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3 ways to maximize space in your small living room

Small living room? Tips here

The living room is one of the most used rooms of any busy family home. It is the common room where everyone in the household can gather to spend time together. It is also the place where you entertain guests. The room might even do double-duty as a home office or kids’ playroom. If you have a small living room, how do you maximize the space to get the most enjoyment out of it? Here are some tips to get the inspiration flowing.

Small living room? Don’t give up!

Although tiny spaces can pose quite a challenge from a design perspective, making the most of your space is possible. With a bit of creativity and some additional thought about the layout of the physical area, you can wind up with a living room that meets a range of daily needs. It can be terrific for everything from casually spending time with the family to formal gatherings with friends.

We all know that using lighter colors makes a room appear bigger, but there is more to creating a functional living space than a small room. So, here are three of the simpler ways in which you can maximize space in your small living room.

1. Rethink seating

Regarding this part of the house, you want to ensure the seating arrangements are just right. This can be quite difficult if you are working with little space.

One of the best options to consider is a sectional sofa. By utilizing the entire area along one wall and into the corner of the room, you can enjoy plenty of seating for you and your family without wasting space.

Chairs are another great alternative for personalizing your seating course in a little space. Hunt for chairs with unique shapes, colors, or surfaces to create visual intrigue. You’ll be able to blend and coordinate distinctive sorts of chairs to form a varied and personalized see.

For illustration, you’ll combine an articulation rocker with a little loveseat or blend distinctive feasting chairs around a little table. By utilizing chairs with diverse styles, shapes, and surfaces, you’ll be able to make a cozy and welcoming environment without taking up much space. You can explore Eleanor Rigby furniture by Cowhides Direct for more ideas. Furthermore, interesting chairs can be effectively moved around the room for diverse seating courses of action depending on your needs.

2. Use creative storage in a small living room

Regardless of the size of the room, everyone can benefit from more storage. When too many items are left out and about throughout the day, it can make space feel even smaller than it is. That also gets disorganized fairly quickly, which is stressful.

Get creative with your storage by opting for a storage ottoman and end tables with extra drawers and cabinets. With the right amount of storage, you can ensure that the living room doesn’t look too cluttered.

I like that guests won’t see all of your stuff as they’re in drawers, which makes for a tidier appearance. By using creative storage solutions, you can also benefit from furniture pieces that pull double duty. For example, an ottoman can be a footrest or seat and also hold blankets or pillows within it.

3. Choose lightweight pieces

Big, bulky furniture pieces can quickly make your living room seem smaller than it already is. Instead, opt for sleeker, lightweight pieces that will not overwhelm the space.

Adding a desk chair would be a great idea for maximizing your space. Lightweight chairs and tables can still look chic and timeless and do the job.

So don’t worry that they’ll look bad or be useless. Perhaps best of all, these pieces won’t take up too much real estate in your tiny living room.

They are also easier to move around if you have a lot of people over and want to create more space quickly. Using furniture that is to scale is a great way to maximize and elevate the look of the space in an apartment, condo, townhouse, or detached home with a small living room.

1 thought on “3 ways to maximize space in your small living room”

  1. These are such great tips, Christy! ♥ I wholeheartedly agree with you; small spaces don’t have to *feel* small. Decluttering, choosing the right pieces of furniture, right colors, and placing pieces well can all dramatically change how the room appears.

    Ottomans are amazing!! Just as you said, you can easily store blankets, odds and ends, or anything else that you don’t want out in the room. They are convenient, can really add style to a room, and multi-function design can’t be beat!

    Sending loads of love your way. Thanks for these great tips. I’ve shared! 😘

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