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Fall Home Tips You Need to Know About

fall home tips

The nights are drawing in, and summer is becoming a pleasant memory. But there are still some beautiful fall days ahead. Let’s make the most of the good weather at this time of year before it gets so wet and cold outside that everyone goes indoors longer. Now is also a great time to get your house ready for the colder weather to come. Here are fall home tips, including having a good clean.

Winter wear

Fall is officially here, and winter is around the corner. Prepare for the changing conditions by packing away your light summer tops and shorts and getting your sweaters and thick socks out from storage. If they were stored clean and dry, they should be fine as they are. But just in case have a good sniff to make sure they don’t smell musty and check for clothes moths. If your winter clothes do need freshening up, simply run them through the washer on a cool cycle with some fabric conditioner.

Soft furnishings

It’s also time to change the comforter on your bed from your lightweight summer one to a thicker winter version. It’s always nice to clean your mattress, change the protector, and wash your pillows before the cold makes it harder to dry these items in the fresh air. Curtains, cushions, and any other items that don’t need regular cleaning can all benefit from a good clean now.

You can tumble dry many soft furnishings. But check before you do so that they are safe to dry in this way to avoid ruining them. Remember that using a dryer consumes a fair bit of energy too, so if you can take advantage of the sunshine that’s a better option for both your wallet and the environment. Being eco-friendly is an important part of smart fall home tips.

Make sure you step up your game if someone in the house is sick to minimize the chances of spreading the virus. That applies to shared surfaces, bedding, and more.

Floors and carpets

If you have wood, tile, or laminate floors, thoroughly clean them and apply suitable floor polish if necessary. Add a coating of specialist protection to real wood to protect it from the elements. Dirt and mud are bound to come in the house, no matter how strict you are about no shoes inside!

Carpets are warm and cozy for colder days, and softer to walk on, yes. But they are much harder to clean thoroughly than wood or tile flooring. To get a truly deep clean on carpets, you’re probably better off bringing in a professional company like My Technicare to get down into the fibers properly and remove any tough stains.

Machine wash or dry clean rugs and mats. Larger ones may need to be done at the laundromat if your washer isn’t big enough.

Fall home tips: Start today

Having a good clear out and clean up at this time of year will prepare your house well for weather changes ahead. A warm, clean, and welcoming home are wonderful on cold winter days. So pack summer away now and look forward to snuggling up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate in your fall-ready house.

What other fall home tips do you recommend?

21 thoughts on “Fall Home Tips You Need to Know About”

  1. Funny, but I never change my blanket on my bed. I’m cold year around and I wear winter socks to bed all year around as well. LOL Lastly, where I reside people wear shorts until January. I’ve noticed people wearing shorts with a coat. I know it’s weird. I enjoyed reading this post. I read most of your post, because they are good reads.

    1. Thanks Daralynn, it’s great to have you here as a regular reader. I live in a mild area too where this week it’s been blue skies and some people are out in shorts. I get cold easily so we have the fireplace going at night :)

    1. It’s such a good feeling to fall clean the house and have it ready for the new season! I feel amazing that you are motivated now :) You do the same for me! Hugging back.

  2. Fall cleaning is just as necessary as spring cleaning. I love your tips here. The only other suggestion I have is to open all the windows while we can! I love having that crisp Fall air breeze into every corner.

    1. It’s funny Pam but I never understood why fall cleaning got less exposure than spring cleaning. I love that you say about opening windows while we still can – I love to open the bedroom window in the morning to invite the day in :)

  3. Great tips. A Fall spruce up in the home makes the space fresh, new, and brings peace. Plus, I can go to the Home Goods or Marshall’s to get cool fall accents to decor the home. YES!

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