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3 solo date ideas to treat yourself

Solo date ideas

Going on solo dates is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. If you’re not sure what to do on this special outing, check out the 3 solo date ideas below.

Benefits of outings on your own

Whether you’re single and stepping out on the town on your own or want to spend some away time from your partner and friends, there are many advantages to “me time.”

Firstly, alone time will help you to become more comfortable with yourself. Learn what you like and don’t like, without anyone else swaying your thoughts or decisions.

Go where you want during your alone time, knowing the kids are safe at home with your partner, grandma, or someone else. There’s no compromising with a friend or spouse about today’s activities and you’ll depend less on others for validation.

But, where to go and what to do?

Great solo date ideas

You could see the movie or show you want, go to a new restaurant, and live on your own terms. Have fun doing what you want to do during your alone time.

If you need some inspiration, these 3 solo date ideas can help you!

1. Go to a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try

I used to be freaked out about eating out alone. But now I realize no one’s staring at me thinking I’m weird; they’re too busy with their own meal experience to even take note of my table.

Solo dining out is a way better option than trips back and forth to 7-Eleven with nachos or hot dogs. Have a yummy meal served to you in a sit-down restaurant – No dishes to clean tonight!

You won’t need to share with anybody else this time, and being alone can give you a heightened sensory experience. If you’re worried somebody might talk to you (or hit on you), take a book.

2. Head to the spa

Go for a solo spa day. Hello relaxation!

Treat yourself to a massage or another nice treatment and get that #selfcare in! It might be expensive, but you could find a good deal on sites like Groupon (just be sure to read reviews first).

Can you put a price on caring for yourself anyway? And, no, you needn’t feel guilty about the solo trip; instead, leave any worries at the door of the spa and head in for some much-deserved rest and recouperation.

When you emerge from your appointment, you’ll have more energy to give to your family and others. Time to refresh, stat! Visit ReNew MD Wellness spa if you are in Fremont, Ca.

3. Entertainment time: See a show

There’s nothing quite like attending a live performance. So, why not pick a show and go on your own?

Whether it’s a Broadway show, a concert, or a play, there are many live shows to see.

If you worry that you’ll be the only single in the audience, don’t be. The chances are good that you’ll look around and see plenty of other women on their own who are there to enjoy their free time too.

There’s certainly something for everybody when it comes to shows to entertain you. Use the infographic below to help you decide which Broadway show to see:

find broadway shows nyc

Have you ever been to a Broadway show? What are some other solo date ideas?

5 thoughts on “3 solo date ideas to treat yourself”

  1. Great ideas! People tend to think they can only enjoy things outside the house with someone else, or they think they will look sad and pathetic. Though it’s empowering to be able to do things without someone else.

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