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Inspirational tips for getting back into reading

Getting back into reading

All book lovers seem to go through a period where they just stop reading. Perhaps you completed an English degree and the sheer fact you had to read certain books for years diminished the magic. Or, perhaps life caught up, and you became too busy. It happens. Now you just need some inspo for getting back into reading. Here you go!

When getting back into reading is your goal

If you loved to read, but nowadays cannot find the time or even the ability to sit still and get absorbed in a book, just know that you are not alone. We all get into a reading rut at one point or another.

Books are something that is worth making the effort to pick up again, though. You can find useful strategies to apply to your real-life when you choose non-fiction works and escape into another world with literature about amazing women.

If you want to change your hobbies and fall back in love with reading, then check out these five inspirational tips:

1. Read a YA book

Young adult books are not embarrassing to read as an adult. They don’t have to be seen as a guilty pleasure, either.

YA books are often easy to read, as well as being fast-paced, and absorbing. They were written to grab your attention and keep it.

Thriller books also do this if you like the genre. Otherwise, YA books cover all genres and give you the greatest option to pick up a book and get sucked in by its fascinating plot.

2. Read books based on your favorite movies

Knowing you will like the characters, setting, or plot ahead of time can really help you power through your reading rut. Not only that, but very, very rarely is the movie better than the book it’s based on.

If you already loved the movie, then the chances are good that you will adore the book too. You’ll know the main plot points and have something to look forward to, but the exact journey will likely still surprise you.

3. Getting back into reading: Check out the samples

If you aren’t sure about a book, then download the sample and try to read it right then and there. The first three chapters, or 50 or so pages of a book, can help you determine whether you like the setting, writing style, and the characters.

If you aren’t intrigued, you haven’t spent a dime. Quickly move on to the next sample to get a sense of whether you’ll want to keep reading additional chapters.

4. Subscribe to a book box

Do you want to read more of one genre, or just get great recommendations from book lovers without reading through dozens of reviews? If so, book box subscriptions are here to save the day.

You can increase the representation on your bookshelf with an easy-to-use subscription. Finally, explore your favorite genre in detail, and find new gems without any hassle.

5. Find inspirational reading spots

If you want to be inspired to read, then you need places that make you feel great. A park bench that makes your muse sing, for example, is a great place to sink into a story.

You might also redesign your living room until you have the perfect cozy reading nook. The options are endless, but the point remains the same. If you feel like you are in a great place to curl up and read a book, then you’ll want to start reading again. Easy as that.

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  1. Hi, I like these tips. And I agree that it’s not embarrassing to read a YA book. In fact, I’m about to start one. Sadie by Courtney Summers. Sometimes just starting the book is the hardest part, but once I get into one, I usually read it every day until I finish. Definitely not racing through, though. I like to take time reading.

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