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How to rock the happy single life: Your guide to finally get there

Happy single living

In the past, women usually lived at home until they got married and started their own families. Thankfully, opportunities for women are far broader now, and many more women live alone for extended periods of time – and are contentedly happy single. So, what is the key to how to live a happy single life? How to rock being single begins now!

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Why how to rock being single is SO important

Ahem. You deserve happiness.

It could be that you’re flying solo by choice. Maybe you want to focus 100% on a career or have your own space (mentally and physically).

Or, it could be where you find yourself after a relationship breakup. Whatever the reason, if you’re a woman living alone you might find it somewhat isolating.

If you’re not yet totally comfortable that your lifestyle is a happy single one, the chances are that you’re not truly content. If that’s the case then it’s time to take steps to rock singledom.

There are absolutely benefits of living alone. Happy and single don’t have to be mutually exclusive!

Happy single you: Top benefits of living alone

There are many perks of being single. I will say it again and again: having a happy, fulfilled life doesn’t require a partner.

Happy single women have complete control over every aspect of their lives and don’t have to make any compromises to accommodate partners’ preferences.

Some people view it as a solitary way of life because you only need concern yourself with personal needs and desires. And there’s the opinion that you can lose touch with the wider world to some degree too.

It’s true that it can be easy to close yourself off from those around you when you live alone. Thus, if you don’t talk to your neighbors, it’s worth making an effort to get to know them better.

It also means you have someone to call on if you have a problem, and people will be more likely to look out for you if you’ve made a personal connection. If there are neighborhood or community groups active where you live, why not go to their meetings, projects, and social gatherings?

Being part of a community can be a valuable way to feel support. Knowing you’re in a caring network can be an amazing feeling and help you on your journey to how to rock being single!

You don’t need to become a leading light in community affairs, either; that’s not the point here. But lending a hand to improve the environment or showing up to a few social events can help you feel a sense of belonging within the community.

Social networks

Social media and electronic communication are great ways to stay in touch with people who you don’t see very often, or make new friends and contacts through these platforms. But be careful of how much time you spend in the online space!

It can be all too easy to start conducting all of your social interactions online. And if this happens then you miss out on face-to-face communication of a deeper level and value.

However much you might love the benefits of living alone, such as having your own space, humans are social creatures by nature. Thus, how to live a happy single life usually involves some level of personal interaction with other people.

Sure, your job might provide plenty of opportunities to meet and talk with people. But it depends on the type of work and who you’re around all day as to whether this constitutes a sufficient level of human interaction.

If you work from home, you might go days or even weeks without talking to anyone. For many people, it can be a miserable existence. It’s important to make an effort to meet up with friends and family regularly. If you’re in a new area, join local groups and actively get to know the people in your new neighborhood to expand your social circle.

How to rock being single involves changing your mindset:

Happy single life quote

An obstacle to how to live a happy single life: When you don’t want to be alone

While many women are content to be alone, others crave the company of a partner. Before you start searching for a new love interest, though, be honest with yourself about what you want from a relationship.

Looking for someone just because you don’t like being alone or because you feel you aren’t complete without a partner are NOT healthy foundations for a good relationship.

If you’re used to being part of a couple, it might be tempting to try and find a new partner as soon as possible after a breakup. But the chances are that if you rush into a new relationship, you won’t make the best choices.

How to rock being happy and single, starting today

If you don’t enjoy your own company, ask yourself why. Once you answer this tough question honestly, then work on improving your self-esteem and confidence. Perhaps you feel like when you are not in a relationship, you are less than enough.

Not only will this self-work make you healthier and happier, but you’re more likely to attract a worthwhile partner by feeling self-confident. Remember, it’s easier for someone to love you if you love yourself first!

If you don’t love yourself, why should anyone else love you? That’s a harsh thing to write but it’s true, in my eyes.

If you struggle with self-esteem issues, work at changing any negative self-talk into a more positive internal dialogue. Practice will help this get easier – I know, I’ve done it!

Changing conversations going on in your head into healthier ones can help you learn to love yourself. There’s another element to how to rock being single and happy with yourself too that might surprise you: science.

The science of happiness

There’s also a science to being happy. Vanessa Van Edwards, the bestselling author and lead investigator at the Science of People, has studied human behavior – 12,000 people! – for several years to find patterns that drive human behavior.

Using what she has learned, Vanessa has crafted a framework for happiness and a system for applying scientifically backed happiness principles to your life. What she’s found might shock you: Almost half of your happiness – 40% to be exact – is influenced by behavior and mindset.

So, that 40% is what you need to focus on in your goal to be happy. Get the positive motivation you’re looking for with The Power of Happiness, a valuable video bundle from Vanessa that also includes a workbook that keeps you on track to reach a happier state of mind.

