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10 beautiful flowers for your garden

Beautiful flowers for garden

Let’s say you’ve just built a garden or you already have one. I’m in the former group! S,o now you have this remarkable vision of what you want your garden to be. The only problem is, you may know what you want your garden to look like, but you don’t have any knowledge of gardening, like what plants you need to make your garden awesome. So I’m sharing some of my faves and also a few that I want to get one day, such as the boxwood shrub. These beautiful flowers (yes, the boxwood can grow blooms) are ones to consider for a great-looking garden bed at home.

1. The beautiful flowers list! Rhododendrons

Rhododendron means “red tree,” which refers to the red flowers of some of them. There are also ones with pink flowers, purple… So many kinds!

Some rhododendrons can be broadleaf, low-ground covers, and tall trees. Each type of rhododendrons has unique characteristics. Some grow huge and others are best suited for small gardens. Always read the tag on the plant at the garden center to know what size it can grow to, on average.

Rhododendrons blossom during early spring or midsummer. A lot of people use rhododendrons for landscape with a setting under pines or oaks. No matter where you put them when it comes to planting, the soil must be well-drained to keep the plant from drowning.

2. Boxwood shrubs

Boxwood shrubs are great plants for those who want to make their garden look awesome. With a little trimming or cutting, these shrubs are ones you can easily shape into hedges, circles, or even other shapes.

Although boxwood shrubs do grow small, yellow flowers during spring, these evergreen plants are mostly grown for their foliage. Boxwood shrubs are easy to grow as they can tolerate the sun very well. Learn more about growing boxwood shrubs so you can add them to your garden.

3. Ferns

Ferns are non-flowering plants that have complex leaves, stems, and roots. They can withstand both cold weather and summer heat. With that said, I’m still watering them regularly during the heatwave we’re in right now.

Growing them is fairly easy in outdoor gardens. Hostas look great with them too.

This plant mostly does well in rich and well-drained soil. I recently discovered there are a lot of different kinds of ferns. I have several varieties (thanks mom!).

Especially when the soil is abundant with organic matter when maintaining it, it doesn’t need much attention. All you need to do is to water it during the dry season. Also, keep in mind to watch out for pests and slugs.

4. More beautiful flowers: Hostas

Hostas are very flexible plants that you can add to your garden. It comes in different sizes, colors, heights, and textures to bring new layers to your garden.

Its leaves are known to project excellent colors during autumn, so I’m looking forward to that. Many pollinators and hummingbirds are attracted to hostas as the flower releases a pleasant fragrant smell, so that’s a nice bonus to see them in the garden.

This plant produces beautiful flowers in light blue, lavender, or white. They blossom every early summer to early fall.

Things to watch out for to keep your hostas safe are snails, slugs, deer, and rabbits. Sigh, I’ve been using two deer deterrents after they attacked my front garden bed.

5. Ornamental grass

Yes, you got it right; it’s grass. Ornamental grasses are both natural grasses and plants that look like grass.

These plants are perpetual that live for two or more years for any climate and produce flower heads that are very showy for your garden. The ones my mom grew for me have vivid red in them. Gorgeous!

The flowers of ornamental grass can differ in size, texture, and color. Also, what makes this suitable for your garden, is it moves in a wavy motion when hit by the wind, which looks cool. To maintain the grass appropriately, make sure to water it regularly, and adding a little fertilizer can help keep them healthy.

6. Petunias are beautiful flowers too

Petunias are lovely annual plants that have different colors and patterns that bloom during summer. Having these in your garden bed or containers close by will elevate your front and back yards.

Putting your petunias in a location where they will get 5-6 hours of sunlight a day can provide gorgeous results. I’m enjoying the hanging baskets I have full of them and find great comfort in the alone time away from the computer while gardening at home.

There are different types of petunias that you can choose from, like multiflora, which is the most durable among the petunias, making them a good choice for a garden bed. Soil for this plant is best when it drains well and you moderately fertilize it.

7. Lilies

Oh yes, lilies! Delicate and pretty.

They are elegant looking. The solid stems and substantial petals are striking to look at, as is the flashy bloom.

When planting, proper drainage of water in its soil is crucial. If that’s not happening, lilies may end up dying because they become water-logged.

8. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are weeds to some people and beautiful flowers to others. So, decide what you like and use it in your garden if you want to.

Also known as Helianthus annuus, it is an annual plant with a face similar to a daisy. From the scientific name itself, which means sun, these plants face direction depending on the sun’s location, making them heliotropic.

There are also perennial species of them, which means that they come back every year. The perennial varieties can grow as tall as 10 feet, wow. So, make sure that you know which variety you’re dealing with when deciding where to plant it in the garden bed.

Make sure to water it regularly. Also, when applying fertilizers, don’t apply too much or the stems will break.

9. Orchids

Orchids are great both outdoors and indoors. As it has many varieties, it can bring different accents, textures, and colors to your garden.

I have an indoor one and noted it is fussy about where you put it. Too much sun isn’t good, as is too little. It may take time to gain its beautiful flowers initially; if its conditions are adequately met, it will be easy.

This plant needs to be kept moisturized and appropriately drained. Make sure that the environment of the orchids is bright enough for them to grow correctly.

10. Tulips

Tulips come in different colors and can bloom throughout spring. There are so many different varieties to beautify your garden.

Many parts of this plant are also edible (who knew?!). They are sometimes used as an alternative to onions.

For the best results, plant the tulip in an area where it will get at least six hours of sunlight a day. Tulips do not grow as well if planted in a shady place.

Also, keep an eye out for slugs and snails to keep it safe. Applying repellants every month can help keep them away.

Takeaway on beautiful flowers at home

This list includes many flowers that can make your garden look incredible, although there are many others too. It’s up to you what flowers you will use, based on your vision of your garden. Make sure to learn more about how to plant and grow them properly so that you may be able to enjoy the blooms. Have fun learning more about these flowers and creating a stunning garden at home!

6 thoughts on “10 beautiful flowers for your garden”

  1. I love your list, Christy! These are all beautiful flowers indeed! My hubby and I currently run a small plant nursery. Many of these you’ve listed are some of our favorites as well.

    Rhododendrons (we call them ‘Rhodies’ for short) are spectacular plants with impressive displays of blooms and foliage. In the mountains of VA, you can find them naturally thriving on the sides of cliffs as you drive through the mountainside. It is honestly one of the most beautiful sights in my book!

    Bill (my husband) is a big fan of sunflowers as well. They really do add a special kind of cheer to any space, I think. Plus, pollinators of different varieties love them!

    Orchids are another that hold a special place in my heart. As you know, they were the inspiration for me starting one of my blogs. Many people dislike them only because they’re not aware of their different needs from other plants. As you say, once you figure out how to care for them; they reward us over and over again with spectacular blooms!

    Thank you for this beautiful list of beautiful flowers! My heart is smiling just thinking about all this natural beauty! ♥ BIG hugs coming your way!

  2. We grow azaleas here in place of rhododendrons. We grow boxwood, petunias, ferns, and so many other things in our Houston garden. It is colorful almost year-round.

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