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Pamper Yourself on Purpose: It’s Healthy, Not Frivolous

Rest to lower stress levels

Self-care. For women, this activity is one that can get put aside in favor of taking care of others’ needs instead. But it’s vital to pamper yourself, whether it’s a funny movie night or crystals and gems to reduce stress levels, for your physical and mental health.

Why pamper yourself, ladies?

Women, are natural nurturers. They have a desire to care for others and tend to put their own needs on the back burner so they can tend to others.

While caring for other people is certainly commendable, it can drastically increase stress levels. According to experts, heightened stress levels can increase the risk of various health conditions, including high blood pressure, disorders of the immune system, cancer, and so much more. That’s why women need to make time in their busy schedules to care for themselves and not just others; in fact, they need to make self-care a top priority.

Taking some time to pamper yourself can do wonders for your mental and physical health. It can reduce the risk for health complications and increase your positivity. When women care for themselves, they’ll feel less emotionally and physically drained and more energized, which will make it easier to care for others and tackle everything else on their insanely long lists of things to do.

Given all the benefits of self-care, pampering definitely isn’t frivolous; it’s necessary. Here’s a look at some purposeful ways to pamper yourself that can easily fit into your hectic schedules, ladies.

Laughing is good for your health, ladies.
Funny movie nights have many health benefits. Have one tonight! Photo via Pixabay.

Have a Funny Movie Night

Grab some snacks, get comfy on the couch, and gear yourself up for a night of watching comedies. Why comedies? They’re entertaining and even better; they can provide a wealth of health benefits. That’s because laughter can relax the body, strengthen the immune system, and trigger the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones that reduce stress. So go ahead and treat yourself to a funny movie night lower stress levels. Aim for at least once a week.

Lower Stress Levels: Get More Sleep

Sometimes you probably feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Trying to fit in a good night of sleep can seem impossible. You wake up early and stay up late so that you can cram in everything you need to get done, and you probably forget to leave yourself time for some quality sleep.

Sleep-deprivation does more than make you feel tired and worn out; it increases stress levels, decreases concentration, and it can even make you more prone to certain health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Make sure you don’t overlook the importance of sleep and make time to get a solid night of rest. Experts recommend getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a night. So instead of staying up to binge watch your favorite TV show, turn in earlier. You’ll notice a huge difference in the way you feel.

Embrace the amethyst and other calming crystals and gems
The amethyst is a calming stone. Photo from Pixabay.

Treat Yourself to Crystals and Gems

Crystals and gems are more than just gorgeous; certain types can help to reduce anxiety levels and provide much-needed stress relief. They’ve been used for centuries for their health benefits. Amethyst, for example, can promote calmness and ease headaches, and blue topaz can improve your focus and make you feel more confident.

So hit the jewelry store and treat yourself to some crystals and gems, and then make sure that you wear them. You could notice a marked difference in your overall well-being.

There are plenty of ways that you can fit some much-needed “me” time or self-care into your busy day. Make efforts to reduce your stress levels. Whether you try one of the recommendations listed here or pamper yourself in another way, you’ll feel a whole lot happier – and you’ll be healthier, too!

About Dave Landry Jr.

Dave Landry Jr. applies his passion for all things personal finance to helping clients save more of their hard earned money. He’s a personal finance manager, debt relief counselor, and blogger who writes about personal finance topics to help readers with money matters. Dave lives in Southern California with his wife of 9 years and three wonderful children. Connect with him on Twitter.

47 thoughts on “Pamper Yourself on Purpose: It’s Healthy, Not Frivolous”

  1. Excellent post by Dave!

    I need to include funny movie night more often myself. My girlfriend who is beside me agrees, and follows up by saying I need to be funnier. :( Haha.

    Thanks Christy! -Brian Ferret and Christine Ferret

    1. Yes, Dave is right on target with this one! Glad to hear you thought so too, Debby xx

  2. I love this! And it’s so true about the inherent nurturing nature of women… we just give, give, give away until we are no more, and we are not always appreciated. And if a woman doesn’t have that natural motherly instinct in her, she’s looked at like some abomination, which I think is unfair, too. There’s that pressure to fit into that mold of being so caring and selfless, otherwise a woman is rendered a b*tch.
    I love movie nights! And I really should look more into crystals :) Great post!

  3. I never pamper myself, but I’m going to try and make more time to relax and read some new books. I might even go and get a manicure! I’ve only ever had one before my wedding and another my friend bought for my 40th birthday. I usually just paint my nails myself as I like to change the colours so often.

  4. We definitely need to pamper ourselves. I like you saying that it’s healthy. LOL, it takes some of the guilt out of it. I *think* I pamper myself, but it is not anything other people would think of as pampering. Hmmm… I need to think bigger and more luxuriantly. ;) Hugs!

  5. I couldn’t have read this at a better time. I’ve been on break point for a while and haven’t had time for pampering! Tonight is the night I make some ME time… For the good of my health ;)

  6. interesting perspective. Love it when men tell women how to do life.

    “Caring is commendable”: no. Caring is essential (only men get gold stars for this). Women are usually caring for those who can’t care for themselves. children, the elderly, the infirm…and on top of that they should add ‘self care’.
    Whilst pampering yourself is a good thing, I think that the issue is more about caring for the carers. Valuing this self-less unpaid work and recognising that it is core to humanity.

  7. Great post! You know, we were talking about similar things in my meditation teacher training class. That we need to care for ourselves and decrease stress to be optimally available for others. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical as well: sleeping for the full night is the BEST thing we can do to help reduce stress in our lives. If only EVERYONE knew how good a good night’s sleep is for the body. Great guest post and write-up. :)

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