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A good day begins with a good morning

Stretching routines start her mornings off right.

If you dread the moment the sunshine meets your eye, it’s time to ask why. Every day on Earth is incredibly rare. The billions of people that have come and gone aren’t experiencing life as you are now, so please be grateful. You may be thinking that you wish you were.

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Getting out of the rut

There are a million different reasons why life become a drag and difficult. We live hectic lives with so much to do, and we all end up collectively sighing that there aren’t enough hours in the day. A new day is not one to dread. In fact, it should be giving you the motivation to strive forward and achieve new things. And it can, with activities like yoga and stretching routines.

So, getting out of this endless rut and shaping your attitude requires physical and mental effort to work in unison. It’s time to start thinking about creating a morning routine to reduce your elevated emotions and anticipations to a more cool and calm state.

Morning Yoga Kickstart with Koya Webb on CreativeLive.

Becoming still life with yoga

Many people have seen and read about yoga, but the percentage who convert their curiosity to action is underwhelming. The average person thinks that they don’t have the time to stand or sit still every morning. But if they knew the benefits of even just 10 or 15 minutes of yoga they might rethink.

And it’s really easy to do when you have a go-to yoga teacher like Koya Webb to rely on in online lessons. Get lifetime access to the lessons package from this renowned holistic health and wellness coach through CreativeLive now. And you can even sync up with iPhone and iPad to access the yoga motivation almost anywhere.

Stretching routines to release tension

Stretching is one of the best feelings in the world. Our muscles are made of small strands of nerves, and the cells can become coagulated and bunched up. When we stretch, new blood enters into our muscles. And that’s the cause of the whoosh feelings we get in our limbs. Look at various stretching routines to find out what kind of beginners regimen would fit your lifestyle.

Different kinds focus on certain areas of the body, such as legs, arms, chest and back, neck, and even fingers. Times to complete them may vary so adjust your alarm clock to avoid being late for work. It’s so simple, and the best part is that all you need is an open space in your home.

Final words on good mornings

Looking at the work of someone like Ilchi Lee, it’s clear to see that even when in an academic setting the physical and mental well-being that yoga supplements are amazing. Examining his brain wave technique, the study showed that his practices increased the body’s energy and vitality.

The researchers concluded that the results of the first controlled trial for this unique form of mind-body training were sufficiently provocative to warrant further investigation. This leaves no doubt in the power of the mind when channeled through physically proactive determinants.

So while mornings aren’t for everyone – the warmth of your bed and comfort of the duvet causes many of us to sleep in a little longer than we should do. The reality is that getting up and stretching and doing yoga can make for an amazing start to the day.

And, yes, you may still feel groggy and slow while doing these activities. But stretching routines thrust new red blood cells into your muscles and bring them back to life before breakfast time. Lastly, yoga helps you to appreciate slow and controlled movements and mind of matter challenges.

45 thoughts on “A good day begins with a good morning”

  1. Kristie Konsoer

    Yes, I see that, and it sheds light on a few tech things. Check out my public site if you are still interested. I don’t intend this to be a public statement. I apologize if it is. I’ll try to figure out how to delete the inactive site and keep my main one.

  2. Kristie Konsoer

    I have a lot of stress in my life concerning my health. I can commit to a couple simple poses in the morning and add on from there as I improve. Thanks for helping me stretch myself. ;)

    1. You’re so sweet. I requested to join your site as a follower (It’s private so I was prompted to do so). Only if you’re comfortable with providing me access.

  3. And a good morning to you, Christy. I wish I could stretch as well as my cat! I used to be dedicated to yoga. Not long ago I tried to get back into it, and realized I didn’t have a spot in my home where I had enough room to stretch without banging my head on something. o_O

  4. I’m a morning person by nature, so I love morning work-outs, whether it be yoga, weight lifting or running. Doing anything to get the blood flowing just always seems to make the day much better!

  5. I am not a morning person at all, but I am trying to get into the habit of creating a morning routine, where I either meditate or do some yoga or both. Will definitely push harder to establish one and include some stretches as well, after reading this. Great article!

  6. A good morning is really essential these days. It’s annoying that I was such a regular yoga practitioner but once the routine got changed, I couldn’t get back to it. Your article made me rethink about my whole routine and has encouraged me to include the healthy part of stretching and breathing time going forward.
    Pleasant reminder !!
    Keep inspiring :)

  7. I love the mornings, Christy. They begin by enjoying coffee with hubby, then I do some writing. Then a little while later, it’s time to walk our lab. The morning is when I have the most energy, and each day isn’t to be taken for granted, as you mentioned. I do like yoga, too. It’s very calming and soothing…xo

  8. The morning and what we do with it is so incredibly important. As you know, I’m a huge advocate of the “slow wake up”. I wake up several hours before I ever have to go anywhere. My routine usually includes meditation, journaling, exercise, mantras and affirmations. Then it’s on to breakfast and getting ready for the day. But, seeing you talk about yoga – and having tried it many times already – makes me think about incorporating that a few times per week or doing a 30 day challenge to see how I feel. Hmm…hehe…hmmm…
    But I do all this each day because it helps me to start my day organically and slowly and feel empowered to be centered, in control and ready for the day ahead.
    Wonderful post as always. Sending you big hugs! xo

  9. I am definitely not a morning person at all! Every morning I will set my alarm a bit earlier before my intended wake up time so I can ‘snooze and wake up gradually’. I like the suggestion of stretching after you wake up. Whenever I decide to get out of bed, I sit up and stretch my arms – and almost immediately I feel the tension and any stiffness that I got from sleeping subside. After that I usually start dashing around madly and going to work as quick as I can…and that is really my best wake up call :) Happy New Year, Christy. Wishing you well this year ahead and keep writing :) <3

    1. It sounds like you have busy days so you enjoy the last few minutes of rest in bed, Mabel :) This makes sense! I hope you have downtime during the day and take care of yourself then too. Thanks for the sweet New Year’s wishes and I hope 2018 brings you much joy <3

  10. Like you, I’m one of the morning gang. My day begins with meditation, then tai chi. After which, believe it or not, I say “Good morning world! I am still with you!” I hope nobody can hear… except the world.

  11. Christy, I definitely prefer to exercise in the morning and will often do some pilates then. After suffering badly from two slipped discs a few years ago I often wake with my back over to one side – some gentle exercises are the only way to correct this, I’ve learned. Literally keeps me pain-free and walking! Great post and some fascinating links – thank you!

  12. I loved doing Yoga before I had kids. I think I’ll start getting back into it. I remember I always felt incredible after a yoga class. Yoga is so good for the mind/body connection. :)

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