Is Starting a New Relationship at Christmas a Recipe for Disaster?

Starting a new relationship
Finding love at the holidays. Photo by Unsplash.

Starting a new relationship just before the December holidays can make for some awkward times. But I’m proof that it’s not a reason to avoid opportunities to meet someone special on a berkshire dating site or elsewhere. Yes, I met my partner almost a year ago – next month will be our 1-year anniversary! It was close to Christmas, and we navigated the holiday waters just fine. So I know you can do it too.

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Holiday Dating: There will be Challenges

I’m not here to tell you that it’ll be all roses and rainbows. But that’s great if it is that way for you and your new sweetheart! Let’s face it: the holidays can be chaotic, no matter how much we plan for it. There are staff functions, last minute parties, and likely you’ll be shopping for gifts, all of which can time away from your dating life.

While we’re on the topic of presents, choosing what to get your new guy or gal for Christmas can be tricky when you first start dating someone. Whether it’s teen dating, over 50s dating, or any other age group you’re in, I suggest going with a small (i.e., inexpensive) item that shows you are thinking of the other person but doesn’t overwhelm them. I got my partner a fun apron as he likes to cook – the message written on the fabric is that he’s sexy and he knows it! A playful gift is usually well received. At least it was in my case.

And, for most people, the holidays are a very social time. Commitments to friends, family, and work events often are simply part of this time of year, between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. As a result, it can be difficult to schedule special time when starting a new relationship.

Your budding connection can wane if you don’t see one another as often. So, do you invite someone you’re newly dating to be your +1 at the work Christmas party? That’s up to you if you feel comfortable doing so. I went to his and, well, I work from home, so I can’t reciprocate, but I have a feeling I would have done so given we clicked so quickly from the onset.

Starting a New Relationship, Christmas, and F-U-N

It’s not all hardship, nope. After you met in person after chatting on quality dating sites in berkshire or another local platform, you knew you’d be a good match – and it seems like you have more in common with every interaction! Yay!

The fun is likely to continue as the Christmas season brings with it lots of great events that simply don’t happen the rest of the year. If it’s cold enough winter weather where you live, for example, an outdoor ice skating rink might be set up and make for an entertaining date!

Other dating ideas at Christmas are:

  • Walk around holiday craft fairs
  • Attend gingerbread house competitions
  • Go Christmas shopping together
  • Sip hot cocoa at a local café
  • Snuggle up under a blanket and watch Netflix
  • Wrap presents together as you sip wine

Think fun and romantic. Also, I don’t believe in the guy always being the one to ask the woman out or holding him accountable for planning dates every time. I still enjoy planning out some of our date nights.

In addition, having a loving connection with someone else can help combat the holiday blues and give you something wonderful to look forward to in the New Year. Those positive vibes with your sweetheart might also chase away Christmas stress.

The Importance of Understanding

Also, try not to take things personally during this busy holiday time when you begin dating again. Repeat it to yourself if you need to. Starting a new relationship is exciting, yes, but it’s a family time of year for many people, and that might include your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Be understanding if they spend a lot of time with family or their best friends right now – that’s normal and healthy! If they already have plans don’t take it personally. It’s not anything against you but simply a time for celebration and seeing family and friends.

Oh and one last thing about starting a new relationship around Christmas. If you’re newly dating then they may not be ready to introduce you to their family or best friends. It’s a big step, and everyone moves at their own pace. Respect their wishes. And that holds true for them meeting your family too. Besides, if this is your soulmate then what’s the rush anyway?


  1. I started to go out with husband right around that time and here we are 20 years later,true we already knew each other but haven’t seen for nearly ten years so it was a kid of first date reallyand we were living 300 km apart💁🏻‍♀️

  2. An interesting one, I never really thought about this before, perhaps because the opportunity around Christmas (as much as I hate to think about that word before December!) has never really occurred. x

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