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Wedding Planning Tips: I DO Plan to Use These!

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We talk about getting married soon, my partner and I. The main goal of the wedding day will be to celebrate our union as husband and wife. We are committed to one another before and after that, which is great considering my trust issues of the past. Yup, I’ve come a long way, folks! We have ideas about what the special day will look like, and these wedding planning tips will go a long way toward making it the day we dream of. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful for your wedding or that of someone close to you.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Bijou Wedding Venues. I have been compensated for writing it, but all opinions are mine.

Why is Wedding Planning Important?

Oh, how we wish it would all go smoothly on the fly. But when does that happen with important events? I mean, we cannot always plan for things but when we can do so, let’s try to prepare. After all, there are a lot of things to think about, big and small. A lot can quickly get out of hand if we don’t organize them accordingly. A few things include:

  • Cake – of course, that’s the first thing that came to my mind!
  • Invitations
  • Happy guests
  • Flowers
  • The dress
  • Food (related to “happy guests”)
  • Wedding coordinator
  • Photography and videos
  • Music or other entertainment

Oh and by the way I want to say that these wedding planning tips are not solely for the bride-to-be! I hope that my partner and I both contribute to the big day. The planning does not fall on the woman’s shoulders by default.

Now for the wedding planning tips:

Think like Your Guest

Sure your friends love you and think you two make the sweetest couple ever. But they still might not put sitting through a one-hour ceremony as their number one way to celebrate. Whether they come from another part of the city, across the country, or another part of the world even, the guests are coming to spend time with you and your soulmate. So make this a fun evening that allows interaction, guests socializing, and a lot of smiles.

Maybe you hire a live band or go with a DJ instead. Photo booths are popular too. I just saw a friend of mine posted funny pics on of her and her hubby at a wedding they attended. She wore oversize red glasses and a handkerchief on her head, while her husband had a fake mustache. They each held up comical signs. Photo quality at some of those booths is pretty great!

Choose a Suitable Location

If you have a dream spot, then make sure it’s available. Some venues book weeks or even months ahead for weddings so don’t miss out on getting it for the date that you want to say “I do.” I’m still thinking about where to have mine. Which got me to wondering, which location will meet my needs?

For example, is there enough space for the number of guests you plan to invite? What about parking, are there ample places for cars? While you’re thinking through the location, here’s another of the wedding planning tips I want to offer – check ahead what the weather will be on that day! If it’s not under cover, then plan to put up tents if there’s a chance of rain or snow, depending on the season.

It can also be easier planning-wise to choose a wedding venue that offers packages or other services you would be using anyway. Going through a single provider for the venue, food, bridal suite, and more, can be a lot less hassle than trying to coordinate different companies or contractors for each of these things. Click here to find out more about a country house wedding venue that does exactly that.

Save Money Where You Can

Sure, you could dole out tons of cash but, well, why would you want to start your married life in debt? It’s likely you will have a budget, and it’s best to stick with it. Here are a few wedding planning tips on saving money:

  • DIY your wedding invitations using retailers like Michaels or other craft stores. And ask your friends to help you stuff the envelopes, write addresses, and mail them. Just give them plenty of notice…
  • Use flowers more than once. Once the brides are done with their bouquets, they can become table flowers for the reception table or another area. Psst, add greens into the mix as budget-friendly ways to fill vases with fewer flowers.
  • Find and order that wedding gown as soon as possible. Doing so can help you avoid costly last-minute alterations. Oh, and did you know there are jewelry rental places? Get bling accessories to wear on the special day at a fraction of the price!

Wedding Planning Tips from YOU

These are some starters for wedding planning tips. Do you have any others to share from your wedding or someone else’s ceremony that you attended?

13 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Tips: I DO Plan to Use These!”

  1. good tips! I wrote some posts last year about wedding planning as well, I loved planning my wedding—
    #1: music and food matter no one remembers the decor so you can save money there!
    #2: DIY simple centerpieces people can take home, flowers are expensive and go to waste
    #3: don’t stress the day of. What will be, will be and it will be awesome.

    1. My reply to you a few days ago didn’t stick, ack! I think these are great tips and I’ll head over to check out more of your wedding planning tips soon too :) I love when you write “don’t stress the day of” ~ Yup, enjoy it!~

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