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4 Surprising Hemp Oil Benefits for Skin Care

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When it comes to skincare, here’s a secret tool that you might not have considered using: hemp seed oil. It’s likely to continue to rise in popularity for the benefits it can provide for chronic pain and anxiety, but the same nutrients, specifically the Omega 3 and 6 that help combat inflammation, also nourish the skin. Here’s a breakdown of the hemp oil benefits for skin so you can decide if you want to incorporate it into your beauty routine.

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How to Choose Your Hemp Oil

For optimal hemp oil benefits for skincare, make sure you choose an organic, unrefined product. Also, make sure it is hemp seed oil rather than hemp CBD oil or hemp essential oil. And here’s why.

Hemp seed oil is ideal for body care; it is produced via a cold-pressed method to remove THC and so it has no psychoactive properties. That’s right – topical applications will not get you high.

It’s not marijuana. Instead, it’s just what it sounds like too – seeds processed from the hemp plant. As for it being a pure, organic formula, this is a great thing as then there are no added toxins that can detract from the desired results.

Plus, being free of toxins means there’s more room in the anti-aging skincare products for vitamins and other beauty goodness. What’s more, we personally like that ultimately hemp skincare items come from nature. Being environmentally responsible is important.

There are many possible advantages of hemp seed oil for your skin. The most popular ones are:

1. Reduce Look of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

This oil can protect against certain environmental damage, such as photoaging and sun damage. It can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as fine lines. This effect is possible with the antioxidants found naturally within the hemp seed oil. Yes, you’re getting naturally beautiful.

Moreover, hemp oil benefits for the skin include bringing life back into it. If you find your skin looking saggy or lacking natural color, then you might want to check out hemp seed oil skincare products.

There’s the potential for a youthful glow and plumping of the skin here. That’s because the oil is naturally rich in vitamins E and A, not to mention containing small amounts of minerals like iron and magnesium. The tightening, toning results of use can help you look younger. Not to mention the wonderful brightening effect.

2. Calming Hemp Oil Benefits for Skin

Enjoy relief from a patch of irritated skin. The hemp seed oil has natural calming properties that can help with temporary skin irritation. That’s great news for anyone who has a painful skin rash or eczema.

On a related note, if you have acne, then a natural solution can be hemp seed oil to calm down the area. It has astringent properties that rebalance the skin’s sebum production to help control any grease. Furthermore, the oil helps to regulate hormones to fight against hormonal acne outbreaks naturally.

3. Moisturizing Effects

Among the leading hemp oil benefits for skin is its moisturizing abilities. While it might seem funny to talk about oil as a moisturizer, it’s no joke! For its comedogenic rating, the hemp seed oil is a 0; that means it won’t clog pores.

What’s more, it’s a moisturizer for any skin type, whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin. That’s because of the nutrients and fatty acids occurring naturally within the oil.

So, if you have dry skin halfway through the day, you might use a hemp oil-based beauty product to provide long-lasting hydration for the face and body. After applying it, you might be surprised by the speed of absorption.

Then you’ll likely notice a softer feel to your skin, in addition to great hydrating benefits. It minimizes moisture loss, which explains the lengthy hydration you’ll get with its use.

4. Easy to Use in Lotions, Scrubs, and other Beauty Products

Hemp oil comes conveniently in:

  • Lotions
  • Scrubs
  • Toners
  • Cleansers
  • Sunscreens

These products are growing in popularity for a few reasons. Firstly, there’s the increasing legalization in America, which is increasing awareness of hemp-based products.

Secondly, you’ll be supporting the hemp industry. Lastly, there’s the ease with which you can use them to gain hemp oil benefits for the skin.

For example, exfoliating hemp scrubs are easy to apply with your fingers in the bath or shower. Simply massage it into wet skin with a circular motion and then wash it off thoroughly before gently drying the area.

This beauty item can remove dead skin cells while also soothing and moisturizing the skin. That’s because of those many hemp oil benefits for the skin that we mentioned above. It’s a natural approach to healthy, young-looking skin.

More about Hemp Oil Benefits for Skin

It’s also nice to have a soothing and moisturizing product all in one, which is the purpose of hemp oil beauty products. Many of them smell great too!

There’s a growing selection to choose from too for other uses than only skin benefits, including CBD and turmeric tablets for depression and anxiety.

But always do your homework and choose top quality products as all derivatives are not the same. Look for organic on the product label, for example.

And hopefully, over time the notion of hemp in the beauty industry will become less confusing – it’s hemp seed oil, not THC that can get you high. Beauty and health truly can come together, and they do so with this kind of oil.

Use a Patch Test

As with most beauty products that are new to you, test it out on just a small area of the skin first to see how your body reacts to it.

Choose an area normally hidden from public views, such as the elbow. If you notice any inflammation or itchiness, then discontinue use right away.

Were you familiar with these hemp oil benefits for skin before reading this post? Do you think you’ll use cannabis beauty products soon in your skincare routine?

12 thoughts on “4 Surprising Hemp Oil Benefits for Skin Care”

  1. Very interesting, as it’s rare to hear much (esp. in the UK) about hemp oil topically applied. My mother will want to try this now, see if it makes her look 10 years younger! :)
    Caz xx

    1. Ooooh it sounds like your mom is looking for the elusive fountain of youth ;) here in Canada hemp oil is getting a lot of buzz lately. See what happens in the next few years regarding global attention…. Hugs to you, Caz

  2. Gooood stuff! I love using hemp oil as well as other oils, such as almond or sesame oil, as part of my skincare routine. It all feels wonderful and is so incredibly hydrating. :)
    Hemp oil and the products that can be made from hemp have a bright future, I think. It’s good for the environment as you can make clothes, shoes, paper, lotion, and all sorts of things.

    1. Hi C! Great that you’re already using hemp oil in your beauty routine :) You are a natural skincare kind of gal and I like that ~ We have to be good to the environment and respect it, right ;)

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