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3 Benefits of Online Dating

Advantages of Internet Dating

More and more of my friends are dating online. It makes sense, given that many people are glued to their electronic devices during their waking moments (and possibly dreaming about the devices when they nod off to sleep!). The world is electronically charged and so they are the start of many relationships. It’s not a bad thing though – in fact, I see many benefits to online dating for adults young and older who are looking for love.

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What’s the Rush?

You set up your dating profile on a chosen website and soon comes a message (or 2 or 3) from interested participants on the same platform. You needn’t rush into a first meet with any of these single men in Clwyd or elsewhere; instead, you can start to learn more about them via written messages through your profile’s inbox.

This not only can help you overcome anxiety about presenting yourself to someone new and getting to know them but also provides you with a way to avoid those awkward silences during a first date. You can learn from their messages and profile a bit about their hobbies, whether they have pets, career choices, and more. These items are fuel for conversation. And there is less pressure when you start to know the other person through online talks.

Find Someone with the Same Dating Goals

Some people want to date without it leading to a relationship. Others are all for jumping into a committed relationship. Or perhaps senior dating is more for you now that you’ve retired. Whatever option you feel is best for you – and it may change over time – you’re likely to find others with the same goals through a dating platform. You might even seek out some naughty fun with no strings dating.

This is easier done through a matchmaking website than, say, asking someone out at the grocery store and then finding out on the first date that they have no interest in calling anyone their girlfriend anytime soon. Save yourself that night out by finding out the other person’s intentions through their dating profile or by easing into that subject in a private chat through the site.

You Can Be Choosy

Absolutely! Dating online enables you to look at both the appearance and personality of prospective lovers. You can look at photos of them without ever having to say a word to them!

Maybe you want the person you date to be a specific height or to live locally. Local platforms like Tayside dating sites or one about dating in Oxfordshire focus on residents close by you to make outings simpler as there is less travel time. You may also want someone who is into sports or another attribute you consider to be important.

If you were to meet someone in-person, you would find these same things out, yes, but you’d have to spend time with them to realize these details, and then, if they do not meet your preferences, you may find it hard to say goodbye to them. This is an especially difficult situation if the other person likes you upon that first meeting, but you do not reciprocate.

Finding What Works for You

More and more people are turning to online dating for several reasons, including the benefits listed above. If you are searching for a romantic partner, in whatever form that looks or feels like, dating platforms provide another avenue to look.

You are fully in control of your profile and who you message there. It might just be right for you!

34 thoughts on “3 Benefits of Online Dating”

  1. To be honest I think the fact that you can be “choosy” is actually one of the downsides of online dating. For both men and women. I’d go into more detail why that is, but I’d end up writing an entire essay.

  2. Hi, Online dating lots of opinion but for me i think its useful just to make friends and not in terms of looking for a soul mate…People will sell their good side and hide their flaws!!!

  3. Online dating is what you make of it! I had a blast with it. I guys that i now consider to be friends.
    I do not suggest any person that has low self esteem or little self respect try it though. There are too many scammers to count.

    1. Good point about the low self-esteem. It’s tough too that some people disappear from the site without a word – that would be hard on a woman who has formed an emotional bond with someone through a dating sight if she has low self-worth.

  4. Online dating is a new form of meeting people would would have never met otherwise. And even if the guy’s (or girl’s) intentions are serious it doesnt mean they are serious towards any person they meet. It makes it no different from meeting a person offline.

  5. Hi, well explain about online dating. I think online dating is the best for everyone. Online dating site has lots of option. You can choose someone without meeting him/her. “You can look at photos of them without ever having to say a word to them! Maybe you want the person you date to be a specific height or to live locally.”- I agree.
    Thanks for sharing such an interesting topic.

  6. I have dated online and it can be scary but also a fun adventure. To everybody that is skeptical there are people out there if you go down this road you just need to not fall for common tricks.

  7. Kind of a complicated issue, I tried years a go, but didn’t work for me, but know many people who speak wonders about it.
    We look for someone to have a happy life together, but in my experience, it’s to grow up in virtue, and learn life’s lessons, about ourselves, and others, we may find some happiness in it, if we work really hard, but do not take it for granted, life it’s change, and impermanence, and the main thing it’s to gain in Wisdom , and Understanding.
    Love as Philia, Pragma, and Agape, rather than Eros. :-)

  8. Great advice. And always remember to meet up first time in a public place with your own transportation in case you have to make a beeline exit! LOL :) xx

  9. What I’ve experienced in India is, people want to take it offline ASAP. So the online part is only in play when you want to meet someone new. You don’t get to know them online.

  10. I have to disagree with a few things here, Christy. I’ve done online dating…a lot. It’s actually how I met my husband.

    One thing I quickly realized was, it was way way too easy to “create” a realtionship with someone online before you ever met them in person.

    I met a wonderful man and we connected online. Traded emails and then text messages, and finally talked on the phone. I love everything about him! And then we met.

    I cried the entire way home because there was no chemistry between us. None. (however we are still friends to this day)

    I learned that if you are looking for a relationship (not just a friendship) you need to meet…in person, as soon as possible. And the first meeting is NOT a date. It is just a chance to meet each other.

    I would always meet for coffee and say I only had 30 mins. IF, there was a connection, and if he asked me out and I agreed, then we would go on a “date”.

    Also, John lived in Benicia and I lived in Napa, 40 mins away if there was no traffic. I probably would never have met him if it weren’t for online dating…and looking outside my town.

    Online dating is a great way to met people….I always called it “online meeting”. You can’t date online!

    1. I agree. I never got to try it myself but my best friend has been online for years since his divorce and it’s so difficult! People get to know each other WAY too well before they ever meet – and then have nothing to talk about on the date. And since the conversation has been quite intimate for some time, it feels like a huge step back when they meet in person and things are initially a bit awkward. And then there’s the emotional investment, as you say – what happens if you’ve created a relationship and then find out there’s nothing physical to go with it? What a heart break. I totally agree that it’s a meeting place and arranging a face to face in a safe place is much better than a lengthy online courtship.

      But online dating is definitely here to stay. It does make me wonder how we met people before. I guess the trick was to find someone before you finished school.

  11. Hi Christy,

    I have a friend who met his wife in one dating forum.People are more conformable over net then live ,which is very important . Thank you and great post :)

  12. My older girl met her husband on online dating. I should say they had been a brief item 12 years previously, never lost touch with each other but were never ‘free.’ They were both on the same site eventually and would often commiserate re their ‘lousy’ dates. One thing led to another. Putting that fact aside that they had history I know a lot of people who have met their partners that way. Nowadays people don’t always have the same opportunities for meeting others. Work, interests, families, friends don’t always provide opportunities.

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