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The reality is that it’s not always easy to know where to look online for reliable sources of health information.

If you search for a topic such as losing weight or staying healthy during pregnancy, you’ll come up with pages of results in your favorite search engine. It can be overwhelming.

How do you sort through those search results for quality answers?

Thankfully there are good resources out there, such as Consumer Health Digest.

Be Critical When Researching Health Online

You must be critical as you read web pages about health.


Anyone can create a website. Yes, anyone. There are free sites available on platforms such as WordPress, and you don’t have to do any homework on fitness or medical conditions to write up a page of so-called facts and hit the publish button.

Is this a bit scary?


When researching health online, it can be tempting to start to self-diagnose based on what you read. But the danger of self-diagnosis on the internet is that what you’re reading can be wrong.

Let’s say you read up on common symptoms for a particular illness, for example. If you use a symptom checker, then you’ll answer questions and may find that you meet many signs for the disease. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s correct in your case.

So, how do you know which websites to trust?

Is Consumer Health Digest one of them?

Review of Consumer Health Digest

Here is how Consumer Health Digest rates on multiple dimensions:

Variety of topics – If you look at, you’ll notice that many health, nutrition, and lifestyle topics. It has a big product review database too. So, the coverage of topics is good if you go there to search for information on anything from E. coli to Women’s Health. The Fitness Center has exercise routines, eating tips, and more.

In the Health News section, read up on what studies say about how wine affects the color of your teeth, how alcohol affects the brain in comparison to cannabis, and other interesting updates. There is information for all ages of adults.

Depth of information – There are many lengthy posts in each of the sections of the Consumer Health Digest website. In the Health Conditions area, for example, the article on Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) goes through symptoms, treatments, and prevention. We like the related posts section at the end that takes readers to more information about anything connected to the subject if wanting to find out more details. Also, links within the posts are related to the content rather than being arbitrary like some other health websites.

Tone of voice – The articles are written in easy-to-understand language. They are not demeaning in tone, nor are they so deep in medical jargon that they’re unreadable. It’s frustrating to click on a health topic in a search result and be unable to understand what the person is saying in the article.

Quality of writers – The contributors of posts at Consumer Health Digest review products and provide health and beauty information. We like that even if they suggest products like supplements within their articles, they’re not pressuring us to buy them. And they’re not just glazing over the information we already know about; there’s some fascinating stuff to learn over there.

From sex educators to healthy living coaches, there are men and women writers with diverse backgrounds too.

Final Words on Health Management Online

So now you have another resource to add in your online search for health, fitness, and lifestyle information. But it’s important to note that Consumer Health Digest does not replace your doctor. They do not personalize advice to you given your medical history and other factors the way that your GP would do. And no website can arrange for health screenings for women like your doctor can schedule locally.

With that said, it’s worthwhile to read up there on ways to improve your wellbeing as long as you check with your doctor before implementing changes to your exercise or eating routines and also to take medications as your doctor recommends for you. Having easy-to-read health articles at your disposal is great to have.

It’s nice to know Consumer Health Digest is a trustworthy site to find these kinds of reads at any time of the day.

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  1. Seriously?

    People over the internet are abusing the website’s reviews and even my self found this site unworthy of trust.

    You are doing a great work. Please make sure to cross check the these fraud websites before posting an article in favor of them.

  2. Thanks for your review of ConsumerHealthDigest. Good information can also be gleaned from the Mayo Clinic and other research centers in major hospitals. Web Doctor M.D. is another source I sometimes use.

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