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6 Ridiculously Easy Tips for Strong Healthy Hair

She has long healthy hair and no more slow hair growth

Doesn’t it seem like life gets busier and busier? We either focus completely on our career or look after our families – or try to balance the two, and sometimes our physical and mental health can take a toll. That’s because with so much going on and taking care of others, we have less time to take care of ourselves, inside and outside. That includes our skin and hair. And before you know it, your once luscious locks are looking like a wig from some horror movie, or it seems like slow hair growth is all you know these days. If this sounds all too familiar, these tips for strong, healthy hair can help you easily get back to looking your best, which in turn helps you feel more confident.

1. Get Enough Nutrients in Your Diet

Science shows that not getting enough of certain nutrients in your body can slow hair growth down. Or it can even spur hair loss. So make sure you include the right foods in your diet. For example, eggs have plenty of biotin and protein, two nutrients that encourage strong, healthy hair.

Also, aim to get enough vitamin C, which has antioxidant benefits. The antioxidants help protect the hair from damage from the environment, so follicles are less likely to break. In general, consume 80% vitamin-dense foods like uncooked vegetables and fruit. Getting enough iron is a must too as that’s what helps give your hair a healthy glossy appearance.

But always be sure to check with your doctor before changing your diet in any way. The professional will tell you how to do so safely, given your health history, any current conditions, and other factors.

2. Want Healthy Hair? Detox Your Scalp

A build-up of toxins on your scalp can slow hair growth and, if that happens, a solution may be a scalp detox. It could be that your shampoo contains toxins that over time accumulate and clog hair follicles. That explains an itchy scalp, dry hair, dandruff, or another hair issue. Whatever the reason, deep cleaning your scalp doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here’s a quick way to detox your scalp:

  1. Mix ¼ cup of water with 10 drops of tea tree oil in a bowl.
  2. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle for easy use.
  3. Rinse out after 10 minutes.
  4. Feel instant scalp detoxification with hair follicles that are ready to grow!

3. Avoid Hair Extensions that Glue or Sew into Your Hair

Extensions are the go-to solution for ladies that can’t get their hair to grow. But, unfortunately, most extension types cause damage to the hair. Problems with extensions that glue or sew in can include pulling at the roots and damaging hair follicles.

Thankfully, halo extensions solve this problem! They are a single hairpiece that you can apply on your head in seconds. They cost less than a lot of other extension types, last a long time, and there is no damage to your tresses.

4. Hormones and Strong, Healthy Hair

Just as problems with hormones can leave you feeling tired, they can also wreak havoc on your hair. If your hormonal levels are out of whack, it could cause your hair to lack shine and prevent new growth.

Hormone imbalances also bring on other body issues so best to see a doctor if you notice hair loss, dull or dry hair, or another issue that is new to you. It could be that your diet needs modifying or your doctor might suggest adding a multivitamin to your routine.

5. Use the Right Shampoo

Earlier I mentioned toxins in shampoos. Many shampoos have harmful ingredients. These products can strip your hair of its natural oils, dry it out, cause irritation to your scalp, or other negative effects. Some of the ingredients that you want to stay away from are:

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Sodium chloride

Most pharmacies and supermarkets now stock shampoos that are free from these elements and also kind to the environment. Switching products could be the tip you need for strong, healthy hair again.

6. Add Hemp Oil to Your Diet

Consuming a spoonful of hemp oil every day can bring many benefits to your strands. Not only can it strengthen the follicles and promote hair growth, but it also helps your hair to retain water and contains all-important Omega nutrients. Plus, hemp oil is also great for the skin!

Looking after your hair is not only about taking care of the outside, but also about listening to your body and controlling what you put in it. While it may not happen overnight, strong, healthy hair is achievable. Start implementing these easy tips into your busy schedule today.

33 thoughts on “6 Ridiculously Easy Tips for Strong Healthy Hair”

    1. You’re the second person here in the comments to point out the part about scalp detox, Megala ~ Glad to hear it’s an educational read! And here you just recently posted about detoxing. Great minds think alike :D

  1. Great tips! I converted to using LUSH products several years ago, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair. I love the scalp detox idea – I want to try it now!

    1. Hi Laura Beth :) Isn’t it funny that a lot of people are into food detox right now but haven’t heard of scalp detox before! If you try it, let me know your thoughts.

  2. Very good tips!! Healthy diet is so important….. for so many reasons.

    And using a good shampoo is so important too, don’t be tempted to choose shampoo based on the fact it’s cheap! It is such a false economy!

  3. As someone who loves my hair, I really enjoyed reading this post, Christy. Healthy diet is so important to ensure we get nutrients not just for our bodies but hair. When I started eating healthier (less takeaway, more home-cooked meals) I noticed less hair fallout. For a long time I struggled to find the right shampoo for my hair. Most shampoos leave my hair greasy and my hair is naturally oily. But after a long time I finally found one that keeps my hair clean and feeling good :)

    1. You’re so right Mabel about the importance of good nutrition on our hair, from growth to shine. Just the other day a friend asked me to go for dinner and I said no as I’d eaten out a few times the week prior and really wanted to care for my body – which includes the hair! So glad you found value in this post :)

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