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Being super busy at work doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy

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If you work long hours, have tons of commitments, or can’t seem to get away from your desk at work, it can be difficult to maintain good eating and exercise habits. However, it’s not impossible to combine a busy work schedule with healthy living for better physical and mental health, as well as quality sleep.

These 7 ideas can help you embrace a healthier way of life without falling behind on work.

  1. Cook at home

Although going to a restaurant or getting takeout is tempting after a long day at work, cooking at home instead is how you’l avoid eating additives such as salt that are in many restaurant foods. To encourage yourself to stay on track with eating at home, make a weekly meal plan.

A few parts of the planning process are:

  • Doing the grocery shopping for the week on one day, such as Sunday
  • Freeze leftovers to have “ready made” meals
  • Saving time and money, yay!
  1. Use healthy food delivery when busy at work

If you don’t have time or energy to cook extravagant meals when you get home from work, no worries. Don’t let that stop you from still eating healthy.

There are a growing number of food delivery services that deliver fresh, nutrition-packed ingredients to your home to save you the time of grocery shopping yourself. Many of them even include recipes for making yummy meals using the included ingredients in the delivered package.

You can choose how often you want the box to arrive, such as weekly or every other week. At result plan, they tailor your subscription to your own personal nutritional plan and deliver the day’s food straight to your door. All of which means that you will be less tempted by unhealthy fast food options.

  1. Rethink your snacks

Dividing your snacks into portions can help you limit how much you eat at one sitting. That’ll prevent you from mindlessly overeating at your desk while working on an assignment.

Also think about swapping unhealthy snacks for carrot sticks and fruit. They have a better nutritional value and also fill you up between meals. Plus, they’re yummy!

  1. Busy at work? Pre-prepare your food

If you’re facing a huge deadline and simply don’t have the time to take away from it to prepare healthy food at home, then “pre-prepare” everything beforehand. Maybe that means that you start watching TV a few minutes later than usual at night but it’s worth it for the convenience of grabbing the food in the morning on the way to the office.

Then it’s all ready to go the next morning. You can even pre-prepare your breakfast if you can so you don’t miss out on the most important meal of the day.

  1. Start walking

Even though it might be difficult to visit the gym on workdays, try to include walking in your daily routine. It’s easier than you might at first think.

A few ways to include walking in your busy day are:

  • Get off public transportation a stop early or park your car in a further spot than usual so you have further to walk to your workplace
  • Better yet, walk to work!
  • Take the stairs rather than elevator between floors in the work building
  • On lunch break, clear your head by taking a walk around the block
  1. Have outdoor meetings

If possible, take your meetings outdoors. Doing so gives you the chance to experience nature, get some fresh air, and stretch your legs during the day.

If this one isn’t realistic then try instead to still move around within your office. For example, rather than emailing coworkers or employees, why not walk across the office to talk to them face-to-face?

  1. Exercise at your desk

Lastly, consider the new trend: desk exercise. From running in place to doing simple stretches, squats, and press-ups, there are many options. Maybe you’ll even invest in desk exercise equipment to motivate you to fit more movement into even the most hectic workdays.

What are some other ways to stay healthy when you’re crazy busy at work?

44 thoughts on “Being super busy at work doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy”

  1. This is great advice Christy! As I know you can relate – being a writer is a very sedentary activity. There are times when I’ve been inactive so long that my body is just desperate for movement. It’s in those times that I realize how the inactivity has affected even my mental health.

    A recent broadcast on NPR had a medical professional speaking on this very subject. The cardiologist recommended getting up to move every 20-30 minutes if your job involves a lot of sitting. Even a small amount of movement helps your heart in substantial ways. The study showed that desk jobs didn’t increase the risk for heart disease. However, desk jobs where people didn’t get up to move every 20-30 minutes did increase the risk. Your points validate this study very well. :) I especially love the idea of outdoor meetings.

    Isn’t it amazing how stiff our bodies can get with aches and pains in unusual places when we don’t move around enough?

    1. Hi Holly, thanks for sharing about the NPR podcast on sitting and the benefits of movement. I got a standing desk this month after hurting my back and am doing 30 min sitting and 30 min standing. I’ll blog about what works for me when I have some more time using the new desk. It sounds like I’m following the NPR suggestions – although I admit more movement will do me good when my back’s up to speed again ;) Stiff, yes! You’ve got that right. Great comment and have a terrific start to the week!

    2. Aw! I am so sorry you hurt your back Christy! When our backs give us trouble, it really affects more than we could imagine.

      I’m very curious about how you like your standing desk. Been considering that for here as well. Praying your back continues to heal speedily and you’re feeling 100% like yourself again. I’ll look forward to your post :)

    3. Ohhh you’re so kind, Holly. I’m on the mend, indeed xx I’ll absolutely share my experiences with the desk once I have a bit more time using it, that way it’ll be a more thorough review. I’m sending big hugs your way!

  2. Something I just need to do…it’s so easy to skip breakfast and lunch at my work. Planning is the key (being able to cook would help too) :)

    1. As writers, we spend a lot of time sitting down so it’s important to take breaks and get exercise. I’m reminded of that this month more than ever! Hugs

  3. Best thing to do for weight loss is being prepared with your own food and avoid eating out. The portions are too big.

    1. Oh Cat, how wonderful to hear from you! Thanks for the FB share too. I’m sorry to hear about your health issue but think it’s a great sign that you’re coming back here. Seeing you makes me smile :)

    2. I just love you …I appreciate the kind words and support. I’ll begin my treatments next week and should start to feel better after. I’ll be hopping around like the energizer bunny so they say! LOL. The bouts from the anemia will come and go so I’ll just “deal” and push through :-) Hope all is well and blessed your way. Hugs! Cat

    3. That’s good that your treatments start next week, Cat. Bunny hop hop hop there soon :) I’m pulling through too and we’ll be stronger than ever by this time next year!

    4. So you get it! Some where saying I need to adopt Boots out and I said? HELL to the NO! LOL. He is in “Bad Cat Jail” a few days more but I love my Mr. Boots, a yellow tabby and would never let him go. Some of it was my fault for putting my hands to close to his face while in his distress. So I take the lumps for that!Lol … ✔😲💕😻😺

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