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Enjoying alone time IS possible, and here’s how

Enjoying alone time

Enjoying time alone is a must if you’re going to be independent and avoid focusing on others for entertainment, attention, and validation. We all need attention and validation from time to time, but feeling unable to spend any time alone is a sign that something needs to be healed within your mindset.

Why is enjoying alone time difficult?

Some people don’t like spending any time on their own because they are left with thoughts that they don’t really like, and that’s uncomfortable. Or, maybe they are forced to face themselves with no distractions when they don’t even know themselves that well.

Solo time is amazing, though! Not feeling like you have to be out where the “action” is will do you the world of good in the future. This helpful guide will give you some advice so that you never question spending time alone again.

Get to know yourself

Spending time alone is a great time to get to know yourself. You can do this in many ways, but one of the easiest and most effective is to journal.

Try not to judge or edit yourself as you go and just write. Even if it’s just a few sentences each day, it can make a difference.

Try to be more self aware

Becoming more self aware will allow you to notice patterns in your behaviour, understand why you act the way you do, and become a happier person overall. Meditation is a great way to do this, as is journaling as we previously mentioned.

Enjoying alone time, do things you enjoy

Spend time doing things you enjoy. Sometimes, all you need is Kodi and a good vpn for a great night in. Other times, you might want plenty of arts and crafts supplies so you can just settle in and see what amazing things you create.

Take yourself on dates

Get out of town and take yourself on a date to a restaurant, to the cinema, or even for a picnic. This is your opportunity to spend time with yourself, learn as much as you can, and be your truest self on top of all of this.

You won’t have anybody to answer to, and you can do whatever you want. Mind you, that’s how it ought to be when you are in a respectful relationship.

Change your mindset

Changing your mindset is a must. You are worthy of nice things even if nobody else wants to join you.

You are worthy of flowers, delicious food from restaurants, and so much more. Treat yourself like you would a trusted friend, and aim to reflect that in the way you speak to yourself inside of your head.

Read helpful books when enjoying alone time

There are so many helpful books, such as What A Time To Be Alone by Chidera Eggerue.

Stay away from social media

Watching other people live their lives having parties and doing fun stuff isn’t always healthy, especially if you’re comparing it to what you’re doing. This is just a highlight reel, and a lot of it may not even be real.

Plus, constantly checking your phone really defeats the point of alone time, doesn’t it? Try to distract yourself and focus solely on what you’re doing or want to do. Live your dream life rather than immerse yourself in pictures of somebody else’s.

11 thoughts on “Enjoying alone time IS possible, and here’s how”

  1. Alone is when I can do my art. Whatever anyone thinks of it, I have found a satisfaction from doing it; and I am always alone.
    Great topic, Christy.

  2. I’m an introvert so the self isolation hasn’t been that difficult to deal with. I’m also an artist so that helps me stay busy. I’m a Christian so I’m using this time to grow closer to God. Reaching out to others periodically helps me focus on others and not my problems. So many people are hurting there are lots of ways to help them by donating to food banks, etc. Indulging in negative self talk, looking at negative feeds and news is a sure way to be depressed.

  3. petespringerauthor

    We’re getting plenty of practice time these days. A pandemic will do that to you.🤣 On a more serious note, I do think our current health crisis is a serious challenge to one’s mental health. I enjoy some alone time as much as the next guy, but I crave being around my friends. Zoom is better than nothing, but nothing can replace the camaraderie of being with someone to share a laugh, a hug, and an adult beverage.

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