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Here’s Why Cookie Culture is Part of Food Culture

Cookie culture is part of food culture

Cookie culture, yup I’m calling it like I see it! There’s a smile that comes along with cookies, at least for me.

A Foodie Family

I admit I’ve become a bit of a foodie.

I say it’s because of my fiance, and he nods. He loves to cook and I, well, love to eat yummy food, so we’re both happy at dinnertime. Sometimes it’s terriyaki chicken, other times ribs, or even trendy dishes. Within an overall healthy eating routine, I try to eat small amounts of protein, add side salads, and stay away from the salt.

But then dessert comes. While I do my best to be healthy, I have always been a lover of chocolate. There’s even an elementary school class photo of me wearing a sweater with a Twix chocolate bar logo on it. And it’s no secret that I have a soft spot for M&Ms.

While my beloved fiance rarely bakes, my mom does so. And there are local bakeries, as well as online shops that make it super easy to fill my sweets cravings. While I’m sometimes hard on myself about having a yummy dessert, I recognize that it’s not good for anyone to deprive themselves of a treat now and then. Besides, cookie culture makes me smile.

What is Cookie Culture?

When you think about cookies, chances are those thoughts are positive. Cookies evoke strong memories.

For me, I think back to my mom baking warm chocolate chip cookies at home for my friends and I. How wonderful the kitchen smelled and the delight when we came into the kitchen to see her there was amazing. I also remember helping her make cookies; she had homemade aprons that we wore for that special time together.

Do you have any baking memories like that? I tell you, it’s part of cookie culture! Maybe you decorated beautiful sugar cookies with grandma at Christmas time? Or maybe there’s a neighborhood bakery that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Cookies are everywhere. They’re a part of modern-day culture.

I remember when I visited New York City a decade ago (ack, how time flies!) and ate those famous black and white cookies.

The tasty treats are offered up in the workplace, given as extras at hotels, and attacked voraciously as an afterschool snack or a late-evening treat. The truth is, cookies can make a lot of situations better.

Giving the Comfort of Cookies

It only makes sense that the comfort of cookies would translate into a great gift. But how could you make cookies extra special?

Imagine for a minute you hear a knock on the door. You answer and are greeted with a surprise delivery. After tearing the package open, what you thought might be flowers turns out to be something much better.

A lovely container full of colorful, deliciously arranged cookies! Yes, cookie bouquets are a real thing.

Eatable Works of Art

An artfully shaped cookie bouquet can be beautifully decorated like pretty springtime flowers or adorable animal shapes, and even made with famous classic cookies.

It can be a yummy, out-of-the-box gift for birthdays and congratulations, or just to send greetings and love to a special person. You can up your game from that plate wrapped with plastic wrap that never seems to stay in place. Not only are the cookies tasty, but the bouquet has an artful design.

The Recipe for the Sweetest Gift Ever

There are times when the gift giving can be tough. What do you get someone who seems to have everything already? Also, what about if they have special dietary needs?

Or, maybe you’re stuck as to what someone would like as you’re not sure of their preferences. Well, the whole cookie culture thing tells me that they’d be ok with an edible present. You can even get gluten-free cookies now that taste yummy!

It’s sure to surprise them and it’s equally likely to get a good reaction from a woman or man. Also, if you can’t deliver the present on the special day, such as a birthday, then you can easily arrange online for the cookie bouquet to deliver right to their front door for you.

Cookie Culture Conclusions

So, the next time there’s an occasion to celebrate, a cookie bouquet might be what you choose to give a friend, coworker, or loved one. Plus, they’re as fun to give as to receive!

Are you part of cookie culture? What’s your favorite one? For me it’s my mom’s ginger cookies.

24 thoughts on “Here’s Why Cookie Culture is Part of Food Culture”

  1. I love gooey double chocolate cookies! Thanks for sharing this post. Likewise, food is also a big part in my family and culture. The joy of food is one to be shared with many. 😊

  2. I really enjoyed this post! I also love cookies have have wonderful memories of baking with my mother at Christmas. Now that I’m living in Barcelona, baking cookies is pretty special because all the normal cookies I grew up with–chocolate chip and oatmeal–are kind of rare here. I make M&M cookies on popsicle sticks for my kids’ to take to school on their birthdays just like my mother did for me in elementary school.

    1. Hi Krista, that’s great you’re continuing the same school traditions you enjoyed when you were a girl now that you’re a mom. Mmm M&M cookes on sticks, that’s a recipe I wouldn’t mind having!

  3. I would have had a sweater with a Mars logo, but Twix would have been a close second! I’m a big chocolate lover, too. Cookies definite evoke strong memories, I agree, and just the word can conjure that warm, comforting feeling. Aw, I bet your mom’s ginger cookies are awesome. For me, it’s the classic choc chip. Yum yum. This has made me hungry! :)
    Caz xx

  4. My mother always made homemade cookies and I have carried on that tradition. When she was still alive we used to make more than a dozen different kinds and would give containers of them away as Christmas gifts. Yes, cookies bring back many happy memories.

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