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How to gain positive energy at home

Gain positive energy at home

Your home should be a safe space that makes you feel energized and motivated. Having a happy home is good for your health, too. That’s why we’re talking about positivity at home today! One survey found that up to 73% of people who are happy with their home also said they were happy with their life. So, how do you attract or gain positive energy at home, exactly?

Now, we’re all spending more time at home than ever so having a space that sparks joy is even more important. Read on for science-backed ways to bring positive energy into your home and life.

Grow plants

Houseplants bring the outdoors in and add color indoors. They also naturally purify the air in your home and reduce dust.

  • Grow herbs in your kitchen so you can use fresh flavors while cooking.
  • If you’re a beginner, purchase low-maintenance plants, such as Aloe and Pothos Ivy, to boost your confidence in plant care. Find other beginner tips for indoor gardening here.
  • Hanging eucalyptus in your shower will allow the steam to release a refreshing scent when you wash.

Get organized to gain positive energy at home

A cluttered and messy home won’t make you feel at ease (and may even make it harder to fall asleep). Tidy up to boost your spirits and reduce stress.

Here are some tips for getting organized:

  • Reduce clutter with storage baskets. Here, you can organize clutter and get it out of sight.
  • Tidy up as you go each morning so you return home to a clean and organized home.
  • Take advantage of hanging space for organizing. Install hooks in closets and cabinets to double your storage.

Take advantage of natural light

Experts recommend we need at least 10 to 30 minutes of sunlight per day. Set your space up to soak in rays indoors.

  • Let the daylight flow in by opening up curtains and blinds in the morning, and then closing them for privacy each night.
  • Hang large mirrors in dark-lit areas of the home to reflect light and boost brightness.
  • Enhance your productivity at home with daylight-tinted bulbs. These are great for areas such as a home office or garage.

To gain positive energy at home, choose a mood-lifting scent

The smell is the strongest scent for triggering emotions and memories. Utilize this to your advantage throughout your home by finding scents that boost your mood.

  • Decorate with scented candles throughout your living spaces. If you don’t know which scent to buy, try popular mood boosters like light floral and vanilla.
  • If the idea of flames near your bed freaks you out, use scented plug-ins for bedrooms. Lavender-scented plug-ins will help promote restful sleep.
  • The bathroom is another great place to showcase scents. Pick out delicious smelling soaps and bath bombs, and don’t forget to add them to your guest bath too.
  • Try aromatherapy dish soap in the kitchen so you can relax as you wash the dishes.

Set up outdoor spaces for socializing

Hanging with friends outdoors has always been a mood booster, and thanks to COVID-19, it’s now recommended by the CDC. Socialize responsibly by revitalizing your outdoor spaces.

  • Arrange outdoor furniture to face each other so guests can easily commune.
  • Purchase a grill for warm weather months so you can host backyard barbecues.
  • Start saving for a backyard lawn game for a fun activity to do with friends and family.

Infographic on how to gain positive energy at home

If your home doesn’t make you feel energized and happy, it’s time to change that. Revitalizing your space doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Learn how to spark more joy at home with these science-backed and budget-friendly tips from The Zebra below.

How to Attract Positive Energy at Home
Infograhic from on how to attract positive energy at home

27 thoughts on “How to gain positive energy at home”

  1. Good points has been mentioned. Let the natural light come in through windows are very essential and good for our mental well-being. Decorate according to the degree of our comfy zone are vital and I found out cook your favourite meal /cake will boost our energy level. It is something that you loved, or perhaps your mum.. ways of cooking and brings up a lot of good memories.

  2. Pets and colour, Christy, certainly encourage happiness. How can we constantly feel down when those little furry four legs (in my case) are searching for cuddles and fun at every turn? Hahah…

    1. Thank you for your neverending kindness, Christy! Hope you can stay save. In my opinion its just a relative of the origin virus. It seems we have to deal with mutants, a much more longer time. Best wishes, Michael

  3. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader)

    Yes! Plants and natural light are so important. Especially as we head into the dark days of November. Is it spring yet?

    1. Oh my goodness, I know what you mean about dark days ~ How quickly it gets dark now in the day! I love when the morning is bright like it is today and I can open the windows to let in natural light. It also saves on heating!

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