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5 Things You Should Know for Your Kid’s First Dance Class

Your kid's first dance class might be ballet, like this girl

Kids are naturally drawn to music. Even a very young child will light up when they hear a song that signifies a favorite show is airing. Toddlers will bust a move when they hear music as if it is the natural way to respond to music. Dancing is effective as part of a child’s physical, mental, and social development. Add that parents can’t wait to see their little ballerina spinning in a tutu and you have a winning combination. But, if you have never had a child in dance, how do you know what to ask? I reached out to a dance authority. Just For Kix: dancewear, dance clothes, dance shoes, dance classes, costumes, and Hip Hop. These experts answered my questions on how to find your kid’s first dance class, and I’m honored to share the responses with you today.

Begin with Ballet – Here’s Why

Most studios recommend that you begin with ballet. Ballet teaches a child how to control their bodies. It helps them develop physically. They learn balance and posture. Dancing exercises the brain. Dance training, trains the dancer to think of the next step or next move. This is a skill they will develop throughout their lives. As your daughter or son learns to work with others, they learn social skills.

Kid's first dance class, what a milestone! Dance classes like ballet might be first.
Most studios recommend that you begin with ballet. Ballet teaches a child how to control their bodies.

5 Top Questions to Find Your Kid’s First Dance Class

1. What kind of dancing will they teach?

Sometimes parents just assume what a dance lesson means. But there are many types of dance. As mentioned, most of the time a young child will begin in ballet. The second most recommended dance to teach a beginner is Tap Dancing.

Finally, some instructors teach a blended arrangement, meaning they teach a primary (like ballet) and then add another form of dance (like Tap). Over the weeks, your kid’s first dance class teaches the basics of both styles. Rhythmic gymnastics might interest your child too.

2. Does the teacher want you to drop off or stay and wait?

Most classes ask that the parent not come into the training area. That’s because parents whispering and laughing is distractive. If your child sees you they might get upset and want you, which can kill the spirit in the room for all the kids.

Instead, use the waiting area by the studio, if there is one; that’s where parents can chat over coffee. But before you head out to run errands, be sure you are not breaking the rules by leaving the studio.

3. What experience level does the instructor have?

You want to get the most for your money. But you might want to rethink this concept if the teacher has little experience and few references. Therefore, in this day and age, it is completely appropriate to ask about:

  • Background checks
  • Safety measures
  • Employees who will be around your child

4. What equipment will you need to buy for your kid’s first dance class?

You are expecting to buy leotards, tights, dance shoes, and a dance bag. There will be a recital at the end of the class. You will need to buy the costume. But what else?

If the class is “all-in-one,” you may need extra shoes. For example, hip hop shoes or tap shoes are necessary if the class includes those genres.

5. What if we try dance classes, but do not feel it is a good fit?

This is an important question to ask before signing up for your kid’s first dance class. Sometimes youngsters simply don’t warm up to a certain style. They are maybe not mature enough yet.

Thus, whatever the reason for a certain class not being a good fit, find out if there is a refund policy or not beforehand. Doing so could save you money down the road.

Your Kid’s First Dance Class: A Few Final Words

Lastly, allowing your child to reach out and grow is a beautiful thing. Furthermore, every positive experience your child has will helps them to grow and mature in life. And, dance is a wonderful tool to help begin their life journey.

Did you take dance classes when you were younger and, if so, what genre? Also, does your little one like to dance?

8 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Know for Your Kid’s First Dance Class”

  1. Everyone should know that dance can be expensive. If course our daughter’s classes may be different than what others take, but we’ve put at least $1,000 into paying for competitions alone over the past 9 months. That doesn’t include dance class fees.
    Our daughter does a combined tap, ballet, hip hop class when she goes.
    It’s a lot of money. Definitely find out if you have to sign a contract to guarantee your child’s attendance and how much it’s going to cost and if you can back out, if needed.
    Great info though! My daughter loves her classes, it’s just very costly.

    1. Great point about expenses. That’s so true too for kid’s hockey from what I hear – in that sport it’s the equipment that can really add up money-wise! I’m glad your daughter enjoys dance and hopefully she appreciates your support, emotionally and financially :)

  2. You have no idea how helpful this is! My daughter and I have been having this discussion for a few days now and I’m going to be sure to ask her a few of these questions tomorrow! She is so excited to start dance and gymnastics. haha Thanks for sharing this information!

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