Alternative Exercise Benefits for Mental Health and Body

alternative exercise

Scientific studies continue to show that exercising is good for both mind and body.  People who exercise at least once a day for at least 30-45 minutes enjoy benefits in physical wellness, as well as emotional and mental wellness. However, if you cannot perform high impact, aerobic exercises, consider low impact exercises like yoga or Pilates instead. Take part in these exercises by joining a community fitness center, the yoga studio Bee Cave or a local Alive + Well program. Find the alternative exercise benefits for mental health and body below.

Disclosure: This sponsored post is really coming at a great time because I was just thinking about how I could share with you about how to improve mind and body through exercise for the New Year.

Reap Exercise Benefits for Mental Health and Emotional Balance

Yoga is designed not only to strengthen the core of your body but also the mind and spirit. This alternative exercise to the gym involves a series of stretches and gentle moves. They may not look all that difficult. In reality, however, they are enough of a challenge to make you focus on the movements and breathing during them.

In fact, it is this focus on the breath that encourages yoga’s benefits for mental health and emotional health. Scientific studies show that people who do yoga regularly are at a lower risk of suffering from mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Even if they suffer from these illnesses, people may not experience them as intensely. And sometimes they need less medication to treat symptoms.

Further, people who do yoga often feel more in tune with their bodies and more confident in their physical capabilities. They many times gain a stronger core that allows them to progress in their exercising journey. Even if they do not lose a lot of weight doing yoga, they still gain strength and become more fit. Those are major reasons why yoga is a favorite way for women to spend the little free time they have during the day or evening.

Enjoy Yoga’s Physical Benefits Too

People who do yoga also enjoy physical benefits, such as:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Better range of motion

This alternative exercise can especially benefit people with arthritis or lower back pain. The movements help bring those parts of the body back into alignment and also help stretch ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Therefore, people are less likely to sustain injuries.

Alternative Exercise Benefits Who, Exactly?

You do not have to be a fitness expert to do yoga. Likewise, you needn’t be in best physical shape for this activity or for alternative exercise benefits for mental health. And for body. People who are in wheelchairs or who use walkers can also do yoga; in their case it’s from a sitting position. Lastly, even pregnant women can do certain yoga poses and gain the rewards for mind and body, after getting clearance from their doctor.

Are you a yoga fan? My fiancé does Hot Yoga classes – would you consider doing that too?


  1. I go past a yoga studio every day to work & back & have considered going in & inquiring but I still find biking hard off road helps my head & calms me

  2. Great post Christy. It’s been over eight years since I began doing yoga. It’s become part of my morning routine and I would say it’s changed my life mentally and physically.

  3. A great post, mindful breathing too is good, paying actual attention to the air coming in and out of your body, easy and slow, is a beautiful way to connect with your own body. When you connect like this, you may begin to understanding the reason whay you must be kind to yourself, and stop any abuse you are doing through smoking, or eating/drinking too much and of the wrong things.

  4. Practicing yoga has changed my life. I started in college and have continued to do it throughout my pregnancy. My body feel so much less tight and I feel less stressed. I feel like i am a different person and react differently in certain situations. I’m a calmer and more optimistic person now 🧘🏼‍♀️👌🏼

  5. I just started a workout routine in June of 2018 and I absolutely love the way I feel afterward. I was not too happy to get my butt kicked by my trainer but I noticed I felt really good afterward.

  6. I’m a big yoga fan because I’ve reaped the benefits myself. I remember feeling mentally more relaxed the first time doing it. Plus, I was able to relive pain from areas that were giving me problems (hips, low back, shoulders). Yoga is definitely my go-to for when I’m aching since it requires no appointment with a massage therapist or chiropractor. (I still see them on a regular, but the yoga helps me not need them as often.)

    • I totally get what you mean, Lauren. A woman I know runs regularly and offsets any aches connected with that activity by doing yoga. She said to me that saves her a ton of money rather than going to chiropractors or massage therapy 😉

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