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5 women’s workout accessories to up your fitness game

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For most gals, working out is already quite a challenge. Waking up early on a freezing cold morning or getting home from a long day of work doesn’t really help when it comes to motivating you to tick off exercise from the daily to-do list. But a good way to get back that go-getter attitude is to make the conditions as comfortable and effective as possible, which is where these 5 women’s workout accessories become super useful.

When you have gear that makes it easier to stay on track fitness-wise and that you enjoy using, you’ll be more determined to continue than ever before. The right tools can make a world of difference.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Foam roller

Anyone who has exercised for any lengthly period of time knows that muscle tightness and soreness can happen after it. To help prevent this achy and even painful feeling after a workout, try a foam roller.

Many gyms have them – mine does! – so you can save a few bucks by using the one there. Or get one super cheap at a big department store. Online shopping is convenient so watch for deals there too; some of them even include instructional videos.

Using a foam roller during warmup and cool down, depending what works best for you, encourages proper muscle recovery and flexibility. If you’re not sure what kind of exercises to do, this guide has 6 easy examples for your next exercise session.

It’s an affordable and effective way to benefit from these elements of exercise. And it can give you pain relief too, as I’m finding with my sciatica. 

2. Athletic socks

While you know that wearing the right shoes to the gym is important, but have you thought about the socks? It’s probably one of the most overlooked women’s workout accessories.

It’s not enough though to suggest brand X or Y. That’s because there’s optimal socks for different conditions. Nothing’s simple, right?!

Here are some examples of the variety out there:

  • Running socks
  • Compression socks
  • Toe socks
  • Weightlifting socks
  • Endurance training socks

Depending on your activity, the type of sock you wear can really amp up the fitness regime. It could provide the slip-free surface you need to take that deadlift weight up a notch or practice better form, for example.

And I can’t say enough about moisture-wicking socks. I wear ones that keep my feet dry and cool throughout the workout (or at least I did before this dang back pain took over. Ahem, back to regular exercise soon, I’m giddy just thinking about it!).

In general, a good pair of athletic socks will have padding along the heel, ankle and toe area to keep your feet free from blisters. It’s usually common practice to have honeycomb stitching on the upper to provide arch support too.

3. Workout glasses

For those who need eyeglasses in day-to-day life, working out can be daunting. If you’re like me then you’ve tried wearing contacts at the gym only to find the lighting dries out your eyes, making for an uncomfortable time.

The problem is that when wearing glasses they can get banged around, especially if you’re doing fast movements like burpies or running. But you don’t want to risk not wearing them as then you can’t see anything clearly!

Fortunately, a proper pair, such as these Burberry eyeglasses, will provide a better fit, allowing you to maintain your vision while working out.

4. Exercise apps

Yes, apps are very useful women’s workout accessories, although you might not immediately think of them like that. For instance, if you’re not sure exactly how to start working out, apps like MyFitnessPal and Nike+ offer workouts with guided videos, goal tracking and much more.

So you can start exercising right from there! And there’s more than just workout apps, of course. Kate recently brought this terrific list of health apps to encourage you to take control of all aspects of your wellbeing, whether it’s fitness or otherwise.

5. Balancing ball

They’re for more than just yogis who want to roll around on them!

Balancing balls are actually a great way to work on just about every muscle, in addition to improving your stability and balance. That makes bouncy balls a cheap, fun, and effective way to deepen and improve your exercises.

If you don’t have one of your own then check your gym to see if there’s one there to use. They’re not usually expensive though if you do end up getting one of your own.

A great movement to try with the bouncy ball is doing a squat with the ball over your head. Make sure you practice good form with your shoulders and back – and please only do the fitness stuff in this post if you are medically cleared to do so! Try for 3 reps of 10.

Women’s workout accessories are motivators

With great gear, you’re probably raring to go exercise. You’ll be more comfortable with the right socks, not to mention reducing the chances of muscle soreness later by using a foam roller now. And you’ll see everything with your glasses on, following along to a fitness app.

You might even find a workout dedicated solely to the bouncy ball!

What’s clear here is that the right women’s workout accessories can make a world of a difference. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on the items listed here, although I do recommend getting high quality ones that safely improve your fitness level.

What are some other accessories for working out that you use?

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  1. Love my compression socks when going on long walks.
    I have 1 pound dumb bells. You’d be surprised how something so light can work you!

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