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Which Fitbit Fitness Tracker is Best for You?

What's the best fitness tracker for you?

For a fitness tracker with the latest high-tech features, Fitbit is one of the first brands that  come to mind. That’s because their product line is the most popular brand of fitness trackers on the market. Their top-notch designs and newest tracking capabilities are what makes them the number one choice for many people. Below are some of the latest Fitbit releases, as well as their health tracking capabilities and features, including comparisons like Charge 3 vs Charge 2.

A Brief History, Up to Fitbit 2019

For the last 10 years, Fitbit has had a solid track record of bringing the latest fitness devices to market and has served customers with their fitness data right on their smartphones.

These first Fitbit device was launched in 2009 and it was simply called the Fitbit. The next devices included the Fitbit Ultra, Flex, and One.

They were all improvements on their original device. Fitbit has improved models each year, bringing new more classy and sleek fitness trackers to the market.

Recent Trends

Fitbit has, in the last two years (from mid-2017 to late 2018) released four classic wearable devices to the market. In 2017 it rolled out the Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex in the same year. Next was Alta HR and the famous Fitbit Ionic.

Then, in early 2018, the company released the Fitbit Versa and the most recent release is the awesome Fitbit Charge 3. These are the most recent devices from Fitbit, but don’t forget about the Fitbit Ace, which is a fitness tracker specifically for kids.

Let’s look next at each of them, from their capabilities to comparisons between their features.

Fitbit Charge 3

This is the lastest Fitbit. The Charge 3 is loaded with cool features. Firstly, it has a bigger screen than the Charge 2 and Charge 1.

It also has a 7-day battery life, which is 2 days more than its predecessor. The Fitbit Charge 3 will track all your fitness activities. Plus, its waterproof design means it’s also great for water-based activities, such as swimming.

The Charge 3 even has a pulse-tracker to keep you up to date on your cardio and fitness progress. You can also keep track of your other fitness goals, whether it’s in cycling, weight training workouts, yoga, and even guided breathing exercises.

Charge 3 vs Charge 2 fitness tracker comparison
Charge 3 vs Charge 2? Here is the Charge 3.

Charge 3 vs Charge 2

In comparison to the Charge 2, the Charge 3 has a sleeker, slimmer shape. It also has softer wrist-bands than the 2nd generation model so it fits on your wrist comfortably while doing your favorite sports activity.

Moreover, the Charge 3’s screen is about 40% larger than the Charge 2. It has a higher resolution too and, unlike the Charge 2, it features a touchscreen. With the 2 model, unfortunately, you could only really tap it to change what was on display.

The Charge 3’s special feature is that it is Fitbit Pay-compatible. Fitbit Pay is Fitbit’s payment platform offering, allowing the user to pay for goods at a compatible POS system.

The main similarity between the two Charge series devices is that they both have interchangeable wrist bands, allowing you to customize the look or color of your device. Mobile Mob have a great selection of wrist bands available for both devices.

But even though the Charge 3 is a more improved version of Charge 2, this does not make Charge 2 an inferior fitness tracker in any way. At around half the price of the Charge 3, it makes for a very good alternative if you don’t quite have the budget for the 3rd generation device.

Also, the Charge 2 has unique features and capabilities, including:

  • Guided breathing
  • OLED screen
  • VO2 Max-enabled data tracker

When comparing it to the Alta HR, the Charge 2 has a more shiny and fashionable design but clasps the same way on the wrist as Charge 3. Generally, it has a cool display that is large enough to fit and feel better on the wrist than Surge.

Fitbit Versa

A replacement for the older Fitbit Blaze, the Versa is one of Fitbit’s best smartwatches. It has a sleeker and more curvaceous design than other Fitbit smartwatches like the Ionic. The display’s dimensions are 1.34 inches by a thickness of 11.2mm.

The standard Versa edition comes in grey, black, or rose gold, while the more expensive Special Edition comes in either charcoal black or rose gold. The Versa has interchangeable straps and its design is more unisex than the Ionic model.

Lastly, the Fitbit Versa has a 4+ day battery life, a pulse monitor, swim tracker, sleep tracker and inbuilt GPS (when paired with your smartphone). It also has access to access to Fitbit gallery, Fitbit Coach and Fitbit Pay.

Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic hails as the company’s flagship smartwatch and is the most sought-after smart tracking device in the series. With it, enjoy a 4-day battery life and fancy sleep tracking technology.

Users that prefer goal-oriented activities will benefit from the Ionic as it has an inside coach app to help you with indoor workouts. The Fitbit Ionic is also:

  • Fitbit Pay-compatible
  • Water resistant
  • Has in-built GPS tracker
  • Swim tracker
  • Pulse rate checker
  • Smart tracker

Plus, it comes with dedicated coach guided training pieces, a women’s health tracker and an app store. With built-in GPS, this fitness tracker is best for outdoor activities like running. Though it’s not so pocket-friendly, it is long-lasting and has a lot of value for the price point.

