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Give Me Travel Troubles and I’ll Give You Solutions

No travel troubles for her

Nobody plans to have misfortune, especially when going far away from home and any support network. Mistakes and unforeseen circumstances happen, though. A fact of life, you might say. To prevent travel troubles from completely ruining your vacation, the best you can do is be aware of what could happen and well-informed about what to do if it does.

Yes, if. It could be that you never end up using these tips. And that’s a great thing! But doesn’t it make sense to have the knowledgebase in case they do? With that in mind, here are some “fix its” for trip activities gone wrong.

You Run Out of Cash

No matter how stringent you are in planning, when venturing to somewhere you’ve never been before, following a predetermined spending plan doesn’t always work. For some extra protection, look into small cash loans, in addition to your savings. Unlike credit cards, their interest rates and loan amounts are low, meaning you won’t be tempted to increase your limit and can pay them back easier once you return home.

Overpack Much?

If you can’t choose between two shirts in different colors, the answer is not packing both. It’s a hassle to lug around big suitcases and a pain to make space for, as well. Especially when your accommodation is on the small side or shared.

Not mention that overpacking results in many items remaining unworn and unused.

I know, I did so earlier this year. We lugged around a huge dufflebag and returned home with me not wearing half of the clothes I packed. That’s one of the travel troubles I don’t want to go through again; oof, heavy. So, keep your packing minimal.

Choose clothing items you can easily mix and match, and be practical in your choices of footwear. You never need more than three pairs.

Always leave a bit of space in your bags too, especially if you plan on shopping. When it’s a toss up between which two items to pack, choose the neutral option that will match your other clothing pieces the best or choose neither.

And before you leave for a vacation, make sure you protect your home by reading this.

Step into the Tourist Trap

An expensive meal in a popular area during peak tourism periods is the least of your worries. Instead, it’s the unofficial “tourist tax” on transport, entry fees, and even shopping that can cost you significantly.

Moreover, there’s the intimidation tactics if you ask questions that can make you feel unsafe. And don’t forget to watch for pickpockets and “vendors” who demand payment for services you refused or did not ask for. That’s the last thing you want, especially when traveling with family!

To help prevent these tourist travel troubles, read recent reviews or resources from past travelers to find out about pickpocket hotspots and suspicious activity. Also, ask your hotel reception for advice on what to look out for, as well as what the correct taxi and service fare ranges typically are there. Lastly, ask the hotel staff if there are any known risks or threats to be wary of while you’re in the area.

Losing Travel Documents

It’s the ultimate travel nightmare. Losing passports, Visa forms, and other important travel documents does occasionally happen though. So while misfortune isn’t something anyone wants to think about, do so for a few minutes as you locate where your nearest embassy is, should you ever end up in a tricky situation.

There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to safeguarding items like a passport. For example, invest in high-security smart locks for your luggage and bags, so no one can compromise your passport and other belongings when you’re in transit.

Always lock up valuables you leave at your accommodation too, especially if you are sharing space. And, in case of emergency, keep copies of all your travel documents, I.D, and passport in separate places. Having the information will save the extra struggle if you’re ever stuck.

While you can’t predict the future, by keeping all of the above common issues in mind you can at least do your part in avoiding them with a bit of extra preparation. Safe travels!

What are some other travel troubles? Do you prepare for misfortune when you go away, “just in case”?

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  1. Great tips, Christy! The worst issues my family have had when traveling were lack of research-arriving at a venue only to discover it was closed for renovations or closed early on a week night. It really is important to check out websites and perhaps even call ahead to check out places you want to visit so you are prepared for hours, fees, or necessary reservations!

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