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7 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy Today

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When it comes to staying fit and healthy throughout the year and in particular for the summer, there are a usually lot of challenges to consider. Oh yes, the challenges. They’re part of life, for better or worse. Sometimes staying healthy can feel more difficult than it ought to be. That feeling can even overwhelm to a point where you feel like giving in to the pizza and wine cravings more often than before. Sure, it’s fine to have those food indulgences now and then if they bring you pleasure, but consuming them regularly isn’t one of the ways to stay healthy.

Thankfully, maintaining good fitness and health can feel like less of a challenge when you embrace certain habits. Here are the basics for your days to help keep you healthy this year and beyond.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Yup, you knew I was going there. A healthy weight is crutial.

Uhhhh Christy, it’s not that easy. I know it, having gotten lax over the past week as I put wedding prep and launching the t-shirt shop ahead of gym time. A few too many M&Ms were consumed in my office during the long work hours.

But if you get off track like I did then you really have to hold yourself accountable. That’s what I just did by calling myself out here to all of you!

And I totally get that it sounds like a hell of a lot of work to maintain a healthy weight. In the end, though, it actually all boils down to not overeating and making sure to move around now and again. So I’ll get up from my desk every hour to stretch, for example.

The reality is that if you want to get on board with ways to stay healthy, then you can’t eat 5 meals a day, sit down for 20 hours, and drinking your weight in wine. So if you are able to avoid that then you should be able to maintain a weight that is considered healthy.

Another way to put it is: Don’t consume too many calories and try to walk around now and again. Pretty straightforward, right? This routine allows your body to burn off food and stay the same weight.

exercise starts the day

Stretch it Out as One of the Ways to Stay Healthy

The best thing you can do in the morning is to jump straight out of bed and workout, right there and then. By embracing this “get up and go” style of morning, you won’t have time to think too much about working out.

Plus, you’ll get your exercise out of the way before even really starting the day! This can be a wonderful way for you to stay fit without having to think about taking an hour out of it for exercise.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is a bad habit and detrimental to your health. One of the best things you will ever do for yourself and your own personal health is to quit smoking and start making new and better habits.

We all know that quitting an addictive habit like this can be incredibly hard; that’s why many people fall at the first hurdle. But if you can fight through the cravings it will make you feel so much healthier in the long term.

Eat a Balanced Diet

It’s a safe bet that if a genie grants everyone three wishes right now, one of those wishes would be to eat whatever you want without ever gaining weight. If only…

But I think eating pizza and burgers now and again isn’t something you should be crucified for. In fact, eating a diet without a little treat now and again can be just as bad. Our body needs fat and sugar; it’s what fuels you and allows you to move and perform.

With that being said, though, you need to make sure that you only eat small amounts of it in moderation to stay healthy. That’s why a lot of people follow the 80/20 rule as one of the ways to stay stay healthy. That’s 80% healthy and 20% “unhealthy.”

While not everyone agrees with that way of living, personally I like it because it allows me to have cake on my birthday and not feel terrible about it. Also if I don’t stay on track with my food plan one day, I’m not going to put myself through hell over it; I’m human, after all, and will do my best to get back on track the next day.

It also means that if you eat well all week, you can treat yourself to a pizza at the weekend. And it probably won’t have an adverse effect on your body as it’s not an everyday thing.

Want More Ways to Stay Healthy?

Protect Yourself from the Sun

The sun is something many people love and enjoy, however it can be bad news if you don’t protect yourself. Therefore, make sure in the summer months to always wear sunscreen, even under your makeup. It will protect the skin from strong UV rays and make sure that you stay youthful and happy for longer.

Alcohol can ruin health

Drink Alcohol Moderately

Speaking of moderation, one thing that almost everyone needs to learn to moderate in life is alcohol. This beverage is is full of sugar, for one thing. It can act as a depressant too, which not a lot of people think about; that’s why going on a bender every weekend isn’t a good thing.

Not to mention that would be super expensive! So, when it comes to ways to stay healthy, try to cut your drinks in half when you go out next time. It’s doable with some clever tips like pacing yourself, counting drinks, and spacing them out through the night.

You can still have fun and enjoy yourself even at half the amount of alcohol, I swear. But this change can make a huge difference to your health overall. A positive change.

Get Screening Tests as Ways to Stay Healthy

Every now and again, it’s important to have check-ups. Taking an eye test, hearing test, having an overall body checkup, and BMI scan are all great ways to stay on top of your health. If anything is unusual, the doctor has the training to catch it in the first stages and take measures to help you.

Those activities are absolutely worth it for you to always be as healthy as possible. And with that in mind you can live a longer and happier life with those who you care about the most.

What are some other ways to stay healthy? Do you struggle with one of the things mentioned above more than the other ones?

23 thoughts on “7 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy Today”

  1. Hey Christy,

    A really great post especially with summer now upon us. Summertime seems to be the prime time for people to forget about sunscreen and drinking with moderation. (Did I say that right “with” moderation?)

    Anyway, I know being from Canada, people here see the sun for the first time in 9 months and lose their minds! They can’t wait to get outside and enjoy some rays at a local patio with a few drinks. Hopefully your message will sink in.

    My own fitness journey is all about keeping these tips in mind. So far so good.

    Thanks again Christy for the great read.

    1. Great point that the sunshine brings patio weather and drinks in hand, Brian. Hopefully more people will exercise a bit of moderation as you say (yes, you said it well!).

  2. Yes, participating in screening tests! People usually do not take this serious. We tend to engage with screenings when we are sick, only when the doctor requires some trst or screening results to prescribe a treatment , that’s when a lot of us take action other than that we think we are healthy

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