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7,000 Followers! Thank YOU

Wow, I’m on Cloud 9. I woke up, playing on my phone, and BOOM saw this:

Thanks for supporting this women's blog

You’re awesome! 7,002 followers to date. Photo © Christy B.

Yup, 7,002 peeps are following the blog here! Woah 📣

To think I started When Women Inspire in 2014 with the hopes of sharing female stories to educate and motivate. Since then, I’ve added in health-related topics and enjoyed many great conversations with you.

Big shoutout to all of you, including those readers who make a point to open every single post that goes live here (Aquileana, Melissa, Jill, Amy, Mr MN, Oikos, and more…).

You inspire ME with the support you show here. I am truly touched by it.

Happy Friday – you’ve made my day!

♥ Christy

107 thoughts on “7,000 Followers! Thank YOU”

    1. Hi Julia, great question! I would say that when the comments began to flow in was when I felt success first as a blogger. It was important to me to read from readers that my content related to them – that was a major goal for me. So, success depends on how you define it. To me it’s about more than just the stats ;)

  1. Congrats again Christy! :) You deserve it! Your blog is awesome because you actually have QUALITY content, plus it really does inspire and uplift! That’s what sets your blog apart from many other blogs and that’s why you’ll keep shining and rising.

    Like, look at the positive vibe domino effect that’s been happening between us since December 2017! It’s seriously incredible!

    I’m a relatively new blogger. My blog turned 1 year old on Feb 2, 2018. But I never went public with my blog on social media until Sept/Oct 2017 because I needed time to practice blogging, to see if I actually liked the process and to see if I could bring value to people visiting my blog. Outside of that, I went through a massive learning curve with my blog that started in Sept 2017, but that really got intense in November 2017 about learning all the really nitty-gritty work that goes into building a successful blog. I had no prior blogging experience before this, so I had to clue how involved the work can be. Building a successful blog is a marathon, NOT a sprint, especially when you’re building from the ground, up.

    That being said I never expected anyone to ‘recognize’ my blog so soon (you!) in the journey. I absolutely work hard to make quality blog posts and I improve as I go along – but still I’m thankful that the universe somehow got you to notice my blog because good things are developing between us! :) #womensupportingwomen

  2. If any new blogger needs a role model, you are it! Everytime I click on your blog I’m guaranteed interesting and informative content and to constantly provide that, takes skill and experience!! You also take time to read and comment on my posts and that encourages me to revisit! How you get time with 7k followers is what I’d like to know?? Well done Christy and I’m looking forward to what’s yet to come!!!

  3. Congratulation to you Christy, but most of all, we, your followers benefit most by your writing. You inspire us to think, and for that, we’ll be eternally grateful! Thank you – a well deserved 7k!! Kudos!
    I’ll always appreciate you for helping me with my first Guest Blog and inviting me to do the same. Your support speaks volumes. Hugs and kisses!

  4. Christy – you are an inspiration. You have beautiful content and the wisdom you share is just incredible. So psyched that you have such an influence and that your words go so far. May you enjoy continued success and opportunities to share far into the future. Proud to know you. Proud to call you a friend! 💝🎉🎊🎈

  5. Woohoo, that’s amazing!! It’s not surprising as you are able to write such amazing, diverse posts – you should be so proud of everything you’ve achieved, every reader you have inspired, and all of those you will continue to impact with your posts :)
    Caz xx

  6. Yeah!!! Congratulations, Christy!! You deserve them all and I’m so happy for your success. Wishing you a fantastic weekend – will you be celebrating this milestone!? hugs xxx

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