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Getting Fit for the Summer: 9 Tips You Need to Know

Getting fit for summer, this woman bends down to tie pink lace on her runner

If getting fit for the summer is your ultimate goal, there may be a lot of things for you to change in your lifestyle. Being fit and healthy is more than just watching what you eat or only exercising; it is a change in your lifestyle in general, and here is how to do it.

1. Set a goal

It is incredibly important when you start your weight loss journey that you make a goal. However, don’t just make a goal based on your bathroom scale. Instead, you can create a great goal that encompasses your fitness level, strength, and flexibility. For example, let’s say that you want to lose 5% of your body fat. Or, be able to lift 70 kg on the bench. Or, that you want to be able to run 5K in 30 minutes. All of these things will give you focus and something to work for.

2. Find a routine you can stick to

Another important thing to consider when you start getting fit for the summer is find a routine that works for you. If you work 9-5 every day then you will need to find a way to fit your workout around the shifts, as well as healthy eating. You can meal prep on a Sunday for the week. Then either workout in the morning or in the evening when you come home. Make sure not to overdo it though because you will not be able to maintain it if you do.

3. Don’t ignore weights

When you want to lose fat, likely the first thing you will think of is doing some cardio. Cardio is a great way to burn fat quickly, however you will not gain a toned figure from this alone. Bring some weight training into your routine to build up your muscles. In turn, it will allow you to expend more calories when you exercise in the future.

4. Getting fit for the summer: Add challenges

There will typically come a time during your fitness routine where you feel unmotivated. You may want to quit. If you start to hit a wall like this you need to bring some fun into your routine. Perhaps it is a challenge to increase your motivation. Think about things like a weight challenge or even try something new like rock climbing! Have fun with your exercise. A fun routine is one you are more likely to stick with long-term.

5. Don’t get injured

The most crucial thing to make sure you don’t do when getting fit for the summer is sustaining an injury. You might think that the best thing you can do is to exercise every single day for over an hour to reach your goals, but you might end up burning out. When you overdo it you an end up injuring yourself and this will put you out of action for a long time. Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the power of a rest day!

6. Do something fun

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean being in the gym, as long as you are moving your body while exercising. Think about going for a walk in the countryside, setting up a picnic with your family, and spending the day playing football or catch in the park. Even the smallest movement counts and being active is all about having fun and living your life to the fullest.

Two women, doing cartwheels on a sandy beach, are getting fit for the summer
Cartwheels on the beach can be a fun fitness idea in the good weather! Walking barefoot on the sand can also help tone the legs as the foot sinks beneath the sand. Photo via Pixabay.

7. Keep a food journal

A lot of the time people struggle to stay on track when it comes to food. If you think about the summertime there is temptation around every corner. Sometimes you will have the temptation of beer, then ice cream, and barbecue food too. To stay on track getting fit for the summer, keep a food diary and have a general idea of your calorie intake. Think about downloading MyFitnessPal and track your food each day to help you stay on track with your goals.

8. Eat the rainbow

Every color of food has a different type of nutrient inside. It is incredibly important to try and eat as many colors as possible every day as you move toward your goal of getting fit for the summer. When you see those stunning salad bowls on Instagram, the food is there for more than just photographic value!

Red foods such as berries and things like beetroot contain a huge amount of antioxidants such as resveratrol which is amazing for the body, the health benefits of resveratrol are well documented and you should definitely get as much red into your diet as you can.

Orange foods, such as carrots and sweet potatoes, contain a huge portion of carotene and vitamin A, which both serve to help us maintain healthy eyesight throughout our lives.

Yellow foods like bell peppers and onions are full of wonderful fiber, flavonoids, and lots of vitamin C, which is amazing for the maintenance of healthy and younger looking skin.

Green foods, such as spinach and lettuce, contain lots of protein, fiber, and nutrients like zinc, iron, magnesium, and potassium, which are all incredibly good for the body and mind.

Purple and blue foods, such as blueberries, aubergine, grapes, and cabbage, contain lots of amazing nutrients which can help it reduce cholesterol in the body and, therefore, can reduce the risk of heart disease by a big amount.

9. Hydrate

Water is more important than anything else you could put into your body, so make sure that you drink at least 2 liters of water every single day. Water is essential for keeping the body healthy in several ways. It can flush out bad bacteria and toxins, allows your cells to stay plump and more youthful looking, and it also provides the body with lubrication to run smoothly.

If you struggle with drinking plain water, try adding fruits like lemon and strawberry to your glass. Another option is put some spices, such as turmeric or ginger, in there to give you a boost of energy for the day ahead. Getting fit for the summer involves water, eating right, exercise, and… fun!

32 thoughts on “Getting Fit for the Summer: 9 Tips You Need to Know”

  1. Exercise should be fun, I think it is the motivation to keep going. If you are not having fun then you will not have those summer body you’re after. Great article Christy!

  2. Another thing to remember in terms of not getting injured is to make sure you do some stretching exercises before/after your routine

    1. Great advice, for most sports. I’m in a running group and there is no consensus as to whether stretching before a run is helpful or not.

  3. Nice! So helpful :D
    During this summer so far I’ve been going out on night walks with my mom. We’ve been enjoying the time out and already seeing some results without overexerting ourselves. It’s been nice. I definitely struggle to get enough water in a day but I’ve been doing a lot better!

  4. Very helpful post, Christy! Small steps, eating healthier, hydrating, and daily inspiration are all helpful. At-home workouts are key for busy women. Finding new routines, recipes and inspiration to develop new habits is critical for long term success. So many helpful DIY pages out there.

    1. LOVE your suggestion here for the FB pages and also your support, Mary Jo ~ and while I’m not a cauliflower fan (the taste isn’t for me!) I’m embracing a range of veggies and hope other readers are too. Wishing you health and happiness xo

    1. Oh how wonderful to hear you’ll think of the rainbow the next time you make a meal :)

    1. That’s the way to do it. Slow increases so you don’t get injured or tire yourself too much. HUGS

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