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5 design ideas for busy family homes

Design ideas for a busy family

While it can seem impossible, with the right design ideas, even the busiest family can enjoy a peaceful and positive living environment. The key is to balance practicality and comfort and ensure that each family member has space for play, work, and relaxation. Many busy families spend most of their time in the TV room at home, which can mean that this room suffers in terms of mess and clutter. Try these five design suggestions for a comfy, welcoming place to spend time together.

Busy family homes: Top design ideas to try

If you’re unsure where to begin, here you go! There’s lots to think about, from inspiration for the kids’ play area to storage solutions. This guide has you covered. Make better use of the space — And it’ll look more organized too!

1. Have a dedicated play area

While some families have a playroom for the children to keep their toys and play games, most use their lounge or kitchen. This means that toys and playtime take over your organized living space.

Organize a dedicated play area in your living room or bedroom to prevent this issue. If you try this suggestion, remove breakable items and have storage for the toys, which means they can be out of sight when the kids are in bed.

Add soft cushions and blankets too. Doing so will help to make the play area somewhere they can relax with a book or do some coloring to unwind before it’s time to sleep.

2. More family design ideas: Maximize home storage

Invest in as much storage as possible to minimize clutter and mess in the living room. Shop second-hand stores for gently used pieces if the family budget is tight. Toys, magazines, stationery, and other small items can quickly become a mess if they are always lying around.

Shelving, baskets, boxes, cabinets, coffee tables and side tables or footstools with storage underneath will help you to keep surfaces and floors clearer. This will likely make the home more peaceful and safer for your family to spend time together.

3. Choose flexible, easy-care furniture

Many people choose furniture that is the wrong size or configuration for their home or holds onto items they had before children came along, which are no longer practical. If this sounds familiar, consider investing in crucial furniture that will make your layout more flexible.

A sectional sofa is great for family homes as it can be separated into different sections and reorganized. It is also worth considering wipeable fabrics to make cleaning easy.

Extendable and foldable tables and chairs are other great design ideas for families to maximize utility around the residence. They can quickly be brought out or put away as needed.

4. As a busy family, choose a child-friendly floor design

Carpeting can be difficult to keep clean and holds a lot of dust, so consider replacing a carpet with wood or laminate flooring, which will be easier to maintain. You can then place some washable rugs on the floor to make the room cozier and more comfortable underfoot. That is one of the most straightforward but overlooking decorating ideas.

5. Make space for quality time

Ideally, you should have room for your family to spend time together that is not centered around the TV or computer games. If you can place some comfortable chairs with warm lighting, you can create a family nook to discuss your day and reconnect before bedtime.

What are your thoughts?

What are some other design ideas for a busy family? Also, do you find it challenging to stay organized in your home?

Why or why not? Comment below!

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