Here is Vanessa Van Edwards talking about the course and what to expect from it:

It’s no wonder she’s attracted the attention of huge platforms like Good Life Project, NPR, CNN, and Fast Company. When it comes to tuning into the true power of happiness, Vanessa shows you the way.

Get 14 lessons in HD, as well as bonus content, and you can access the course whenever you want, as many times as you want on CreativeLive, an online educational platform available around the globe.

The lessons with Vanessa Van Edwards begin with her defining happiness, then training your brain to look for happiness patterns. She also covers giving and gratitude, maximizing what makes you happy, and how to be more assertive to living to the fullest.

It’s not just a course you sit back and watch either. You’ll get a great workbook with more than 90 pages of excercises, challenges, and charts that you can refer back to whenever you want to do so. If you struggle with how to rock being single because you can’t seem to find happiness on your own, then Vanessa’s guidance can help you.

Reviews for The Power of Happiness

The class is getting great reviews too from those who have taken it to how to live a happy single life or to achieve greater self-satisfaction for another reason. A whopping 97% of students recommend The Power of Happiness on CreativeLive. Here are a few of the reviews:

 “Now i feel so much happier and everything in my life has improved as a ripple effect… This course really pays off if you put the work in and follow Vanessa’s amazing guidance. It is such a fun, uplifting and brilliant course…” -Naomi 

Workshop of great value! Many resources to take away, many tips to improve your daily life. The topic was very extended to areas like self-skills assessment, productivity, time management. -Jana

Vanessa brings an authenticity to her course. The content is rich and saturated with ideas to spark new challenges and experiences. I am coming away with many things to work on, quests for life change, and inspiration to impact others. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! -Jennifer

What you’re working to achieve

That’s right, I said “work.” Over the years, we develop some habits that aren’t so healthy and might get stuck in a mindset that’s more negative than positive. There are also events that happen that can change our mindset, not always for the better either. It’s work to get ourself feeling in control and on the path to a happier sense of identity.

It’s worth it.

Imagine being able to spend quality time with yourself, rather than feeling awkward or uncomfortable with the thought of living alone or being alone for a even just a few hours at home.

You must be happy about who you are to be able to achieve all that you can from life. That’s the key to how to rock being single.

And that’s why Vanessa’s course is so important.

Happy single vs. relationship

We all know people who are in relationships and talk about how unsatisfied they are with the situation. That just goes to show that you can be happy single and unhappy in a relationship.

Of course, there are many content couples too.

I believe that before you can feel complete in a relationship, you have to feel happy with yourself. When you do feel you want to start dating again, there are a few options.

Obviously one strategy is to sit back and wait for your soulmate to walk into your life. Alternatively, you can be proactive and sign up for online dating or local singles events.

If you want to try online dating, it can be a bit of a minefield. It’s, therefore, important to be clear about who you are and what you want in a partner.

Different dating sites attract different kinds of people. Some sites are for people looking for casual dates and hook-ups. Meanwhile other platforms focus on matchmaking and finding a soulmate.

Choosing the right website is important, if you want to use an online medium for finding that special someone. By using a Christian platform, for example, you’re more likely to find people with the same faith.

Be open to guidance on how to use the sites and meet people safely to avoid problems. For example, don’t make your first date late at night.

Final thoughts on how to live a happy single life

There are benefits of living alone and also drawbacks, just like any other lifestyle. You can be happy single living on your own or miserable in a relationship just as easily as being unhappy alone or happy in a relationship!

The key to happiness is being at ease with yourself and knowing what you want. If you understand yourself, then you’re more likely to be content, whether you’re single or with a partner.

17 thoughts on “How to rock the happy single life: Your guide to finally get there”

  1. I have sisters who have lived a very full life being single. It is as you say, as long as a person is content with who they are — they can live a full life.

    1. Thanks for such nice feedback, Richa. Yes, you are welcome to share the post on social media and also to link to it in a blog post if you want to :) I appreciate it!

  2. I enjoyed solitude for a long time but as you said there are people who are happy in relationship too, so I am. But I strongly believe and agree with you that first we learn to love ourself and enjoy our own company 😊Again a wonderful post Christy.

  3. It’s natural to crave being with people, but too often, people rush into relationships to avoid being alone for too long. I’ve learned my lesson there! I am finally learning to enjoy this breathing room I’ve earned after half a life of being with another person.

  4. I Love being Single. By nature I am a Solitary. Being Single means having control over my life and being able to come and go when I please. I answer to no one.

    Being around too many People drains my energy. I was probably a hermit or a recluse in another life. I can’t stand putting on a face or an act in order to be social so I limit my interaction with humans. Cats and dogs make better companions.

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