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9 Best Women’s Health Apps of 2019

Women's health apps

Kate brings us a guest post today on 9 of the best women’s health apps of 2019. Whether you decide to use one or a few of them, hopefully, they will help improve and simplify your life. Take it away, Kate!

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Tech, women, and getting healthy

These days, there’s seemingly an app for everything. Exploring the 9 best women’s health apps of 2019 may inspire you to create your own health-focused app in the Sunshine State; to get started, forming a florida llc can provide a strong legal foundation for your innovative business venture.

Tech can make life much easier and healthier. For those who want to do so, tracking fertility cycles and learning new workout routines can be much easier with apps.

Technology now allows women to essentially carry a portable personal health device with them everywhere they go — their smartphones. Some female-centric apps require the purchase of additional equipment, while others enable women to achieve their health goals by entering a few bits of data and following the program. Consider giving these best women’s health apps of 2019 a try!

1. Women’s Health Apps: DuoFertility

Did you know that one couple out of every six has difficulty trying to conceive? Enter DuoFertility. It’s an app featuring a wearable device to track a woman’s most fertile times and much more.

The app tracks temperature constantly, as tiny drops in basal temperature indicate a woman’s best time to conceive. Furthermore, DuoFertility tracks changes in cervical mucus, another reliable indicator of a woman’s most fertile time of the month. The app provides improved feedback as it measures menstrual indicators, luteinizing hormone results, and sexual frequency.

DuoFertility claims 70 percent of couples conceive within the first six months of use. This reliability makes the relatively high sticker price, which is as much as $85 per month, worth it.

2. Ritmo Beats

Next on the best women’s health apps of 2019 is Ritmo Beats. Once a woman conceives, monitoring fetal health throughout pregnancy normally occurs through a series of ultrasounds. However, such procedures are necessarily limited in scope, as no one can live at the obstetrician’s office. Nuvo, the maker of fetal music apps, now offers Ritmo Beats, a continuous monitoring system for a woman’s unborn infant.

Both a consumer and medical-grade edition of this app exists. Most women find the continual heartbeat monitoring of the consumer version enough to calm their minds. For women with high-risk pregnancies, such as those who previously suffered miscarriages, they benefit from the medical-grade product that alerts their doctor to several changes that could put the pregnancy at risk.

3. Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit has been around for quite some time. The Fitbit Versa specifically has one of the best women’s health apps of 2019; its female-specific app functionality can improve the chances of conception and more.

The device allows women to enter their menstrual cycle information, birth control data and other factors, such as the type of discharge experienced near predicted ovulation times.

Since the Versa also tracks fitness and nutrition data, a woman’s doctor uses that information to make suggestions to increase the chances of conception. Likewise, the Versa lets women suffering from menstrual disorders report flow rate and pain levels to share with their doctor.

4. Flo is Another of the Top Women’s Health Apps

This is one of my favorites! Women hoping to track their menstrual cycles and ovulation times, as well as their pregnancy and post-pregnancy health, will adore the Flo app. This application truly does it all when it comes to female reproductive monitoring. That’s why it’s one of the best women’s health apps of 2019.

This app also features daily health tips meant to help clue women in on undiagnosed disorders they may have that could impact their fertility. Did you know that over half of women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) — a common hormonal disorder in women — don’t even know they have it? Or that a whopping 70-80 percent of women will develop uterine fibroids by age 50, though many still remain unaware the condition even exists?

Knowledge is power. That’s especially true when it comes to conditions like these that are common but actually have relief options available. Once an app clues a woman into the possibility of an existing condition, she can then look at treatment options with her OB-GYN.

5. Cycles

The times are a-changing. Today, more men than ever wish to play an active role in family planning. While most fertility apps allow only the woman to access the data, the Cycles app allows both partners to share in choosing the best dates to try to conceive.

One practical perk of this app is when same same-sexes want to get pregnant. Lesbian couples, for example, can schedule appointments for artificial insemination on days when conception chances are highest. Likewise, women hoping to get pregnant for gay male couples can allow one partner to share in the fertility tracking.

More of the Best Women’s Health Apps This Year: 6. iBreastCheck

Women know that doing monthly breast exams increases their chances of catching breast cancer early, but many either forget or need a bit of help remembering what to do. The iBreastCheck app features coaching videos for breast self-exams and a reminder service.

With this next one on the list of best women’s health apps, you can also enter data about diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors that may impact cancer risks. It then offers personalized advice for lowering the chances of getting breast cancer.

7. Fooducate

Going to the grocery store is crazy difficult these days. Food labels can contain meaningless claims, like “lower in fat” — lower in fat than what? A radish? Or a slice of extra cheese pizza? Thus, even savvy shoppers have problems figuring out what’s healthy and what’s not.

Thankfully, there’s help, in the form of an app. Fooducate features a detailed nutritional analysis of over 200,000 popular food items. It’s one of the best women’s health apps because it breaks nutrition facts into meaningful descriptions that help women manage their diet. It also allows you to enter a calorie budget for any given day to help keep weight loss goals.

8. Sweat

Women who want to make 2019 their fittest year will adore the Sweat app. It features several trainers and workout styles for a very reasonable $19.99 per month.

With Sweat, you can plan weekly workouts. Plus, it tracks progress to help users keep motivated. Sweat also has a meal-planning function to make daily shopping and Sunday afternoon food prep a breeze.

9. Daily Yoga

The health benefits of yoga abound, and many female yogis rave about the Daily Yoga app. There’s both a free and professional version. Thus, women can try it out for free before purchasing.

Free users get daily workouts delivered to keep them living namaste all week. Those who purchase the app open a world of new features, such as calorie burn tracking and relaxing music for practice all on your own.

Make the Most of Women’s Health Apps

Women can benefit from the technological revolution and use apps to take their health to the highest level. Whether you want to conceive, track your pregnancy, get fit, or buy the most nutritious foods for you and your family, look no further than your smartphone!

About the Writer

Kate is a lifestyle and wellness journalist from Pennsylvania. She particularly enjoys writing about topics related to women’s health and well-being. If you like her work, subscribe to her blog, So Well, So Woman.

Which of the best health apps of 2019 do you want to try? Do you have another health app to rave about?

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