClung's fight for women's rights with the Famous Five, the history of women on Canadian currency, and more.

A Women’s Parliament

Here is the Winnipeg mural of Nellie and her fellow suffragists, which has been photographed so well by Resa. Learn about the history of women's rights in Canada and more.

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