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5 finishing touches in home decor

Pillows are finishing touches in home decor

After decorating your home is done and new furniture is in place, it can be frustrating to realize that something seems a little off. It could be you have missed out an important element that could help unify your color scheme, furniture and accessories in fall and beyond. If you can’t put your finger on what is missing in your interior design, take a look at these 5 finishing touches in home decor.

Add softness and luxury with curtains

Many people believe curtains are a little outdated, but they can add both softness and luxury to your decor. What’s more, they can work in harmony with your furniture, artwork, and accessories to make a space feel more complete. If your interior design doesn’t appear to be finished, it might be time to hang some curtains in your living, bedroom, or dining room.

Plants are great finishing touches in home decor

Many people often overlook the importance of flowers and plants as one of the best finishing touches interior design can provide. They can breathe life into a room each day, and some can even clean the air.

The right indoor plants can also make a property feel light, fresh, and clean. It can also create a cozy environment to help you to unwind after a busy workday.

So, if there is a big space in the corner of a room, or you don’t know what is missing in your interior design, you might just be surprised by the big difference a large houseplant or bouquet of flowers could make.

Create better ambiance with a reed diffuser

A room might look aesthetically pleasing, but don’t forget the impression that a scent creates. Add a beautiful scent to suit your taste and create a relaxing, invigorating or happy ambiance.

The scent will help you to personalize your space, which can make your house feel like your dream home. If you want to create a romantic, pretty home, you should buy a stunning Pairfum reed diffuser. For unwinding in the living room after a chaotic day, choose a luxury scented candle with a calming fragrance.

Keepsakes as personal finishing touches in home decor

Does your room look straight out of a hotel room? That is probably why it feels cold and clinical.

OK, there is nothing wrong with modeling your bedroom from the inspiration of a luxury hotel suite. But it’s nice to incorporate some keepsakes into the design for a more personal space.

So, place a family photograph on a dresser or bedside table. Another idea is to display your hobbies, hang your favorite works of art, and showcase your keepsakes. These finishing touches in home décor can create a more inviting space that will make you feel happy to be home.

Install statement lighting

Statement lighting is a great way to add a luxurious feel, a contemporary flair, or a coastal, rustic vibe to any space in your home, depending on the style of lighting fixtures you choose. You install statement lighting anywhere in your home, but the large and eye-catching fixtures, like chandeliers and other hanging ceiling lights, work best in spacious areas in the home, such as the living room and the dining room.

Every room needs a focal point. If a room looks a little dull, try to add in an eye-catching item to elevate your space. There is probably no better way to do so than with statement lighting.

For instance, it would be almost impossible not to notice an exquisite chandelier in the middle of your living room. You also could opt for a gorgeous floor lamp that complements your interior design while brightening up a room. It’s one of the must-do finishing touches in home decor.

18 thoughts on “5 finishing touches in home decor”

  1. These are great ideas for improving home decor! I especially like your suggestions for adding curtains and plants to freshen up one’s space. I already use scented candles, but I think I will use your suggestions and add a few plants and some curtains for my windows to help freshen up my condo. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay! I think all the new WP updates have now allowed me to directly comment on your blog! YES!
    Anyways, interior design? I am a person of many talents, but that one was lost on me. I might have to try some of these, hehe. I have curtains and houseplants, and a scent thingie, but…I dunno…I’m just challenged. Hehe. In any case, love your post and love you! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! xo

    1. Hi Cyndi! We had technical issues on comments for a while there and now they’re fixed, woohoo :D So glad you can comment now! LOL you have a lot of creativity so no worries if it just needs to go elsewhere than home decor ;) Hope you’re doing GREAT!

  3. Wow! Love your ideas. I’d like to add Tall Paintings which can be a good attention for visitors. I love to decorate home time to time and i have found some not recommended home renovation ideas. They really decrease the smartness of home. In case if you want to check out.

    I’ll take your ideas in my next decor schedule. 😊

    Great Post! Again.

  4. These are all wonderful suggestions. I just went out and brought diffusers for the living room and the bedroom today. They DO make a difference. Maybe the difference is in ME and the way I feel when I am IN the room. Some things you mentioned I’ve already done, but there are two left I will also try. TY

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