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5 Incredibly Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Easy bathroom remodel ideas

There are few areas in the home as important as the bathroom. This space is very personal, so it needs to be somewhere that you can feel comfortable and welcome. Often though this isn’t the way that a homeowner feels about their bathroom, as the area can quickly become unhygienic, dingy, and unpleasant. We know it well – we have a new floor and gently used vanity coming later this month! So, if this is a room that you currently don’t take much pride in then, you will want to make a few improvements to it. Thankfully, there are many effective and easy ways to do so. Let’s start with five easy bathroom remodel ideas.

1. New Sink and Toilet

The toilet and sink both get daily use, which can take its toll. These are fixtures that can very easily become unclean and unhygienic. Sometimes it is best to purchase brand new items as this can make a big difference in how you feel when you enter the bathroom, improving your comfort level and pride in how this room looks. When you purchase new items, give these fixtures a deep clean regularly to prolong their lifespan.

Consider purchasing a water-saving macerating toilet to save money on water and installation. Because many macerating toilets don’t require unique plumbing, you won’t have to tear up your flooring to install one.

2. Replace Shower Door or Curtain

The shower door or curtain is another area that can quickly become unsightly. Plus, it’s hard to feel clean when you shower with a dirty door or curtain.

Both are easy bathroom remodel ideas; a new curtain can be under $20 too, so it’s inexpensive. But the effect can be amazing; a new door or curtain breathes new life into the bathroom. Then you can enjoy daily showers and leave feeling fresh and clean.

3. More Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas: New Radiators

Radiators are often an overlooked part of the bathroom, but they are crucial for adding both warmth and style. There are many cool, stylish-looking units from companies such as, and include stainless steel towel rails that allow your towels to dry faster.

Also, they warm up your towel, so when you step out of the shower, you get a cozy wraparound. That’s particularly enjoyable in the winter! We recently stayed with my partner’s sister and she has one of these in her house. It was like being in a spa!

4. Swap Out Lighting and Ventilation

Lighting and ventilation are additional easy bathroom remodel ideas that can really make a difference in this room, no matter its size. Windows are helpful for allowing natural light and fresh air through, but if you do not have any, you don’t have to go to all the effort and expense to add one.

Instead, a simpler solution is to look into lighting options to illuminate the entire room. And, while you’re at it, install a bathroom vent fan.

5. Fragrance

A natural extension of the vent fan is to improve the fragrance to make for a more welcoming space. Hassle-free ways to do so are by adding:

Additionally, it is important to give the entire bathroom a deep clean regularly to keep it a fresh, hygienic, and welcoming space.

A few last words on the home bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, yet it is also one that many homeowners overlook and, therefore, don’t take pride in it. Following the above suggestions for easy bathroom remodeling ideas will breathe new life into the room.

Then you’ll have a far more pleasant space and somewhere that you won’t be embarrassed by when guests come over to visit you. With a few upgrades and regular cleaning, you can transform even the dingiest bathrooms into a relaxing, calming, and welcoming space.


Top photo taken by Christy Birmingham-Reyes

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