Fitbit Alta HR

You may have heard of the Fitbit Alta HR as it was the fitness tracker of the year in 2017. It was the star of the show back then for the sleep tracking and pulse rate functions. For example, there’s an accelerometer to measure the amount of sleep of the user.

What’s great about the Alta HR is the design; it’s slimmer than many other fitness trackers. Unfortunately that’s also cause for its drawback of the rather small screen, which can be hard to read in bright light. The screen displays calls and messages, as well as calendar notifications.

The Alta HR is a good choice if you aren’t very stats-minded because it does not have guided breathing, GPS linkage or a VO2 Max-tracker. Instead, it looks after your overall fitness and wellness while omitting complex statistics. It makes a great sports accessory because it’s one of the most affordable fitness trackers; not everybody has the budget for a top of the range model.

Fitness Tracker Verdict

Fitbit has satisfied its many customers by giving them high-tech fitness trackers that are durable, user-friendly, have great features, and are cost-effective.

We are expecting to see the company’s next-big-thing this year and it’s almost certain that a Charge 4 could hit the shelves at some point in 2019. It would be a step up from the Charge 3. Let’s wait and see. Fitbit has been making improvements, such as the Charge 3 vs Charge 2, so hopefully that trend continues. For now though, the Charge 3 is still the star of the show and wins my vote as the best Fitbit.

41 thoughts on “Which Fitbit Fitness Tracker is Best for You?”

  1. thank you Christy!!! I love this article! I am doing an online fitness journal on my blog “Asking Mom” and wanted to incorporate a Fitbit into the use of the “My Fitness Pal” app on my Iphone, but wasn’t sure which one I should get. After reading this I’m set on the Fitbit 3! I’m excited to start implementing this amazing tool, and pass on the review to my readers!

    1. Oh wow I’m glad to hear this guide with help you find the right fitbit for you :) It can be confusing with all the models so it’s nice to know the post purpose wasn’t overlooked ;)

  2. I’d like to purchase a Fitbit, but I’m missing my iWatch. What do you think would be a better fit? I really need one for all the feature listed above, but more for fitness aspect.

    1. Great question on Fitbit vs. iWatch. The Fitbit Versa is similar to the iWatch in appearance. But they’re actually quite different. Fitbit is primarily made for fitness while iWatch is like a smartphone on your wrist with an app for fitness as a bonus. So it’s up to what you prefer :) Hope that helps!

    2. Yes, there really are lots of versions. The Fitbit Flex 2 is affordable, lightweight, and sporty looking. But if you want an activity tracker that come instead with the Fitbit Versa (it also has a heart rate tracker). Then, if you want the Versa features and also GPS ability you’ll want the Fitbit Surge. Hope that helps :D

    3. Thank you! I will checkout them both, mainly in pricing. Ah GPS not necessary when I have a phone for that. Literally don’t leave home without my phone. 😆

  3. Great post! I started with a FitBit Flex that Al bought for me. Then I upgraded to a FitBit Alta. I love how simple it is, and how I can wear it as a watch or fun accessory. I have a metal band from Amazon that is magnetic. I probably won’t ever go back to the rubber ones that FitBit gives you.

    1. I’m so glad you mentioned that they’re great-looking accessories too – sleek looking, right! Ohhh cool add-on with the metal band, thanks for the tip!

  4. I’m thinking bout getting one but the price needs to drop more before I commit to buy one…I’ve seen the app & what the fitbit can track,darn good piece of technology.

    1. I hear you about it not fitting every budget, Pete. Until it’s in the budget, what about getting a fitness app on your phone? That could be a temporary solution for fitness tracking for you. Nice to see you here :)

  5. My Samsung Galaxy cellphone has something like Fitbit that I activated in January. The goal is 6000 steps per day. The only time I meet the goal is when I go to work. Being that it’s winter in New York City with the temperatures dropping to the Single Digits walking outside is not an option. Last Thursday Gov Cuomo warned New Yorkers to stay inside as it was only 3 degrees outside. Thank goodness I was off that day.
    My Samsung Galaxy cellphone can also track how many glasses of water, stress, food intake, calories and weight. I only use the steps part and I try to remember how much water I drink. The other functions don’t apply to me. I never think about calories or weight. Hopefully my weight will increase not decrease. For me to lose weight means that I’m sick. For years I had to drink Ensure which is a food supplement. Other than dairy, salt and spicy foods I eat as much as possible.

    1. It’s very neat how fitness apps can add to the functionality of smartphones these days. Strava is a cool app, for example, for runners. I like that you can track steps with your app as you already have the phone so why not :) 6000 steps a day is challenging – good for you! Brrr it’s cold here too, the other day we had snow. Hope you are having a warm cup of tea as you read this. xx

    2. The weather has been Strange in New York. One week Polar Vortex. This past Monday and Tuesday temperatures went up to the 50s. Today rain. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but I shall have a cup of hot chocolate and rest.

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