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8 stylish apartment decor ideas

Apartment decor ideas

If you are an apartment owner, one of the decorating challenges is how to make a small space look bigger. You want to emphasize coziness while having enough room to navigate. You also want to make the interior design look sleek yet inviting. Check out these eight decor ideas to make your apartment rentals and units look effortlessly stylish.

There are thousands and thousands of ideas for decorating an apartment space, and, in most cases, the only limit is your budget. Budget plays a significant factor in decorating an apartment. You might think that it’s a significant barrier to your decorating goals. On the contrary, having a budget helps keep your ideas focused and your preferences aligned.

1. Let’s start with paint

Paint goes a long way in freshening up a living space. Whether it’s a new home or an existing room, painting the entire space or creating accent walls or even accent motifs can do wonders for the atmosphere.

A painted archway adds a new dimension, for example, while an accent wall gives focus. Meanwhile, an entirely painted-up room is a new facelift.

2. Mirrors are great apartment decor ideas

A mirror adds a wonderful definition to a space. It creates depth, texture, accent, and focuses, all in one go.

Depending on what you want to create and where you want to place the mirror, there are several options to choose from when decorating with mirrors. Standing full-length mirrors add dimension and depth, whereas long wall mirrors elongate a room, making it perfect for the hallway.

Mirror squares arranged on a wall add texture and focus. It also plays double duty so you can check yourself before leaving the house.

3. Wall therapy

Adding paintings and other types of artwork is an excellent way to let your personality shine at home. If you are not a fan of paintings, look around the things you own and see what elements you have that are the same. It can be a collection of wooden spoons, fancy plates, postcards, fairy lights, etc.

Some people hang hats as wall decor. Others add warmth to a room just by hanging various kinds of string lights.

Maybe you have a guitar or two that can double up as wall art. Using existing items you already own is a great way to decorate your apartment and give it some personality.

4. Measure and shop

Home store vignettes and displays are some of the best ways to gain inspiration for your apartment. First, measure the space you want to decorate. These measurements allow you to find out if a specific vignette fits the dimensions of your room.

If you see a great home display, try to recreate the entire look in your own home. It works especially well with the furniture and decor items already on display. Shopping for these items is considerably faster, and it’s a great way to get ideas.

5. Plants are another apartment decor idea

Plants are another way to decorate a space. It’s easy, quick, and fast, especially if you’re looking to brighten up a dull section of the room. Plants also add character to the staircase landing or even cozy up a corner.

There are various ways you can introduce plants into your home, be it air plants, potted plants, or vines. Make sure you get the right plant for home decor. Some plants thrive in low light and indoor temperatures, whereas some only thrive outdoors. If you aren’t a fan of live plants but love the look, there are always artificial plants to the rescue.

6. Window dressings

Any room can benefit from a switch of window dressing. Whether it’s curtains, blinds, or macrame wall hangings, window treatments are genuinely an effortless way to create a significant facelift for any room. From the bedroom to the living room, switching up your window dressing can get the room ready for the upcoming season.

7. Explore different styles

Space is an essential element to keep in mind when decorating your apartment. Not all decoration ideas suit different spaces due to lighting, ventilation, floor type, window location, etc.

Sometimes, focusing on a particular style can limit your creativity and the number of ways to dress up and decorate a room. Keeping an open mind and exploring different styles will make it easier for you to adapt your needs to the decor for each room, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

8. Floor treatments

Rugs and carpets help center a room and keep focus. Depending on the space, choose floor treatments that create the kind of feeling you want.

For instance, huge, fluffy carpets add warmth and coziness to a large room, whereas rugs help align and center a room. Colorful runners animate a space, while round carpets add character.

Concluding words on apartment decor ideas

There are many ways to decorate your home to make the space you want to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxing. Aside from budget, speak to an interior designer and read up on decor tips. You’ll find inspiration to formulate the right balance between design, decor, and comfort for your home.

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