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Think You’re Ready for Summer? Read This First

Ready for Summer?

Once it gets to this time of year, you’ll likely find yourself thinking about what you can do to get ready for summer. Those warmer months always bring with them a certain way of being, so a few easy steps now can help to make sure that you will make the most of the new season soon. Since it can be hard to remember everything you need to do to prep for summertime, use this post as a reminder when you need it.

As long as you focus on these essential things, you’ll find that it’s much easier and that you are much more likely to enjoy the summer fully.

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Get the Wardrobe Ready for Summer

This is probably the thing that most people struggle with the most. If you want to make sure that you both feel comfortable and look your best during summer, then you will need to focus on getting your wardrobe exactly how you want it to be. That’s something that can be particularly hard to get right, though! While some aspects below are more obvious or simpler than others, all of the following points are important, in my opinion. So focus on each of them.

Sun Protection

For a start, make sure that you have the necessary sun protection. That’s especially important if you’re planning a holiday or simply plan to be outside in the sun a lot. Furthermore, get a good hat to cover your head well; I suggest a wide-brimmed design to keep the sun completely off your scalp and face.

Also, treat yourself to some new sunglasses. You might take a friend with you to the store when you buy the shades. Getting a second opinion on how they look on your face will go far in picking ones that you’ll want to wear all summer long.


As for clothes, as you switch over your wardrobe from heavier items to t-shirts and shorts for summer, take a look at what you have already and what you need. If there are items you look at and think in horror, “I wore this last year?!” then do what I did and donate them to a local non-profit. Many of them are desperately in need of clothing donations.

And while I’m on the topic of clothes, now is the time to look for flowing dresses. I have a few that I totally forgot about until I pulled them out of a box two weeks ago! It’s also nice to have comfy, light clothes to lounge around at home in.

Strappy gladiator sandals are on trend in summer 2019.


Once you’ve done all that to get ready for summer, it’s a matter of looking at shoes. Get the appropriate footwear for this time of year, from cute sandals to flip-flops, depending what you like to wear. Shop fairly early on to make sure the style you’re searching for isn’t sold out everywhere.

For example, gladiator sandalsare a big summer 2019 trend and selling out fast. They pair great with cargo shorts or a t-shirt dress. I find them a lot more comfortable to wear than high heels too!

Once you have your wardrobe ready for summer, you’re going to feel much more at ease when it gets here and feel your best in clothes you feel comfortable and stylish wearing too. But what else might you want to consider here?

Be Garden Ready for Summer

Prep your home for summer too! And the earlier you get started on these things, the more likely you’ll be ready in time for full-on summer. If you don’t prepare your home now, though, you might later wish you had. So what are you going to need to think about home-wise to get ready for summer?

One of the main areas that you will need to focus on is the garden. Gardens obviously need more care and attention in summertime. And if you’re able to prepare your garden before the summer then you will find that it’s much easier to look after it throughout the season. Mostly, it’s about tidying up and cutting back anything that is likely to grow again in summer.

If you have any perennials, for example, make sure that you stay on top of trimming them. Your lawn will probably also need mowing at this time, and regularly throughout summer. Ahem, get started on that too. Also, plant anything that you hope to grow in summer; yup, youll want to get on that now as well. The better that you prepare your garden, the more ready the home will feel for summer.

And Do Indoor Prep Too

Of course, it’s not just about the garden. There are many other aspects of the home you’ll want to get ready for summer too. One of the most important things is to get the space as comfortable as possible inside for when summer arrives. That means focusing on your cooling system; is it working, and if not call in the AC repair guys to sort it out as soon as possible. You’ll also want to think about ensuring that any windows are working so that you can fully open them as necessary to maintain good air flow.

As long as you properly prepare the house for summer, it’ll be easier to fully enjoy summer. Being able to be comfortable inside your residence during the hottest months of the year is very important, so all of these things are likely to be ones to focus on, as much as you can.

Holiday summer gal
Will you take a summertime trip?


Of course, one of the greatest joys about summer for many people is the opportunity to holiday. Although you can do that at any time, summer is the month when most people usually do so, for many different reasons. Most notably, of course, it is that you can soak up the sun somewhere and enjoy that. It’s also when most kids are out of school, making it a prime time to head away for a bit as a family.

If you want to have a holiday this year, then start planning it now. If you haven’t already begun to do so, that is. As well as knowing where you are going to go, make a point of being clear on what you are going to do, and how you will make the most of it. Being able to vacation during summertime is an awesome highlight of life, and it makes sense to optimize that time wherever and whenever possible.

Are You Ready for Summer?

All of the above points are useful things to consider before summer comes. So you might want to start focusing on them now! If you do, likely you’ll get much more out of your summer months this year than ever!

How will you get ready for summer this year?

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