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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 31

Relaxing time away
Relaxing time away
The scene of my run while on vacation. This is Parksville, BC, Canada. Photo ©2018 Christy B

The weekend was here… And I was on vacation! Woohoo :) We went up island and it was awesome, including a run on the beach boardwalk, yummy meals, and chill time on the couch with someone very important to me. Did you know that sometimes you only have to travel a few hours away to feel like you are on a retreat? I feel awesomely relaxed today. I hope you are doing great too <3

Thank you to everyone who left such kind comments on the post celebrating 7,000 followers. I’m truly humbled by the support. I appreciate every like and comment!

One of the best parts of my day is reading your blog posts. I read about so many different topics in various writing styles from people around the world. It’s a privilege that you let readers into your world with your inspiring blog posts. Here are a few that caught my eye over the past week:

A Lasting Marriage

In Tips on Marriage, Jolayemi makes many thought-provoking remarks about success in this type of long-term relationship. He is frank about it being something that takes effort and that couples can reach a breaking point when they compare themselves to others. The wording is sobering in this must-read blog post.

Feel the Love… In Photos

A picture can speak so many words… and AmyRose shows us exactly that with her inspiring blog post Ecstasy. This 8-image post captures a park but really it also captures the heart of AmyRose and readers. The photos show her love of Mother Nature – I feel it as I look at the pictures once again today!

What is Body Dysmorphia?

Body dysmophic disorder or BDD is a mental health issue that gets a quality spotlight from Anna Florczak at A Life In Motion. The notion of wanting to change your appearance because of discontentment with it, in some way, is something many of us can relate to but BDD is a serious condition that really I hope more people learn about. Only then will those suffer with it can get the support they need to heal fully.

The Importance of Persistence

Don’t give up! We hear this time and again but Ben Aquiba puts it into a fresh framework with this post that is titled simply Be Persistent. The formula for success often includes persistence, and a great example is given in Ben’s bird story.

Want to Be a Better Photographer?

Is photography a hobby of interest for you? Or do you want to try something new? Improve your skills as a photographer with this inspiring how-to post from realis18. Tips include remembering to include the sky, making use of complementary colors, and the benefits of zoom.

Unlocking Greatness

Shhhh I have a secret… OK, actually it’s over at Wizzymed Power International. Coach Israel tells us about the secret of greatness in a recent inspiring blog post. It involves learning on a daily basis, applying the knowledge of what is learned, and the resulting wisdom. Read this one in full and feel your day enhanced!

Interview with Bellydancer Accalia Carmen

Read about the impressive bellydancer, teacher, and performer Accalia Carmen in this interview at the Simply Chrissy blog. Learn not only about Accalia’s career but also her healthy eating habits and how she maintains a good sense of well-being.

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  1. So glad you hear you had a lovely vacation! I agree, it’s not about the distance you travel to get somewhere to chill out and have a little retreat away from day to day life for a while. x

  2. Hi Christy! :) Congrats on 7,000 followers!!! That is amazing and I aim to be there one day! Thank you so much again for featuring one of my blog posts! I will share this blog post and tag you in the places I shared it. Keep an eye out! :)

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