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Change Your Life by Taking Better Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself to positively change your life.

You may not be feeling your best lately, but this is a normal experience to have once in a while. The upside is that there are ways to take better care of yourself and improve your overall well-being. In other words, you can change your life for the better by using informed decision making, regularly exercising, and more.

Your physical and mental health affects how well you’re able to function on any given day. It’s likely that all areas of your life will improve when you focus more on yourself and meeting your needs. It’s time to stop feeling guilty for taking time for yourself, by the way. Use these tips to live free of unwanted stress and worry.

Get Daily Exercise

Take better care of yourself by making daily exercise a priority. Not only will your mood lift, but your clothes will fit better, and you’ll have more natural energy. Mix up your fitness activities too so that you’re not always doing the same workout, such as swimming, walking or lifting weights at the gym.

Set your alarm early and fit in exercise before work. Or if it makes more sense in your schedule to do workouts in the evening then make an effort to do so. Either way, come up with a routine you can follow and stick to even when your life gets busy with lots of obligations.

Change Your Life: Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating the right kinds of foods will help you feel your best on a regular basis. Consume a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens, and stay away from added sugar and drinking a lot of alcohol.

It’s also wise to get in the habit of cooking for yourself at home and bringing homemade lunches to work. Remember that all you put in your body is fuel. The better choices you make, the healthier you’ll be in the long run. Go through your cabinets and refrigerator to clear out anything void of nutritional value and replace it with options that will make you feel good.

Motivational quote You Got This is written in white chalk. Use informed decision making to plan your next steps.
You have the power to change your life in a positive way using informed decision making and other approaches. Photo from Unsplash.

Informed Decision Making about Your Health

Another way to take better care of yourself is to practice informed decision making about your health. Instead of simply going by what doctors tell you, take the time to do your research.

For instance, if you’ve recently received a breast cancer diagnosis then study your treatment and medication options before committing to a certain plan of action. Go online to learn more so you can make the most informed and educated choice as possible. If you leave it in anyone else’s hands, you risk not doing what’s best for you.

Set a Regular Bedtime

Sleep is critical for you to perform to the best of your abilities each day. Take better care of yourself by sticking to a regular bedtime each night. Not only go to bed around the same time but also get up and get going at roughly the same time each morning too.

Also, do relaxing activities to help you wind down before bed, such as reading a book or drinking warm tea. Instead of playing on your phone or computer, that is. The better sleep you get, and more of it, the healthier you’re going to be and the less moody you’ll feel. Rest is part of a game plan to change your life for the better.

Leave Time for Friends & Family

What’s important is that you create more balance in your days if you want to take better care of yourself. Not only work hard, but also make it a point to spend quality time with friends and family. Use this time for deep conversations or to simply laugh and enjoy yourself when you’re with loved ones. Being and feeling connected to others is good for your health and well-being.

These relationships will help you to see there’s more to life than just getting through your to-do list. It’s important to set aside time for leisure and to get away from your daily responsibilities every now and again.

Take Care of Yourself at Work Too

Working a dead-end job with people who don’t respect you or your talents will leave you feeling miserable. This situation can negatively impact your mental health. It’s worth your time and energy to find a job you love using informed decision making (we just discussed this strategy!). Then you can work in a positive environment daily.

The ideal is to work with people who not only recognize all you have to offer but also encourage and support you and your career goals. Avoid selling yourself short and go after what it is you want out of your life when it comes to your profession. Make sure you’re in a place that makes you feel valued and doesn’t undermine your abilities.

Also, ensure you keep a good work-life balance, whether you have an employer or are self-employed. Follow simple and effective self-care tips for entreneurs to be at your best.

Hammock in forest - relax!
It’s okay to take the afternoon off and relax. Put your feet up! Photo via Unsplash.

Recognize & Manage Your Stress

Too much stress will likely take a toll on your well-being, growing your anxiety and unhappiness. It’s critical that you take the time to recognize and manage your stress so that you don’t find yourself in a deep hole beyond what you feel you can get out of.

Change your life by taking the time for self-care activities, such as:

  • Getting a massage
  • Resting – it’s OK to do nothing for a few minutes, hours…
  • Find a hobby that brings you joy and satisfaction

Also, avoid putting yourself into situations that cause you frustration. And try not to hang around people who bring you down.

Get in front of your stress, so you don’t have to deal with the after-effects of letting it get out of control. There is no shame in seeing a therapist either; it’s in the interests of your best mental health.

Some Thoughts to Leave You With

Make an effort to take better care of yourself by using these tips. It’s likely that your health and happiness will slowly improve over time. What’s most important is that you start putting yourself first and don’t let other life obligations get in the way of doing what’s best for you.

Stick with these new habits, such as using informed decision making, and you will start to experience the benefits that come from making efforts to change your life. Be proud of yourself for trying, and be patient as you adapt and become more comfortable with practicing these behaviors regularly.

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  1. Too right. It can be hard with the hustle and bustle of commitments but the biggest commitment anyone has on earth is to themselves so we should be kind to ourselves

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