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Get going on spring organizing tips for your home

Home spring organizing tips

Spring has sprung! Now is the time to get our homes organized, especially with many people still being in lockdown. We’re stuck at home, and for good reason, but why not use the time to start get onboard spring organizing tips? With that in mind, here are some of the things to think about.

Time to make those windows sparkle

A big job a lot of people don’t like doing is cleaning the windows. I don’t blame you! When we got new blinds, hubby painted the frames and we cleaned the ledges as well as the glass – inside and outside. After all, if you’re going to do it, might as well do it right. That’s one thing my dad has taught me (among many other lessons).

If you’re in a condo or apartment building like us, there would typically be a team that the building hires to periodically clean the window exteriors. However, that’s probably on hold during the coronavirus times.

So, you might have to go outside like us, if you can, and clean them. We’re on the ground floor so that’s doable for all but one window (just doesn’t work for that one window given the building design, unfortunately). Then get to making the interior pane sparkling, as well.

Here’s the thing, if you miss a spot, you’re going to see it. The lovely sun that we adore in spring has a drawback: You can see any dirt on your windows, and it will be more noticeable than in fall or winter when the sky is overcast.

So, get to cleaning, folks! On the plus side, if you’re not getting a lot of exercise during the COVID-19 lockdown, you’ll find that it works up a sweat.

Window cleaners don’t have to be expensive, and if you’re trying to avoid store lineups that are extra long as a result of the physical distancing regulations, then consider looking online for a bottle.

Or, there are home remedies you can create that are natural solutions. Lemons are a great item for household cleaning as their acidity can wipe through even the hardest of grime and dirt.

Hire a professional cleaning team

If you need extra help with some spring cleaning, one of the best things you can do is hire a professional cleaning team. Move-in move-out cleaning teams are experts at decluttering and organizing homes of all sizes, and they can help you get your home in tip-top shape for the spring season. In addition to decluttering and organizing, they can also deep clean your entire home, getting rid of all the dirt and grime that’s built up over the winter months. After a thorough clean from a professional team, your home will feel refreshed and new again – perfect for welcoming in the warmer weather.

Spring organizing tips for your appliances

Look around at the appliances in your home. Does anything need updating?

A few years ago, we upgraded our fridge as it wasn’t working reliably. Yup, water on the floor, not keeping things cool all the time, that sort of thing.

At the same time, we decided to get a bundle as a cost-saving measure. Thus, we got a new stove at the same time as the fridge. They match too, which looks great in the kitchen.

If one of your appliances isn’t dependable or you want to upgrade them, now is a great time to do so. If they still work properly, you can try selling them too online.

Alternatively, you might want to repair the appliance if you’re handy like that. My goal for the future: to be more handy around the home! As for the appliances I know I won’t be able to fix, or some of the electricals that will be better left to the professionals, a warranty cover provided by the likes of First American Home Warranty provides peace of mind whenever an appliance does break down within the warranty period. Very handy!

Whether you need to fix your fridge, or get your oven and light fittings working better, now is the time to look into what you can do. Ensure that these appliances that we rely on are working as well as they should be.

Consider using storage or getting rid of stuff

Sigh, clutter. Almost everyone I know has an area in their house that has more possessions in it than they would ideally like to have. By too much, I mean it’s disorganized and chaotic.

For us, it’s our laundry room. We’ve ordered a pantry addition that will expand our existing cupboard to put unsightly items behind it. Ahem, cat food, cat litter, and more. We’re looking forward to having closed storage rather than open shelving.

Making that change will be this weekend’s spring project. As part of the overhaul, we will have to decide what to keep, donate, or throw away. Now is the time to consider what to keep and where you are going to store the items you want to hold onto in the home.

Maybe it’s old baby clothes or just some of the things that have sentimental value. But if they no longer need a place in your home then you might want to put them into a closet or, if there are a lot of them, into the basement or a storage locker. You don’t need to completely get rid of those things, especially if you think they may come in handy in the future.

More spring organizing tips: Move the furniture around

Finally, the last thing you can do to get your home ready for spring is a move around of the furniture. There are two reasons for doing so.

First, during the winter, you are less likely to move the furniture to vacuum and get rid of any dust that has accumulated. When you are doing a thorough clean of your home, then moving the furniture to get behind it and underneath is a good idea.

Why not mist with an essential oil air disinfectant at the same time? Ahem, you won’t believe the amount of dust that will have gathered over the last few months, and that dust gets into the air.

You may also want to use this opportunity to try repositioning the furniture. If you rearrange it, that can provide a real fresh vibe to the room. Maybe you’ve always wondered how the sofa would look against a different wall, for example. Why not try it?

There’s no need to invest in new furnishings either. Just get creative! Hubby had the great idea to swap a side table from the living room with the one beside the bed and, boom, it feels like new furniture.

I hope these tips help you enjoy your house more! Do you have any other spring organizing tips?

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  1. I love rearranging the furniture in my home, but I never thought of switching furniture out with others in another room. That’s an awesome idea!

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