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5 Best Wedding Makeup Looks for Fall (Plus Hair and Nail Tips!)

Get the best wedding makeup looks, like this one

This isn’t just any day. Look as amazing as you’ll feel as you take special vows with your soulmate on that all-important day in autumn, surrounded by close family and friends. You’ve got enough going on right now with planning for the big day so let us take some of the load off your shoulders by showing you how to create the best wedding makeup looks for fall. Experiment with them and decide which one you like the most. We even give you exclusive hair and nail tips for the fall season. First, though, let’s start with pampering your facial skin.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, and I received monetary compensation for publishing it. Rest assured that it is a collaboration in which I have final say over all of the beauty tips written here.

1. Be Proactive: Get Glowing skin

It’s always best to be glowing from the inside out. This way, you will look and feel your best at your wedding. A professional makeup artist can do a lot, yes, but you can help things along by making healthy changes to your routine, starting today. Doing so will not just help a bride wanting that vintage look, but will also help you pull off whatever style you want for your big day with a beautiful aura surrounding you!

Just a few of these changes include getting a good night’s sleep, eating three servings of fruit a day, and regularly exercising at least three months before the wedding. Always consult your doctor before changing your fitness regime though. If you want a makeover, you might consider the best plastic surgeon in Las Vegas. Also, always remember to remove your makeup before going to bed so that your skin can breathe!

Choose Soft Eye Makeup
Image by

2. Choose Soft Eye Makeup

Soft eyes are amongst the best wedding makeup looks in fall. They’re very romantic. Keeping with the season, you have many colors to choose from. You can go for:

  • Grays
  • Pinks
  • Peaches
  • Bronze

Brush any one of those colors onto your eyelids and add white highlighter to enhance the glow of your face further. If you want to make your eyes pop, add silver eyeshadow to your makeup to complete the beautiful autumn look. Alternatively, do away with the eyeshadow altogether and simply use a metallic eyeliner instead.

Here’s a big tip! You’ll likely be in front of many cameras, in addition to the professional one you hired. Yup, everyone has a smartphone, right? In front of the camera lens, these colors can look different than they would in everyday mode. So even if these colors are your beauty essentials, you’ll want to adjust how you apply them. Test the look under bright lights to make sure how the makeup looks in photos is the way you want it to be.

3. Lashes for the Best Wedding Makeup Looks

And while we’re talking about the best wedding makeup looks, let’s take a moment for the lashes. Falsies are overrated, in my opinion. I think they’re uncomfortable and you’ll have a long day so they might come unstuck at some point. You still want to have a fancier look than usual though.

So, what’s the compromise? Treat yourself to a salon visit to get individual lashes put on. Many salons offer this service, and many brides take them up on it.

4. Leave the Brows As They Are

Now, back to the best wedding makeup tips. Let’s talk brows.

Tiny, plucked lines above the eyes are simply not in style anymore, whether it’s a wedding or a casual party. Go for the bold style and let your brows show their natural beauty. If you have thick brows, you’re lucky because full brows are trending nowadays and you don’t need to reshape them.

Just tweeze any stray hairs. Doing so can create a beautiful, uplifting effect on your whole face. Again, and we can’t stress this enough: Don’t over-tweeze. Those hairs might not grow back. Simply tweeze any hairs outside of the natural arch of your eyebrows.

I love this pink lip! Have fun experimenting with fall wedding makeup looks. Source

5. Find the Perfect Lip Color

Your lips could make or break the whole effect of your bridal look. We don’t want to scare you by saying this but instead to get you experimenting with colors before the wedding day. Most brides pay special attention to lip color, and now you know why!

If you prefer a pop of color, then try a cherry red. Don’t be afraid to use a bold color that matches your personality. If that’s not your style, use a pink color like the one shown in the photo above. Lastly, browns are staples of autumn so why not experiment with a few different lipsticks within this color range to find the one you like the most. Only by putting the time in can you find the best wedding makeup looks to complement your skin tone, eye color, and other beautiful features.

And it’s not just lipstick color you need to focus on as a bride. That’s right. Think about how long you’ll have that color on and want it to last through the kisses and if you get dry mouth.

Look for one that stays put and won’t dry out your lips over the hours. Test it out before the wedding day to make sure it lasts the test of time.

If you do find one that you love the color of but it doesn’t offer the hydration your lips need then try coating it with Vaseline. I love how this inexpensive item adds shine to lips and moisturizes for hours and adds a subtle shine to complete your radiant appearance.

Create a Stunning Fall Wedding Hairdo
It’s an updo with bow for her wedding. Image by Pixabay.

Bonus: Create a Stunning Fall Wedding Hairdo

A healthy diet and supplement regime will help to make your hair thicker, stronger, and longer. This will do wonders in making any hairstyle look amazing! However, there are a few experiments you may have to do before settling on the right style.

Every face has its own shape and structure, and every bride has her own preference. Play around with loose curls, beach waves, straight locks, and all kinds of updo’s to complement your wedding makeup. But make sure you choose a hairstyle that suits your personality and complements your face shape.

And don’t forget the hair accessories while you’re at it. Here are some great bridal choices for fall:

  • Pick some small flowers and put them into a long braid
  • A crystal embellished tiara
  • Pearl hair clips
  • A nice hair bow clip to complement your bridesmaids

Just don’t do it all at once. Remember, less is more, as with most things in life. Simplicity designates elegance.

And Don’t Forget about Your Nails

The tradition for the bride’s nails is usually a French manicure or a shade of nude. If you want to go for some glitter, though, you’ll be on trend this fall season!

Your glittery nails won’t look out of place if you pair them with that metallic eyeliner we mentioned earlier. Or paint your nails a metallic nail color similar to a gray eye-shadow you’re wearing. Alternatively, match the color of the glitter polish to the chosen shade of eye-shadow.

No matter what bridal makeup look you end up going for, keep in mind that sustainable, eco-friendly makeup products are the choice of a responsible bride. If you’re using a professional makeup artist, then choose one that has the same values so you can enjoy the best wedding makeup looks without guilt!

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